Best Indestructible & Chew Proof Dog Crate Pad


We’ve already put together a guide outlining some of the best overall beds, pads and mats for dog crates, and even a guide about chew resistant dog beds.

But, for owners with dogs that chew, they may specifically be looking for an indestructible & chew proof type dog crate pad.

The reality is that there is no 100% chew proof and indestructible dog crate pad right now.

There is however the closest thing to it – a very hard wearing and thick dog crate pad by Big Barker that might save you a lot more money than if you have to keep buying cheap weak dog crate pads every month after they get torn to shreds.

We’ve also listed a more affordable option as well.

Let’s check it out!


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Best Indestructible & Chew Proof Dog Crate Pad For Chewers

Best Dog Crate Pad For Chewers


Best Cheap Crate Pad For Chewers 


*Note – with any chew proof product – make sure you get a warranty or money back guarantee that you are satisfied with before buying so you can protect your money investment. 


Best Indestructible & Chew Proof Dog Crate Pad For Chewers: Reviews

Big Barker 4 Inch Orthopedic Foam Dog Crate Pad

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From a chewing perspective, the cover is as highly tear resistant as you can get without being chew proof.

It’s made with chewing, nesting, digging and scratching in mind.

It performs much better than many other dog crate pads out there, and a lot of owners with teething or chewing dogs have found value in it.

If your dog does somehow chew through the cover and foam – Big Barker are usually a great company to deal with from a customer service perspective – something else you don’t get with a lot of other companies.

The cover is also 100% waterproof and protects against accidents. It’s easy to clean, or you can unzip it and throw it in the wash. It is machine washable.

Let’s talk about comfort and support of this foam dog crate bed…

It’s designed to protect dogs from joint pain, hip & elbow dysplasia & arthritis, and prevents your dog from suffering physical stress that hard surfaces and cheaper thinner dog crate pads might bring about.

The foam in this bed is high density foam that is American made. This means it won’t flatten over time, it won’t sag, it will hold it’s shape, and it provides the best support and comfort possible.

The foam is 4 inches thick – with 2 inches of H24 Support Foam underneath, and 2 inches of H10 Comfort Foam on top.

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K9 Ballistics TUFF Crate Dog Pad

This crate pad is designed for light to moderate chewers only (not for heavy chewers).

It is sewn closed around the outside so there are no zippers or cover openings for dogs to chew on or target.

It contains rip stop ballistic fibers in a grid shape that stop tears or rips from spreading. All seams are double stitched for extra strength.

The entire pad is machine washable, and is water, hair, and dirt resistant.

One drawback to this crate pad is that it is only 1.5 inches thick – this is not thick enough for most dogs for proper support and cushioning. You will need at least 4 inches of padding – so you should get another bed or pad with this one.

Comes in 7 colors – black, blue, grey camo, green, green camo, red, tan. 

Comes in 6 sizes:

Toy – 23 x 17 inches

X Small –  35 x 23 inches

Small – 35 x 23 inches

Medium – 41 x 28 inches

Large – 47 x 28 inches

X Large – 51 x 36 inches


What Is The K9 Ballistics Tuff Dog Crate Pad?

K9 Ballistics market this crate pad as being ‘designed specifically for light to moderate chewers’.

So it is a chew resistant dog crate pad.


Who Is The K9 Ballistics Tuff Dog Crate Pad For?

The crate pad is for people looking for a pad for their dog crate.

It is not for people who have dogs that chew a lot, or are heavy chewers.


Best Indestructible & Chew Proof Dog Crate Pad For Chewers: Buyer’s Guide

Why You Need A Thick/Supportive Crate Pad

Good foam support and cushioning is critical if you want to protect your dog’s joints and body from the hard plastic and metal on a dog crate floor

If the crate pad is thin or offers little support, it’s worth getting a dog bed instead, with more support, and putting a crate pad over the top of the bed.

You can check out some supportive dog beds here.


What To Look For In Orthopedic Foam

The best orthopedic foam is high density foam, usually made in American workshops and factories.

This is in comparison to cheaper, glued together, partial foams usually made overseas.

High density foam is higher quality foam that holds it’s shape much better over time without pancaking and sinking, and is stronger.

Therefore, it will not produce the pressure points on your dog’s joints and bones, or provide the uneven sleeping surface that a cheaper partial glued foam will.


Is There Really Such A Thing As A Chew Proof or Indestructible Dog Crate Pad?

We have yet to see a completely chew proof dog product of any kind.

There are products that get chewed apart in a minute, and there are products that stand up to wear and tear and chewing over many months.

Big Barker are one of the best companies we’ve seen with committing to the quality of their products.

If the crate pads above doesn’t work for you, there doesn’t seem to be many other quality chew/tear resistant crate pads on the market right now.


Any Tips and Tricks to Minimise Chewing?

The sides and zipper of crate pads are probably most at risk of being chewed.

Some people have found success with spraying a bitter apple spray or similar chewing deterrent on the sides of the crate pad to keep it in one piece.

One big tip for a dog that is a chewer – take them to a professional dog trainer or behavioral expert to find out why your dog is chewing so much.

Teething for puppies is normal, but consistent chewing behavior is quite destructive as the dog matures and gets older.

Either get some dog toys to help with the chewing, or engage a professional trainer for a session or two so they can give you some exercises to stop the chewing.

It could save you ALOT of time and clean up in the long term.


What Are Some Of The Top Rated Dog Crates On The Market Right Now?

You’ll obviously need a dog crate to go with a dog crate pad if you don’t already have one.

This guide outlines some of the top rated dog crates on the market right now across different dog crate types and sizes.



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