Best Wooden Dog Crates That Looks Like Furniture


We’ve already put together a guide on the best overall dog crates, but in this guide we look at dog crates that look like indoor furniture.

The best furniture looking dog crates should be built to be durable, but also look elegant and stylish amongst your home decor.

We’ve put together a collection of dog crate furniture in this guide that fits into the wooden, end table, large size, metal, crate and gate, and other categories.

There’s should be something here for everyone!

Let’s take a closer look!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

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Best Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture

In case you want to go straight to look at them, here our our top picks for best dog crate furniture:


Best Wooden End Table Dog Crate Furniture

Looks beautiful, and is solid


Best Cheap Wooden End Table Dog Crate Furniture 

For the price, it look good and is fairly sturdy


Best Large/Extra Large Wooden End Table Dog Crate Furniture

The best of the large crate furniture. Looks great and good construction. The only thing to point out is that it’s MDF wood construction and not solid wood


Best Crafted/Designed Wooden End Table Dog Crate Furniture For Small Dogs

Craftsmanship on this unit is fantastic. Looks slightly like a jail cell, but a very beautiful looking one.

For smaller sized dogs at 27long x 18wide x 28.2 inches high.

The only knock on this unit is that it could be made a bit sturdier with the connection pieces


Best Crafted/Designed Wooden End Table Dog Crate Furniture For Medium Dogs

Again, craftsmanship is great with a cute looking latch.

Suits medium sized dogs with exterior dimensions of 36.5W x 24D x 29.25H in.


Best Custom Handmade Dog Crate Furniture

A custom dog furniture maker based in Washington.

All pieces made handmade to order out of wood and metal


Other Popular Dog Crate Furniture …


2 In 1 Crate and Gate

Good furniture if you’re looking for a 2 in 1 crate and gate 


Wooden End Table Dog Crate

Popular, but a little flimsy when constructed and wood not as solid as to be expected for the price. Comes with plastic crate floor tray


Solid Wood End Table Dog Crate

Could have probably made the ‘best list’.

Made of solid wood and has a sturdy construction. Exterior is 30 x 21 x 24 inches


Medium Sized Solid Wood End Table Dog Crate

Again, could have made the ‘Best list above’.

Made of solid wood with a good construction.

Exterior is 36 x 24 x 28 inches


Gate and Crate Furniture

This is a wooden Walnut colored gate that looks absolutely beautiful.

When assembled against a wall you can use it as a crate/playpen. You can also use it to block off rooms and hallways in the house.

The one downside is that even the smallest dogs will have no trouble pushing it over – but, if your dogs don’t hit it, it’s a lovely looking gate and crate to use


Wooden End Table Dog Crate

Looks nice, but the wood and the wood isn’t strong, and the latch and construction are quite weak – if your dog wants to break out, they have a good chance to.

Look at other options


Medium Wooden End Table Crate

Looks good and is decently solid, but the construction could be better.

Not for chewers or powerful dogs


Large Wooden End Table Crate

Looks good, but strength and construction is just OK. Plastic tray comes with the crate.

Large measures 29.9 width x 41.5 long x 29.5 inches high. Fits dogs up to about 88lbs, but crate internally runs a bit smaller than that.

Just an OK crate overall considering the price


Large Wood & Metal Frame Crate

To call this furniture is a stretch. This is a large metal and wooden dog crate, without a top, and a sliding plastic tray bottom.

It’s well made, but is for puppies and tiny dogs or dogs that won’t jump out the top. Large measures W46 x D26.4 x H29 inch on the exterior


Large Wood & Metal Frame Crate

This crate is basically metal crate bars with wood wrapped around it.

Looks ok, but the material is quite weak, and the construction isn’t very strong or functional.

Not fantastic quality overall.

Large exterior dimensions are 28.58″D x 43.31″W x 30.08″H


Recycled Plastic-Wood Polymer End Table Crate

The concept seems great – eco friendly dog crate furniture.

But, in reality, the materials are quite weak and easy for dogs to destroy, and the way they are put together is very flimsy.

Steer clear for now until the product is improved, and look for other options


Expandable Wooden Dog Crate For Small Dogs


NOTE: You will need a plastic crate floor tray and/or a bed or mat for most crates.

You can get some good trays and beds/mats here:


Best Wooden Dog Crate Furniture: Reviews

Crown Pet Products Wooden Pet Crate End Table

View On Amazon

Features of this furniture crate include:

Comes in 2 colors – Mahogany, and Espresso.

Durable teak like hardwood – Made of a very durable and sustainable rubberwood hardwood that looks similar to teak. Rubberwood is from the Para rubber tree, which is cultivated for its natural latex sap. However, rubber trees also yield a high quality hardwood with a tight grain that is used in a wide range of applications.

Smooth and even appearance – looks high quality

Stained and lacquered finish –  just like fine furniture with high quality mortise and tenon construction

2 ways swinging door – both outwards and inwards. Inwards swing is fantastic when people come around, or for a different look to the crate.

Slats/vents all the ways around the crate – looks stylish and provides ventilation and air flow for your dog

Waterproof floor – melamine covered MDF. Doesn’t absorb odors or liquids, and is easy to clean

Stainless Steel Latch – looks clean

Comes in 2 sizes:

Medium (24 Inches): 29.7″D x 21″W x 24.2″H > for pets up to 45 lbs. *Take roughly 1.5 to 2 inches off for internal crate dimensions

Large (27 Inches): 39.6″D x 27.2″W x 27.3″H > for pets up to 80 lbs. *Take roughly 1.5 to 2 inches off for internal crate dimensions



View Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table on Amazon


Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate End Table

Features of this furniture crate include:

3 colors available – black, espresso and white

Solid construction – made of solid wood

Easy To Assemble – light and easy to put together

Lockable latch

Slat ventilation  – around the sides of the crate for air flow

Good to store items on top

Made of Heavea wood – not a particularly strong wood, but get’s the job done. For the cheaper price – you get a more cheaply made unit. 

Comes in 2 sizes:

Medium (24 Inches) – 24 inches high x 27.5 inches wide x 20 inches deep. Interior dimensions of 21″H x 17″W x 24″D. Intended for dogs up to 20 inches long and 14 inches tall

Large (27 Inches) – 27.75 inches high x 36.5 inches wide x 24 inches deep. Interior dimensions of 26 inches high x 21 inches wide x 33 inches deep. Intended for dogs up to 38 inches long and 29 inches tall



View Casual Home Pet Crate End Table on Amazon


I Love Living Extra Large Solid Wood End Table Pet Crate Furniture

Features of this dog crate furniture include:

One color available – Espresso finish and color

Looks good – as an end table or freestanding table

Good size for larger dogs – Exterior measures 30 inches high x 31.5 inches wide x 44.5 inches deep

Easy assembly

Clean easily – with a damp cloth

Feels solid – MDF wood construction

Two drawbacks to this crate are that it doesn’t include a plastic floor tray, and it’s not solid wood. Not for chewers



View I Love Living Extra Large Solid Wood End Table Pet Crate Furniture (on Amazon)


Boomer and George Small Wooden Pet Crate End Table

Features of this dog crate furniture include:

Look Absolutely Amazing – this crate looks so well made – it kind of has an old prison cell type look to it, but weirdly that gives it fantastic character. Doesn’t look like a stock standard crate at all

Use As A Table Top – flat surface for putting things on

Metal Bolt Latch – for secure locking

Metal Frame, With Wooden Boards – Metal frame to hold everything together with lovely looking finished wood boards

Ventilation slats – for airflow

Made of MDF Wood Veneer – not solid wood

For Small Dogs – 15W x 24D x 25.25H in. interior dimensions

Two things that buyers might like improved is stronger dowels to hold the wood together, and solid wood instead of MDF with wood veneer. But, it’s still a good crate.



View Boomer & George Small Wooden Pet Crate End Table (on Amazon)


Boomer and George Medium Wooden Pet Crate End Table

Features of this dog crate furniture include:

For medium sized dogs – exterior dimensions are 36.5W x 24D x 29.25H in.

Hinge and latch closure – for securing your dog

Black finish – looks color neutral

Well ventilated – airflow through the side of the crate

Fits in with decor – looks like it has fantastic craftsmanship and design

Well constructed – well put together, although could be slightly stronger



View Boomer & George Medium Wooden Pet Crate End Table (on Amazon)


Monkey Wood Metal Werks Custom & Handmade Indoor Dog Furniture

Features of this custom dog indoor furniture include:

Pick your size – can be customised to a size of your choosing, and for up to multiple pets

Handmade – all furniture is made handmade to order

Wood and Metal – wood and metal materials available for construction

Quality Wood – all wood is prime pine wood

Tables and Entertainment Centres – all furniture can be made as tables or entertainment centres

Pick Your Finish – can be stained to your choice of staining

Plastic Floor – Polyurethane coated floor to protect against mess

All products are for indoor use only – they are not waterproof.

View Monkey Wood Metal Werks Custom & Handmade Indoor Dog Furniture (on Amazon)


Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate, Medium

Features of this convertible furniture crate to gate include:

Convertible – From a wooden pet crate into a gate

Removable plastic tray – for accidents, liquids and solids

Easy to assemble – easy to put together with no tools

Use as a crate – for your pet

Use to close off doorways – gate can be used to close off doorways and/or open spaces. Each panel is easily removable to accommodate smaller openings. Comes with 4 panels. Hinged pins are used on the gate

Solid Wood and Metal Bars – wood seems to be solid, with metal bars on the side for ventilation

Comes in 1 color – Brown

Comes in 2 sizes:

Medium (22.5 Inches) – 32.5L x 23.5W x 22.5H in. – exterior dimensions. 

Large (31.5 Inches) – 40L x 28W x 31.5H in. – exterior dimensions



View Merry Pet 2 In 1 Convertible Wooden Pet Crate End Table & Gate (on Amazon)


Richell Expandable Pet Crate


An expandable pet crate for puppy litters or singular dogs from small up to medium size

Comes in 2 sizes – small and medium

Medium measures 37-62.2 W x 32.1 L x 28″H

Small measures 37-62.2 W x 24.6 L x 24″H (for pets up to 26lbs)

Medium size can fit pets in the range of  8.8 to 44 lbs.

Medium size can expand from 35.4″ to 60.6″ wide, and can be set to 11 different widths

Has a front access door

Also has a side locking door

Made of a wood trim frame and metal wire panels/walls

The wood trim is a dark brown color

This crate would look nice inside in most color neutral dècors

Comes with an expandable floor tray

Requires some pretty simple assembly to put together



Top and divider sold separately

Crate is not cheap

Crate doesn’t fold up unless you completely disassemble it – so once you have it assembled it has to stay where you set it up unless you want to disassemble it

Not for larger pets over 40lbs 



Overall a good expandable crate for small to medium dogs that is well made and looks great inside the house. Only two minor drawbacks are the price and that it doesn’t come with a divider.




What Might The Richell Expandable Pet Crate Be For?

Puppy litters

Small to medium pets up to around 44lbs, or that can fit in the medium size crate based on it’s dimensions

Non destructive pets

Owners looking for an expandable width crate


What Might The Richell Expandable Pet Crate NOT Be For?

Destructive pets

Large dogs

People looking for a crate that comes with a top or divider included

People looking for a regular non expandable crate


Best Wooden Dog Crate Furniture: Buyer’s Guide

What To Consider When Buying Dog Crate Furniture, and Indoor Dog Furniture

You might like to consider a mix of the following items:

Size – there are the interior, and the exterior dimensions of the dog crate. Get the inside dimensions to make sure your dog has enough room to lay down, and stand up. Check what weight the crate is made for too

Type – is the dog crate a standard end table. Is it an end table + gate? Is it a gate crate?

Color and Finish- check the color and finish of the furniture before you buy

Design – how does the crate actually look? Will it look nice in the room you want to put it in? Does it have a plain, modern or vintage look?

Floor – is the floor a wooden floor? If so, you need to get a cheap plastic crate tray if you have a puppy or a dog that isn’t toilet trained. Something like the MidWest Homes Dog Crate Replacement Pans/Trays (on Amazon)

Ventilation – does the crate have plenty of air flow that can get through it with wooden or metal bars?

Material – usually either MDF, or solid wood. Can be made with metal bars and frame too

Door – does it swing in and out? Or just out?

Latch – what type of latch is it – slide bolt, or turn latch?

Construction – how is the crate built? Is it built with thick wood dowels or thin easy to break joints?

Dog Bed or Pad – you will need to get a dog bed or dog pad with most crates if you want your dog to be comfortable in them. Check some out here:

Memory Foam, Self Warming and Odor Control Dog Crate Pads

Dog Crate Pads For Chewers

Supportive and Comfortable Dog Beds


Solid Wood vs MDF With Wood Veneer For Dog Crate Furniture

The benefits of each are:

Solid Wood 

Generally stronger, more durable to scratching and chewing, and the grain and overall look can be nicer with nicer finishes.

However, solid wood can expand and contract, causing shrinking and cracking. Solid wood tends to be more expensive too



Machine dried and pressed from recycled wood fibers and resin.

Doesn’t feel as solid as solid wood, but better at standing up to shrinking and cracking. Can be more vulnerable to forceful dogs.


Types Of Dog Crate Furniture

Wood dog crate furniture

Most dog crate furniture is wood construction.

You either get MDF with wood veneer, or solid wood.

Solid wood tends to be better for bigger dogs and dogs who are a bit more powerful, but solid wood is also more expensive.


Metal dog crate furniture

Some furniture units come with metal + wood construction.

They typically either come with a metal bar frame and wood panels. or a mostly wood construction with metal bars for the ventilation slats.

Most of the latches on the furniture are steel or metal too.


End table dog crate furniture

The most popular dog crate furniture pieces by far are the end table dog crates.

They can be put next to other furniture, next to a lounge, against a wall or feature by themselves.

You can also store books and other items on the table top. They are very versatile.


Large dog crate furniture

Some of the dog crates are built and sized for larger breed dogs.

These crates usually have a height of around 30 inches or more, and a length of around 40 inches or more.

Make sure when buying for large dogs you check the weight capacity of the dog crate, and that the interior dimensions are big enough for your dog to stand and lay down in.


Double dog crate furniture

The custom dog crate furniture above can be made to fit more than one pet inside.

Likewise, owners can fit several small pets inside some of the large dog crate furniture listed above. Measure your pets and the crate before you buy to be sure.


Modern dog crate furniture

Most of the dog crates listed above have very modern designs.

Some have more of a vintage look, while some have a modern look.

Check out the pictures for the detail before you purchase to make sure they fit with your decor.



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