A List Of The Best USA/American Made Dog Beds


Some people prefer to buy American made products.

So, we thought we’d put together a list of the best USA made dog beds.

Some beds are made in the USA with imported materials, whilst others have most of the bed materials sourced in the USA and the bed assembled or crafted in the US too.

We’ve noted where the beds are made and materials sourced where information was available.

Let’s take a look!


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A List Of The Best USA/American Made Dog Beds

Orthopedic 7 Inch Thick Dog Beds

Big Barker Orthopedic 7 Inch Foam Dog Bed – All foam & zippers made in the USA (according to Big Barker’s website – in a workshop in Pennsylvania), and beds are handcrafted in California


Bagel Dog Beds


Bolster Dog Beds


Outside Raised/Elevated Dog Beds

Kuranda Dog Beds – Beds are manufactured in the USA and Kuranda is based in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Read a Kuranda Dog Bed Review guide here.


Dog Bed Brands That Make A Range Of Different Types Of Dog Beds


American Made Dog Beds: Reviews

Big Barker Dog Bed

You can check out a review of the Big Barker 7 Inch dog bed here.


Majestic Pet Products Dog Bed

You can check out a review of the Majestic Pet Products dog bed here.


Dog Bed King USA Cuddler Nest Dog Bed

A soft bolster dog bed that comes in a range of sizes and a range of colors.

The largest size has a sleeping area of 36 x 26″.

Has an easy to remove outer cover that is washable.

The inner lining of this bed is soft wool and the base is 2 inches of foam.


Mammoth Outlets Dog Beds

You can check out some Mammoth dog bed reviews here.


Buddyrest Dog Beds

You can check out some Buddyrest dog bed reviews here.


West Paw Dog Beds

West Paw make a range of dog beds

Their Heyday Dog Bed in particular is a mattress type flat dog bed with bolsters on the outside

It comes in a range of sizes and colors, up to an X Large size that measures 46″x32″

It has a soft but durable cover that is removable and washable, and a microsuede bottom

The downside to the West Paw is that it has little padding


Jax and Bones Dog Beds

Check out the Jax and Bones dog bed reviews here.


Orvis Dog Beds

Check out the Orvis dog bed reviews here.


Snoozer Dog Beds

Check out a review of the Snoozer Cozy Cave here.

Snoozer was established in Greenville, South Carolina in 1985 … Snoozer is family owned and operated, and most … products are sewn and assembled by hand here in the USA


American Made Dog Beds: Buyer’s Guide

What Exactly Are American Or USA Made Dog Beds?

Some dogs beds will have ‘made on the USA’ somewhere in the product description, on the product label or as a claim by the bed brand.

This could means a number of things including but not limited to:

– the dog bed materials are imported, and the beds are put together and shipped from the USA

– the bed materials are sourced from the USA, and the beds are put together in the USA

– the materials AND/OR the making of the dog bed is done partially in the USA or somewhere offshore


Where Can I Find Out More About The Materials and Manufacturing Process Of The Dog Beds?

There’s two good ways to do this:

– Get on the bed company’s website and check out the product description of the dog bed, or the ‘About’ or ‘Company’ or ‘FAQ’ section of their website. This should tell you where and how the beds are made

– Contact the company directly either via email or phone


Orthopedic Dog Beds Made In The USA

An example of an orthopedic dog bed partially made in the USA is the Big Barker dog bed.

All foam & zippers on the Big Barker beds are made in the USA, and beds are handcrafted in California


Organic and Eco Friendly Dog Beds Made In The USA 

Some examples of either organic or eco friendly dog beds made in the USA might be:

Majestic Pet Beds – Filled with recycled Polyester Fiber-fill that is great for the environment

West Paw Dog Beds – Stuffed with eco-friendly IntelliLoft


Waterproof Dog Beds Made In The USA

The Big Barker dog bed comes with the option of internal waterproof liners:


If you are interested in reading more about waterproof dog beds, and dog bed liners you can do so here:


Washable Dog Beds Made In The USA

Most of the dog beds on this list have a removable and washable outer cover. But, you can also read more about washable dog beds here:


Other Dog Bed Options

You can read about some of the top rated American and Non American made and sourced dog beds on the market here.



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