Best Odor Resistant Dog Beds: Top Rated List


The best odor resistant dog beds in our opinion are the elevated or raised dog beds.

The reason we have this view is because there is very little material or fabric for doggy smells to get trapped in.

The beds can be placed outside where there is good ventilation, and the fabric is soft, but thin and light, meaning you won’t get odors sticking to it as much as a mattress or padded bed.

One of the best things about these types of beds is that there is a range of them available – from cheap, to heavier duty for more destructive dogs.

Soft beds with removable outer covers and that are washable may also be good for odor resistance.

We outline a few of the best odor resistant elevated dog beds in this guide.


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Best Odor Resistant Dog Beds: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Our top picks for the best odor resistant dog beds are:

Affordable Options


Mid To Higher Priced Elevated Beds

Read a comparison guide of these dog beds here.


Soft Dog Beds

In addition to elevated type dog beds, regular dog beds with removable outer covers that can be washed, and generally washable dog beds that can be put fully in the washing machine may also be a good option.

Read more in this guide to find dog beds with removable and washable outer covers.

Note that some of these dog beds also have inner waterproof liners which may help with urine smells and stains.


Best Odor Resistant Dog Beds: Reviews

To check out reviews of the above listed dog beds, check out this best elevated and raised dog bed guide and reviews.

This guide also outlines the top dog beds on the market across various categories, including elevated dog beds.

As a quick summary:


Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed 

A cheap elevated dog bed made of lightweight fabric and a powder coated metal frame. 

Largest size bed dimensions are 59.8L x 37W x 8.85H in., which fits large dogs.


Kuranda PVC Dog Bed

A mid range elevated dog bed with a strong PVC frame and Cordura as the fabric – Cordura is as durable as canvas.

Can fit dogs up to around 125 lbs. Comes available with Kuranda Reversible Fleece Pad for extra cushioning.


K9 Ballistics Cujo Cot Dog Bed 

A heavy duty elevated dog bed made with an aluminium frame and made of durable rip stop ballistic fibres which are designed specifically to combat against ripping and tearing.

Made for the most destructive and heaviest chewing dogs.

Largest size is 35 W x 50 L inches.


Kuranda Aluminium Dog Bed

Another heavy duty elevated dog bed meant for destructive dogs

Made of a patented, chew proof high strength, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frame that supports dogs up to 250lbs, and a strong 40oz vinyl fabric.

Largest size is 50 L x 36 W. You can get an extra cushion with this bed.


K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot

A standard elevated dog bed made of a metal frame and a breathable fabric.

The largest size of the cot is 50L x 32W.

You can get a canopy attachment with this bed for more shade in the sun.


Best Odor Resistant Dog Beds: Buyer’s Guide

What Are Elevated Dog Beds?

They are dog beds made of a metal or PVC frame with a breathable piece of fabric going across the middle of the bed that your dog lays on.

The way the bed is made, they are raised above the ground.

They can be used in most instances both inside and outside.


What Types Of Elevated Dog Beds Are There?

There’s four main types of elevated dog beds:

Cheap elevated dog beds – the fabric and frame may not be as durable or strong on these beds

Mid Range elevated dog beds – usually made with a slightly stronger frame or fabric like a PVC fame or thicker 600 denier fabric

Heavy duty elevated dog beds – usually for destructive dogs. Made of a strong fabric and a strong metal frame like aluminium

Canopy or Shade elevated dog beds – come with a canopy or shade shelter for protection against the sun


Why Do We Think Elevated Dog Beds Are The Best Odor Resistant Dog Beds?

There’s a few reasons:

Traditional foam or stuffed/fill dog beds tend to get odors trapped inside the bed

Elevated dog beds have thin fabric with no stuffing or foam, meaning there’s less material for odors to get trapped

The beds are raised, meaning ventilation can get under the bed and air it out

They are extremely easy to hose down or wipe down – meaning you can wash them or clean them to keep odors at bay

If your dog has any accidents, there’s a good chance urine, poop and vomit doesn’t get trapped on or in the bed, because the fabric won’t trap it, and you can clean it off easy

Because you can put the beds outside, odors won’t be inside, and outside there is more ventilation that inside


Who Are Elevated Dog Beds Not For?

People who want a dog bed that looks really nice like a foam, stuffed or inside dog bed might

People who want support and cushioning as the main priority for a dog bed. Elevated dog beds are comfortable, but a 4 or 7 inch orthopedic foam dog bed for example has both support and comfort foam that an elevated dog bed doesn’t have



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