The Best Dog Beds In 2022/2023: Top Rated, & Reviews


We’ve reviewed a lot of dog beds on this site and written a lot of dog bed guides, and we’ve tried to do it as honestly as possible

We’ve done this by telling you exactly what we think of each bed, what beds might be the best in each category in our guides, and whether or not it a particular dog bed might be a good consideration for your dog/s.

We thought it would be a good idea to put all those reviews and guides together in one place to make it easy for you.

Let’s take a look!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

(*Friendly Disclosure – links to retailers or brands on this page may include affiliate links, and we may receive a commission when you purchase through these links)


The Best Dog Beds This Year


Top Rated List

Right now, our top rated list of dog beds are:


Other dog bed options might include (categorized by bed type):

Affordable & Cheaper Dog Beds


Foam Dog Beds (Regular Foam, Memory Foam, & Orthopedic Foam)


Outdoor & Raised/Elevated Dog Beds

The Kuranda vs K9 Ballistics dog beds listed below under the ‘dog beds’ for chewers section below are also elevated dog beds.


Donut Dog Beds


Dog Beds Designed To Match Home Decor

  • Some companies have a range of dog beds that are made specifically to look good with home decor in mind, such as dog beds that look like rugs


Dogs Beds That Come With A Waterproof Or Water Resistant Liner

  • A few examples of beds from this list that come with water proof or water resistant liners are …
  • The Big Barker bed has a water proof liner that can be purchased separately – Big Barker Headrest Edition Waterproof Dog Bed Liner (on Chewy)
  • The Petfusion Ultimate Lounge Bed comes with a water resistant outer liner, and a waterproof base liner
  • The Dogbed4less bed comes with a waterproof internal liner
  • Other beds on the list may come with their own types liners too – check the product details to confirm which ones 


Dog Beds For Chewers

Aluminum Frame


PVC Frame


You can read more about chew resistant dog beds in this guide.


Travel Dog Beds, & Lightweight Portable Dog Beds



*Note – make sure you measure your dog both from their behind to the tip of their nose, and from their paws to the top of their shoulders and also head, and pick a dog bed that will comfortably and safely fit their body length and width ways.

Pick a size of bed that comfortably gives them a few extra inches in each direction.

Also, make sure you get a dog bed with adequate support for your dog’s body (solid certified orthopedic and memory foams can be more desirable than a regular slab foam, or a crated out foam).

Some people also like a specific feature, such as a waterproof liner included, or will look to order one separately (can especially help to protect an investment in a foam bed).

Read the dog bed product description, features, inclusions, and check details and sizing dimensions before ordering.

For X LARGE and GIANT dog beds – click through the relevant guide below.


Below, you can find reviews by the dog bed company/brand, but also guides by the type of dog bed including but not limited to:

Orthopedic memory foam dog beds

Indestructible and chew resistant dog beds

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Giant dog beds

Inside dog bed beds

Outdoor dog beds – elevated and raised dog beds

Heated dog beds

Cooling dog beds

Environmentally friendly dog beds

Lounge, bolster, mattress, next, donut, round and other types and shapes of dog beds

Water resistant dog beds

Odor and Smell Resistant Dog Beds

Washable dog beds

+ much more


Best Dog Bed Reviews

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed With Memory Foam

A dog bed with a memory foam base, and side bolsters 

Available up to a XXL Jumbo size, with inner dimensions of 42 inches long by 33 inches wide, and a 6 inch thick memory foam base

Designed for dogs up to around 200lbs

The outer fabric is polyester and cotton and is water resistant – it is also removable and machine washable

Has a waterproof inner bed liner

The side bolsters are recycled polyfill

Has a non skid bottom base on the bottom of the bed for traction on smooth surfaces


Paw PupLounge™ Bed, & Other Paw Brand Beds

The PupLounge in particular is comparative to the PetFusion Ultimate bed, but has even more features and is perhaps a better bed over all

Firstly, Paw designs their beds to match with your home decor (there’s the Puplounge, the Puprugs, and other products

Secondly, the Puplounge in particular has …

Comfortable bolsters around the bed

An interchangeable topper that can be removed and washed (the cover can be removed as well)

A protective and waterproof liner under that

Human grade memory foam guaranteed not to flatten for 10 years

Giant/X-large/Large dog bed – has a 4-inch memory foam base, Small dog bed – has a 2-inch memory foam base

A non skid base

The Giant sized bed has inner dimensions of 43″ L x 35″ W

Full cleaning and maintenance instructions are available on the Paw website


Big Barker 7 Inch Foam Dog Bed

A 7 inch therapeutic foam dog bed

Specifically for large dogs, and the largest sized model is 60 inches long x 48 inches wide

Foam is made in the USA, and meets CertiPUR-US standards for content, emissions, and durability & has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. Has a 10 year ‘won’t flatten’ promise (check product description for details)

Foam layers are – 2 inches of H10 Comfort Foam, 3 inches of H45 Support Foam, and another 2 inches of H10 Comfort Foam. 

The headrest edition has another 4 inches of contoured foam

Has a microfiber cover that is removable and washable

Available in different colors


KOPEKS 7 Inch Foam Dog Bed

A more affordable memory foam dog bed 

Available in up to an X Large size, that is 50 inches long by 34 inches wide 

Has a 3 inch headrest

Has both an internal cover and an external cover – both zippered

Has an anti slip bed base


Dogbed4less Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

A flat rectangular dog bed with a memory foam base

Available in up to a Jumbo size, which is 55 inches long, by 47 inches wide, by 4 inches deep/thick. 

Comes with one internal waterproof liner, and 2 x external removable and machine washable external covers. Covers are a denim 100% cotton twill fabric

Internal foam is a 3.2 lbs high density gel infused 100% solid memory foam pad


Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

A rectangular flat dog bed with a foam base

Available in up to an X large size, which is 46 inches long by 35 inches wide

Has a 4 inch foam base – composed of 2 inches of regular polyurethane foam, and 2 inches of memory foam with a density of 3 pounds

Foam is certified by CertiPUR-US

Has a removable and washable cover that has a TPU coating

Has a rubber bed underside for floor traction


BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed – Snuggly Sleeper

Sofa style bed with padded rims and an inner foam/padded base

Largest size available is a 40 inches long by 30 inches wide model, which holds dogs up to 100+ lbs and is fitted for pets up to 36″ in length. Inner dimensions of this large size bed is 36″ x 24″

Has a removable and machine washable cover

Has 3.5 inches of solid orthopedic foam, and an additional layer of soft cotton padding as a base


Furhaven Therapeutic Plush & Suede Sofa-Style Living Room Couch Pet Bed

A dog bed with a flat inner area, and padded rims for headrests

Largest size available is a Jumbo Plus, which has an inner area of 40″ long x 36″ wide. Including the padded rims, it’s 53″ x 42″. For breeds as Giant as Great Danes

Has a 5 inch thick medical grade orthopedic foam base

Outside cover is microsuede, and is removable and washable

Many different colors available

Affordable dog bed option


MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Super Plush Pet Bed

A flat plush dog bed that can also be used inside a dog crate

Has a plush surface and a non skid bottom for traction

Available in up to a 46 inch bed size – which is 46 inches long by 29 inches wide by 4 inches thick/deep. For dogs up to 28 inches tall and 36 inches long – large breeds like German Shepherds

Bed is 100% machine washable

Comes in three different colors

Affordable dog bed option


Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler Bed

A donut style bed

Largest size is the 45 by 45 inch bed, for dogs up to 150lbs

Has 9 inch walls and a thinner inner core

Has an outer soft shag fabric fur surface

Filled with AirLOFT fibers

Bed inserts and outer cover are completely able to be separated with zippers

Bed is machine washable

Two different colors available


K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed

An elevated pet bed that is raised off the ground

Materials consist of 600-denier fabric and mesh, and a frame that can be assembled tool free

Available in sizes up to Extra large

The X Large size is for dogs up to 150lbs, and has dimensions of 32 inches wide by 50 inches long, and is 9 inches raised off the ground

It is probably not for Giant breeds though


Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

An elevated pet bed that is raised off the ground

Materials consist of high density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric, on a powder coated steel frame

Available in sizes small to large

The largest size is for dogs up to 100lbs, and measures 31.5 inches wide by 51 inches long, and is 8 inches off the ground

Probably not for extra large and Giant breeds


Kuranda Elevated PVC Frame Dog Bed

Elevated dog bed, specifically made to be chew resistant

Has a PVC frame, and a cordura fabric sleeping area

Available up to a XXL size, with a 46 inches long by 32 inches wide sleeping area

For dogs up to 100lbs

For indoor or outdoor use

Several colors available


Kuranda Elevated Aluminum Frame Dog Bed

Elevated dog bed, specifically made to be chew resistant

Has an aircraft grade aluminum frame, and a heavy duty 40oz solid vinyl fabric sleeping area

Available up to a XXL size, with a 46 inches long by 32 inches wide sleeping area

For dogs up to 250lbs

For indoor or outdoor use

Several colors available


Brindle Orthopedic Dog Bed

Good Bed Features

An affordable bed for what it is

A soft orthopedic foam mattress for dogs up to large sized dogs

Includes a 3-inch layer of orthopedic shredded memory foam fill

Comes in 7 sizes all the way up to 52 inches by 34 inches

Comes in 4 different colors to suit different inside the house color schemes

Fits in a dog crate

Lightweight portable bed you can move around the house easily

Has a microsuede outer cover that is removable and washable

Cover zipper is hidden by a fabric flap


What’s Not So Great?

The foam is shredded and not solid – not as good for support




Who Is The Brindle Memory Foam Dog Bed For?

People that want an affordable foam bed

People that are ok with shredded foam and not solid foam

People with small through to large sized dogs

People who want a dog bed that fits in dog crates


Who Is The Brindle Memory Foam Dog Bed Not For?

Dogs that need a solid foam bed

Dogs that chew

Dogs that need the highest quality foam bed


Which Type Of Dog Bed Should I Buy? – Checklist

It depends on the needs of the dog, and the preferences of the owner.

For example:

Some people may just want a cheap/affordable bed

Some might look for good support in the form of a foam bed – especially memory foam or solid orthopedic foam

Some might want a specific style of bed, such as a donut shaped bed

Some might want an outdoor or raised bed made of durable fabric and a bed frame

Other owners might go for specific features like removable and washable covers, inner waterproof liners, a dog bed color that matches their home decor, and so on.

We’ve also put together a guide that describes in a little more depth the different types of dog beds and their features.

Which Dog Bed Should I Buy? A Buyer’s Checklist + Type, Size, Features, & Price Considerations


Materials & Fabrics For Dog Beds

This guide outlines information about dog bed materials and fabrics:

Best Materials and Fabrics For Dog Beds


Where To Buy A Dog Bed

1. Amazon

Being one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon is able to offer so much as an online retailer.

They offer:

– the biggest selection, range and number of options of dog beds – you can get beds that usually aren’t able to be bought in physical pet stores or other online retailers

– very competitive prices (because their platform and presence is so big presumably)

– extremely fast shipping

– good rates on shipping

– special deals for certain products, and discounts at certain times of the year

Amazon is a very good place to start your search.

The only thing to watch for in Amazon is that whilst their US Amazon selection is large, if you are from a country like Australia for example, they are still establishing their presence and growing as of 2017/18. So, if you want shipping from your own country – check what is available first.

At the time of writing this guide, one of the most popular dog beds sold on Amazon is the 


2. Bed Manufacturer Websites

The second place you can check out is the website of the bed manufacturer/brand.

Because they are the manufacturer, they may be able to offer certain promotions, deals, prices and other buying offers that no one else can.

One of the advantages to buying from the manufacturer’s site is that usually you guarantee any warranties that comes with the bed, that you may or may not get with a third party seller.

A disadvantage is that they may not ship as fast as Amazon for example, may not be as organised, may not offer easy payments methods, and some manufacturers just don’t have a website at all (or not a very good or easy to use one!).


3. Online Pet Seller, Or Reseller Store

Places like are an example.

They may offer some beds that are exclusive only to them and not a rival third party seller like Amazon for example.

For example, they also sell the above Midwest bed that Amazon does:


4. A Pet Store In Your Area

If you want to go out and touch and examine the dog bed yourself, a pet store in your area could be the best option.

Some pet stores even offer better pricing (when you consider shipping) than online.

If you have a decent sized pet store in your area, it’s worth a look.

They will definitely not have a very large selection of beds to choose from compared to online, and you’ll have to take time out of your day or weekend as opposed to simply opening up your phone or laptop.


What Size Dog Bed To Get

Typically manufacturers give you good instructions for measuring and picking a size of dog bed for your dog in the product description.

For any dog bed you are considering, make sure you look at two things when it comes to size:


The length and width of the bed

Your dog in their sleeping position should be able to fit in the sleeping area of the bed.

Make sure you subtract any bolsters or frames from the length and width of the bed – look for the actual sleeping area of the bed, and not the exterior length and width dimensions which may include bolsters and frames


What weight of dog the bed is made for

Does the dog bed have a weight limit? If so, make sure your dog fits under the weight limit


Dog Bed Reviews By Company/Brand

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Dog Bed Comparisons

PetFusion vs Big Barker vs Friends Forever vs PupLounge™ Dog Beds: Comparison

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Are Elevated and Raised Dog Beds Better? Benefits Of Raised Dog Beds Over Other Dog Beds

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Best Dog Beds In Different Categories

Best Eco Friendly Dog Beds

Best Heated Dog Bed

Best Self Cooling Dog Beds

Best Self Cooling Dog Mats and Pads

Best Heavy Duty Dog Beds For Chewers

Best Waterproof Dog Beds For Puppies, Older & Incontinent Dogs

Best Dog Bed For Older Dogs, Dogs With Joint Problems and Dogs With Arthritis

Best Washable Dog Beds and Dog Beds That Can Be Washed Easily

Best Extra Large Dog Beds For Giant Dogs Like Great Danes and Mastiffs

Best Dog Beds That Won’t Flatten Or Pancake Over Time

Best Dog Beds That Are Easy To Clean Or Won’t Stink

Best Dog Beds That Look Like Sofas, Lounges and Couches

Best Dog Beds That Are Resistant Against Dust Mites, Mold or Mildew

Best Dog Beds That Are Resistant Against Pee/Urine, Poop, Vomit & Doggy Odors

Best Dog Beds Are Resistant Against Digging, Nesting, Tearing, Scratching, Shredding, Ripping and Chewing

Best Elevated Dog Bed

Best Odor Resistant Dog Beds

Best Outdoor Dog Beds

Best Rated Orthopedic Foam & Memory Foam Dog Beds

Best Trampoline Dog Bed That Is Off The Floor

Eco Friendly Dog Bed Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

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Best Dog Beds For Diggers and Dogs That Scratch At Their Bed

Best Dog Bed For Hip Dysplasia

Best Designer and Luxury Dog Beds

Best Dog Bed For Your Couch

Best Dog Beds, Mats and Pads For Dog Crates

Best Portable Dog Beds You Can Carry Around Or Easily Transport

Best Dog Beds For Backpacking, Hiking or Trail Adventuring

Best Dog Bed For Camping

Best Dog Beds For Cars, SUVs & Trucks: For Front/Back Seats, Car Consoles, & Boots

Best Dog Bed For A Boat

Best Dog Beds For Small Dogs

Best Dog Beds For Two Dogs or Multiple Dogs

Best Bolster Dog Beds With Comfortable Padded Rims or Headrests

Best Cheap Dog Beds That Are Affordable and Will Save You Money

Best USA and American Made Dog Beds

The Best Quality Dog Beds On The Market If Money Isn’t An Issue

Best Donut, Bagel, Round and Square Dog Beds


Dog Bed Liners and Covers

Best Waterproof Dog Bed Liners and Covers


Dog Beds For Different Dog Breeds

Best Dog Beds For Beagles

Best Dog Beds For Border Collies

Best Dog Bed For Boxers

Best Dog Beds For Chihuahuas

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Best Dog Beds For Siberian Huskies

Best Dog Beds For Springer Spaniels

Best Dog Beds For St Bernards

Best Dog Beds For Staffies

Best Dog Beds For Viszlas

Best Dog Beds For Weimaraners

Best Dog Beds For Whippets

Best Dog Beds For Yorkies


Other Guides About Dog Beds

Why Does My Dog Pee On Their Bed & My Bed? (& How To Stop It)


Dog Beds For Large & Extra Large Breeds

The brands of dog beds that might be best for large and extra large breeds might be:

  • Big Barker (probably the best choice)
  • PetFusion
  • PupLounge
  • DogBed4Less


Some considerations for large dog beds might be:

1. Type of Dog Bed

Mattress type beds, or beds that allow the dogs to spread out are best in comparison to the nest or walled beds.

These are also the types of beds that are most compatible when fitting a bed into a dog crate.

You’ll also have to consider whether you want an outside or inside dog bed.


2. Price of Dog Bed

You generally don’t want to go super cheap on a dog bed – particularly for big and extra large dogs.

Cheap beds are almost useless in some cases – particularly the ones with no cushioning.

Think about how much a large dogs weighs – as much as a small human? What do you think would happen to a human’s bones and joints if they slept on hard surfaces their whole life? 

Quality (level of workmanship and materials), durability (from big claws and teeth) and level of cushioning and comfort are all factors to consider when weighing up the price of a dog bed.

Having said that, it’s not necessary to spend more than several hundred dollars in most cases unless you have a giant breed, or your dog has special joint cushioning requirements.


3. Level of Support and Cushioning

You want a bed with enough support, cushioning and padding from hard surfaces.

This is particularly true for large dogs who have more weight bearing down through their joints into the ground.

It’s also crucial to watch out for for dogs with arthritis, sore joints and other diseases like hip or elbow dysplasia – of which large dogs can be more susceptible to.

Orthopedic dog beds are a type of dog bed with orthopedic foam that helps protect and cushion joints (each bed will have a different number of layers of foam – the more you pay, the better the foam and the more layers you get).

Orthopedic dog beds are considered a good long term investment if you can afford them – and there are affordable options out there without going crazy on price.


4. Size of Bed

There are three things you want to consider for the size of the dog bed – 

1. Is it big enough in terms of surface area for your dog to spread out and lay on?

2. Is the size of the dog bed you want to purchase designed to take the weight of your dog?

3. Will the bed fit your dog crate if you have one? When you buy a dog crate, the manufacturer instructions should tell you the size of bed the crate is designed to fit with


5. Washability

Dirt, hairs, pee and poop, bacteria and organisms like fleas are all undesirable things that can attach themselves to a dog bed.

Having a bed which can be thrown in the wash, or which you can change the dog bed sheets (either a zip cover, or separate dog bed sheets) can be a life saver in this regard.

A dog bed which is easy to clean will keep both your dog and your house clean.


Dog Beds For Small Breeds

The lucky thing with small dog breeds is that most dog bed brands make their beds in small sizes.

So, you should have a wide range of choice.


Dog Beds For Senior/Older Dogs

There’s two things to consider:

1. The first thing we will say is the only person who can provide you with professional and qualified advice on those issues is a vet – so see your local vet as a first priority.

2. Secondly, you should know though that there are dog beds available that have special memory foam and orthopedic foam to support your dog’s body, protect their bones and joints against hard surfaces, and most importantly, have them feeling comfortable.

A soft, protective and supportive bed certainly can’t do any further harm for dogs with joint issues.


Some of the best dog beds with solid or supportive foam, and that have waterproof liners are:


What Is Orthopedic Memory Foam, and What Should I Look For In It?

The best way to describe the best type of foam for a dog bed is to look for engineered high density foam.

If we take the H45 Foam used in the Big Barker bed for example, it is high density foam which has high compression strength and durability.

Not only is the H10 Comfort foam soft and comfortable for your dog, but the H45 Support Foam is strong, and has the ability to both hold it’s shape and create very little opposing pressure from the ground on a dog’s body who has sore joints.

Stay away from beds with cheap partial glued together foam, usually made overseas.

USA made foam is usually high density foam.


What Other Features Should I Look For In An Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed?

Engineered Foam that is high density, and has a mix of support and comfort foam

A headrest if preferable (also with support foam in it)

A warranty that covers the bed losing it’s shape

Decide on a thickness of dog bed you want

A bed with two covers is good – an internal waterproof cover, and an outer non skid also waterproof cover that is removable and machine washable

Sizes of the dog beds available – can you fit them into a crate or dog house if you need to? Check this

Color – does it come in a color that is going to match your decor?


Dog Beds For Joint & Body Support

Our top picks for the best dog beds that offer joint and body support are:

2 To 6 Inch Orthopedic Foam Dog Beds


7 Inch Orthopedic Foam Dog Beds


Potentially Suitable Dog Beds That Offer Joint Support

The dog beds that offer the most support are the orthopedic foam dog beds.

Orthopedic foam comes in all different types and qualities, but the good ones excel at staying up (not going flat) and reducing pressure on the dog’s body and consequently, there’s less pressure on the joints.


Dog Beds That Might Not Be As Suitable For Joint Support

The cheap dog beds with poly fill, egg crate foam, cheap stuffing, cedar fill, non solid foam or just flat out low quality foam (most of it comes from countries where it’s cheap to manufacture goods) usually provide poor support.

Less support for your dog’s body means more pressure on the body and joints.


Different Types Of Dog Bed Foam

The best dog bed foams are usually:

Solid foam

Made in the USA

Contain both comfort and support foam with multiple layers of foam

Have details on the exact foam used, thicknesses, quality of the foam and how he design of the foam decreases pressure – the bed seller should give you this information


How To Clean and Wash Dog Beds

What Is The Best Way To Wash And Clean Dog Beds?

How To Clean/Wash A Large Or Giant Dog Bed

How To Clean/Wash A Dog Bed With Stuffing or Polyfill Inside It

How To Wash/Clean A Dog Bed Without A Washing Machine

How To Wash/Clean A Dog Bed Without A Removable Cover

How To Wash/Clean An Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed


What Makes A Dog Bed A ‘Quality’ Dog Bed?

Dog beds can be divided into indoor dog beds, and beds that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

In those two categories, our criteria for ‘quality’ is:


Indoor Dog Beds


Provided support for the body and joints of the dog

Had some form of foam and padding

Easy to clean with removable covers

Have replacement covers available

Have waterproof liners available

Have a high rate of positive feedback for people who used the beds

Have a range of sizes and colors available


Outdoor Dog Beds

Are built to be durable

Are chew resistant

Are mess and odor resistant

Are easy to clean and dry out fast

Are light and portable

Will overall stand up to outside elements and conditions

Are still comfortable and provide support

Have a range of sizes and colors available


Best Bolster Dog Beds With Padded Rims & Headrests

Our top picks for the best bolster dog beds are:

Cheap Bolster  


Mid Price Bolster 


4 Inch Thick Orthopedic Foam Bolster  


7 Inch Thick Orthopedic Foam Bed With Headrest


Who Would A Bolster Bed Be Good For?

– Dogs that like to curl up while they sleep

– Dogs that like to have their neck and head supported while they sleep

– Dogs that like to nuzzle into something while they sleep

– Dogs that like to lay their body into a bolster or cushion while they sleep


For example, does your dog ever lay their head on a cushion or on your leg while they lay down or sleep? This might be a good indication they would like a bolster bed.

Some dogs even just feel safer and more secure while they sleep by sleeping in a bolster bed where they might feel more enclosed and protected by the bolster walls.


Who Would A Bolster Bed Not Be Suited For?

A dog that like to lie completely spread out while they sleep without the restrictions that bolster walls might provide

Dogs that prefer a completely flat and open sleeping surface that a flat mattress bed might provide


Best Donut, Bagel, Round & Square Dog Beds

These beds can be good for dogs that curl up when they sleep

These rounded or cube dog beds provide lots of cushioning but a better shape for dogs that don’t lay straight out flat like dogs on a flat mattress might

Some of the better options might be:


Who Would Get A Donut, Bagel, Round or Square Dog Bed?

Dogs that like bolster sides

Dogs that like to curl up

Dogs that like puffy thicker dog beds


Who Would A Donut, Bagel, Round or Square Dog Bed Not Be For?

Dogs that would be better suited to a flat mattress dog bed

Dogs that would be better suited to a rectangular dog bed

Dogs that would be better suited to an outdoor dog bed

Dogs that chew a lot or are destructive


Best Enclosed, Covered & Cave Dog Beds

If your dog is a burrower, a nester, a cuddler or likes feeling safe and protected while sleeping, an enclosed, covered or cave dog bed might be for them.

A good sign that your dog is this type of dog is that they like sleeping under blankets or putting their head or body under something while they lay down.

A few of the better options might be:


Snoozer have a range of covered or enclosed Cozy Cave dog beds – you can read a review guide here.


Who Are Enclosed, Covered & Cave Dog Beds Best For?

Dogs that like to snuggle

Dogs that like to burrow or nest

Dogs that like to be covered or feel secure and warm while they sleep

Toy sized and small sized dogs


Who Are Enclosed, Covered & Cave Dog Beds Not For?

Medium and Large dogs

Dogs that like to stretch out sleeping

Dogs that like their own space when sleeping

Dogs that chew


Best Dog Beds That Look Like Furniture

Our top picks for the best dog beds that look like furniture are:


Best Trampoline Dog Beds

Some of the best might be:

Affordable Options


Premium Options


What Is A Trampoline Dog Bed?

A trampoline dog bed gets it’s name because it is raised or elevated off the floor with legs on the bottom of the dog bed surface – similar to the design of a trampoline.

It is another name for a raised or elevated dog bed.


Who Is A Trampoline Dog Bed Best For?

Trampoline dog beds are best as outside dog beds.

The fabric is thin and light – so they doesn’t trap dirt, hair, odors or water like a mattress bed might.

This also makes them very easy to clean with a hose or with a damp cloth wipe down. They don’t have covers that need washing.

Because they is raised, it ventilates well and stays off the ground.

The heavy duty trampoline dog beds are also fantastic for dogs that are chewers or are destructive dogs.

The metal frames are hard to chew, and they are made of a thick or hard wearing rip stop or vinyl fabric that recesses into the frame to prevent dogs getting a hold of it with their mouths.


Best Luxury & Designer Dog Beds

Our top picks for the best luxury dog beds and designer dog beds are:


Who Are Luxury and Designer Dog Beds For?

These beds are mainly for:

People who want elegant looking dog beds

People with small to medium sized dog breeds

People who want an inside dog bed that complements their interior decor

People who want a dog bed that looks different to the standard or plain dog beds


Who Are Luxury and Designer Dog Beds Not For?

A lot of these dog beds are not really designed for large or extra large dogs. If you have a large dog breed, you are best off looking at regular dog beds.

Also, if you have a smaller budget, designed dog beds may not be for you.


Best Portable Dog Bed You Can Carry Around Or Transport Easy

The best portable dog bed will be easy to carry around or transport from place to place.

This type of dog bed is good for activities like camping, hiking, backpacking, trail adventuring, boating, vacationing and general travel and activities away from the home.


Some of the best options might be:

Dog Beds You Can Carry Around 


Portable Dog Bed Mats


Elevated Dog Beds For Outdoors

Affordably Priced


Mid To Higher Priced


There’s 4 Main Types Portable Dog Beds

1. Backpacking and Hiking Type Portable Dog Beds – Can Carry Around & Transport

We are talking the Canine Hardware and Ruffwear Highlands dog beds.

They are designed specifically for out door adventuring, and to be super easy to carry with you while you’re walking around.

They are easy to roll out or roll back up.


2. Other Foldable, Rollable Or Inflatable Portable Dog Beds – Can Carry or Transport

We are talking the Litespeed Outdoors, Lifepul and IMK9 dog beds.

They aren’t designed specifically for outdoor walking, but they are designed to either roll up or fold up and be easy to carry at least short distances and store or transport.

They make good camping or travel dog beds.

They are quite thin like the backpacking and hiking dog beds.


3. Elevated Dog Beds – Can Transport

To repeat what we said above in the reviews section – these dog beds you can’t carry around with you because they don’t roll or fold up.

They are a metal frame with a light permeable piece of fabric over them. You can transport them in your bar or vehicle and put them out at a camp site or on your boat.

They are raised off the ground, and the Kuranda and K9 Ballistics version beds are very heavy duty – great for chewers and destructive dogs.


4. Regular Dog Beds – Can Transport

You could also use a regular cotton or polyfill or even foam dog bed to transport somewhere in your car.

The downside to using them is they are not outside dog beds, and you can’t carry them around with you.


Best Dog Bed For Backpacking, Hiking & Trail Adventures

When it comes to the best dog bed for backpacking, hiking and the trail – there’s one ultra important feature you need: portability.

Having a comfortable dog bed that you can roll up and roll out is really useful when you and your dog are hiking trails together or backpacking long distances.

Some of the best might be:

Portable Dog Beds For Backpacking & Hiking


Other Portable & Inflatable Dog Beds For Backpacking and Hiking


Other Portable and Inflatable Dog Beds For Camping

We reviewed these dog beds in this guide.

They are a selection of other portable dog beds that aren’t necessarily designed to be exposed to the elements, but are highly portable.

If you can find a way to carry them and the conditions you are backpacking or trail adventuring in aren’t too harsh, they might be a good option.

One of them is a popular inflatable dog bed if that’s a preference for you.


What Features Make A Good Dog Bed For Backpacking & Hiking?


Easy to carry

Easy to roll out and pack up

Durable under layer

Soft top layer

Thermal layer is useful but not mandatory

Easy to wash,

Fabric is permeable or relatively dirt and odor resistant

Dries easily


Best Dog Bed For Camping Outdoors

A suitable dog bed for camping should be able to stand up to the elements, but also be portable & easy to clean – in addition to being comfortable of course.

There’s a few good dog beds out there that fit this criteria.

Some of them might include:


Portable Dog Beds For Camping


Other Portable & Inflatable Dog Beds For Camping


Elevated/Raised Dog Beds For Camping



More heavy duty:

– Also available with Kuranda Reversible Fleece Pad (on Amazon)


Other Portable and Inflatable Dog Beds For Camping

We reviewed these dog beds in this guide.

They are a selection of other portable dog beds that aren’t necessarily designed to be exposed to the elements, but are highly portable.

You could easily set them up in your car or in the holding section of a tent.

One of them is a popular inflatable dog bed if that’s a preference for you.


Raised Dog Beds For Camping

We already reviewed the best elevated dog beds in this guide – we are talking the Coolaroo, Kuranda and K9 Ballistics dog beds listed above.

Additionally we listed the benefits and disadvantages + features of elevated and raised dog beds in this guide.

As a quick summary, what makes them suitable for a camping is:

They are designed for the outdoors

They are light enough to carry and transport

They don’t have any fill or foam which will get wet or trap dirt or other outdoor nasties

They have lightweight permeable fabric your dog lays on that is fairly resistant to most things

The beds are raised, so if there is water or anything else on the ground, it won’t get on the fabric your dog is lying on

They can be hosed down with water to clean and salt water or other mess off them – they are easy to clean

They are much more heavy duty and chew resistant than the portable dog mats

Good for dogs that like to chew – the Kuranda and K9 Ballistics beds are heavy duty


What Features Make A Good Dog Bed For Camping?

The bed is designed for the outdoors

It is easy to transport in your car and take to and from camp sites

It has some level of protection against mess and odors

It’s easy to clean

It’s fairly hard wearing and durable


Best Dog Beds For Summer (That Stay Cool & Ventilated)

A few options for dog beds that might be suitable for summer might include:

Elevated outdoor dog beds

Self cooling or cooling dog mats and pads

Dog beds infused with gel


Each dog bed looks a bit different and can be used for different purposes.


Some of the best options might include:

Outside Elevated and Raised Dog Beds

Affordable Options


Mid To Higher Priced Options


Self Cooling or Cooling Dog Mats and Pads


Cooling Gel Infused Dog Beds


Let’s take a look at the features, pros and cons of each of these dog beds as summer dog beds:


1. Elevated and Raised Outdoor Dog Beds

We’ve already written about the benefits and disadvantages of elevated/raised beds as dog beds compared to other dog bed types as options.

Specifically when used as a summer dog bed, an elevated dog bed is:

Raised – so you get ventilation going under the fabric that your dog sleeps on that you wouldn’t get with a mattress bed that is on the ground

The fabric is light and permeable – so your dog’s fur will have a lighter material to sleep on than say a mircrosuede or denim or cotton type dog bed fabric.


Additionally, these beds can be used outside, and there are heavy duty chew resistant models that are good for more destructive dogs.


2. Self Cooling Or Cooling Dog Mats

These are nylon cushion type mats and pads with self cooling gel inside that should provide cooling relief for up to 3 hours at a time. 

After 3 hours of use, it automatically recharges in just 15-20 minutes of non-use.

They can be used inside or outside.

Some people think they don’t do a whole lot, while some people think they definitely benefit their dog either on a bed, in a crate, in a dog house or just on the floor.

If you want to read more about them, you can do so here:

Best Self Cooling Dog Mats and Pads


3. Cooling Dog Beds With Gel

The manufacturers of some dog beds place what they describe as cooling gel layers inside their dog beds.

This layer is supposes to do two things – soothe joints, and act as a cooling layer for a dog’s body.

How effective this layer is at doing either of those things can be subjective, but you probably don’t want to rely on just this layer if you are looking for a real cooling effect.

You might combine them with a cooling mat and/or a fan to keep your dog cool, in addition to keeping them in cool conditions.

If you want to read more about them, you can do so here:

Best Self Cooling Dog Beds


Best Cooling Dog Beds & Mats

The best cooling beds for dogs will ideally provide a soft, cool and comfortable surface while your pup or pooch gets some much needed rest.

When it comes to dog cooling beds, there’s a few options you have – from thinner cooling mats, to mesh beds that allow air through, to memory foam beds that mostly provide support and some cooling.


Memory Foam Dog Bed Mattress With Cooling Gel Inside

The memory foam contains micro support gel beads, Micro Cool+ gel, and an open cell structure to increase airflow and the ability to dissipate heat


Best Memory Foam Dog Bed Sofa With Cooling Gel Inside


Best Breathable Fabric (allows air ventilation) Dog Bed For Outdoors


Best Cooling Dog Mat/Pad

Contains cooling gel.

A self cooling mat that should provide cooling relief for up to 3 hours at a time. After 3 hours of use, it automatically recharges in just 15-20 minutes of non-use.


Cooling Mats vs Memory Foam Cooling Beds – What’s The Difference?

Well, one is a bed and the other is a mat/pad.

The beds are designed for sleeping on – they are much more thicker and have much more support and cushioning.

The mats are thinner with less cushioning, but your dog may be able to feel the cooling sensation more significantly because the mat fabric is thinner than the outer fabric of the bed.


Are There Any Good Electric Cooling Dog Beds?

Although there are electric heating mats/pads for dogs and electric heating beds for dogs, we couldn’t find any practical or suitable electric cooling beds for dogs.


What Features Might You Look For In Cooling Beds and Cooling Mats For Dogs?

Check what type of foam the bed has and how thick it is – how many inches? Is it orthopaedic foam?

Does the bed come with a warranty?

How easy is the bed or mat to clean – can the mat be wiped with a damp cloth, and can the bed be put in the wash? Does the bed come with an easy to clean cover for spills and messes?

Check what the outer fabric is made of and how durable it is. Does it rip/tear easy and does it stand up to punctures?

What is the internal cooling gel made of? Is it completely non-toxic and safe for your dog, your kids and you in case there is a puncture or leak?

Is the mat and inside and an outside mat? Can it be used in your home as well as outside on the back patio or in the dog house?

What sizes does the mat come in? Can you get a size to fit a dog house or crate that you own?

How much cushioning is there in the mat for comfort while your dog sits, kneels or lays on it?


Best Bed/Bedding For A Dog House

This guide discusses in further detail what the best bed and bedding for a dog house might be.



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