Best Dog Bed For Burrowers & Nesters


If you have a dog that is a burrower or nester, you have probably realised you need a specific type of dog bed if your dog is to sleep in it.

A standard mattress type flat dog bed might not do the trick, but you might try a cave type or enclosed dog bed with a hood instead.

These beds may make a burrowing or nesting dog feel comfortable and safe like they do when they burrow under their blankets or try to nest in your lounge.

Let’s take a look at the best dog beds for burrowers and nesters!


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Best Dog Bed For Burrowers & Nesters

Some of the top rated burrowers and nesters might be:


Best Dog Beds For Burrowers and Nesters: Reviews

Barksbar Orthopedic Dog Bed With Padded Bolster Rim

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A bolster orthopedic foam dog bed for either multiple smaller dogs, or for 100+ lb dogs. Can fit pets up to 36″ in length

For burrowers and nesters they can nuzzle up to the soft bolster sides, or for smaller dogs, you can place blankets in the bed with them

Inner Dimensions of Sleeping Space: 36″ x 24″

Comes with a polyester cover which is removable and washable

Has 4 inches of Solid & grooved Orthopedic Foam as the base

Has a non slip rubber bottom



Quite a big bed – you may want a smaller bed for smaller dogs

The orthopedic foam is OK, without being top of the line quality




Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed


A bagel shaped bed that a nesting dog will love – they will sink right into it

Burrowing dogs might like this bed with a blanket

Has bolster sides your dog can rest their head on

Made of a soft fabric that is comfortable, but also looks good

Comes in 4 sizes – 24 inch, 32 inch, 40 inch, and 52 inches long

For small through to large dogs – from 1 lb up to 110 lbs

Base is made of a water resistant fabric

The whole bed is machine washable

Stuffed with a Premium High Loft Polyester Fill

Bed is made in the USA with imported materials

Affordable bed



Not for dogs that chew

The fill in this bed is soft, but there are more supportive fills out there in orthopedic dog beds for example




Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Dog Bed


A cave/next type dog bed that is good for dogs that like to nest/burrow, stay under blankets and like to stay warm

You can remove some of the stuffing for dogs that like to nest or burrow a little deeper

This particular bed has a Sherpa soft interior, and a microsuede exterior which looks nice

It has a Cedar/Poly filling for the main pillow your dog lies on

The cover is zippered, removable and washable

Comes in 3 sizes up to X Large which generally is ok for large breed dogs like Golden Retrievers – unless they like to stretch out in which case get a non hooded bed

Small is 25 inches in diameter, Large is 35 inches, and X Large is 45 inches

Sidewall is 4 inches, and hood height is about 8 inches

Comes in different 20 different colors to match different interiors



You can find cheaper beds

Not for the largest dogs or for the longest dogs – look at an open dog bed for large and long dogs over 45 inches total length or over about 80lbs




Other Snoozer Cozy Cave Dog Beds

You can read a Snoozer Cozy Cave Dog Beds Review Guide here.


Best Dog Beds For Burrowers and Nesters: Buyer’s Guide

What Is Dog Burrowing And Nesting?

Dog Burrowing and nesting behavior could be described as the following:



When your dog tries to find a safe, warm and comfortable place to lay down or sleep – usually by nuzzling into something, or by creating a safe hole/low spot in the surface they are laying on.

Bolsters, walls and enclosed beds can help with nesting



When dogs want to be covered or enclosed, usually under blankets or under somewhere warm


What Dog Bed Types Are Best For Burrowers and Nesters?

These dog bed types may suit burrowing or nesting dogs the most:


Round, bagel or donut shape type beds

Dogs can curl up in the middle of these beds while the outside of the bed falls around them


Caved, enclosed or hooded type beds

Dogs can get under the soft and warm hood of these beds and feel like they are under a blanket

Snoozer for example offers some cave/enclosed dog beds


Beds with bolster sides

The sides of these beds may make dogs feel safer and more comfortable, and they can even nuzzle up to the sides of these beds with their heads


My Dog Is A Destructive Burrower/Nester – What Do I Do?

If your dog is destructive scratcher or burrower/nester, you may:


1. Need to get a heavier duty dog bed that can stand up to that sort of behavior

What you could try doing is getting a metal framed dog bed, and adding blankets to the bed.

This way the dog bed won’t get destroyed, but your dog still has some blankets to burrow under or to nest into by clumping them up. 

Examples of some good heavy duty dog beds might be:

You can read more about dog beds for scratchers and diggers in this guide.


2. Need to see a professional dog trainer

A good professional dog trainer can help with a training program the might reduce to prevent the behavior in the future.


3. Need to see an animal health professional if the problem is serious enough

Such as a vet or animal behavioral specialist.

They can help diagnose what is going on, and advise you of options.


Other Dog Beds Options

In this guide, we list some of the top overall dog beds on the market which could also be suitable for your dog.



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