Best Dog Bed For Diggers & Dogs That Scratch At Their Bed


If you have a digger, you might be experiencing some frustration when it comes to keeping dog beds in one piece.

Some dogs’ digging behavior is not very destructive, while other dogs are quite intense and have nails that will scratch up and destroy a dog bed base.

In this guide we’ve identified some heavier duty dog beds that have a better chance of standing up to digging, and will hopefully save you some money in replacing beds.

Let’s jump into it!


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Best Dog Bed For Diggers

Some of the better dog beds for diggers and scratchers might be:

Dig Resistant Elevated Dog Beds


More Affordable Options


Dig Resistant Crate Pads


Donut, Bolster & Enclosed Dog Beds

For dogs that like feeling deeper in their bed with bolsters or the outside of the bed surrounding/enclosing them, you might check out some donut, enclosed and bolster dog beds in this guide.

This guide also outlines some dog beds for burrowers and nesters.


Best Dog Bed For Diggers: Reviews

K9 Ballistics Deep Den Dog Bed


A deep/sunken dog bed for light diggers and scratchers

Made from a ripstop fabric which is designed to resist light digging, scratching and chewing

Bed contains no velcro or zippers

Can be dismantled for easy cleaning at the base

Comes in 4 sizes up to X Large which measures 45 x 38 inches, and is about 10 inches deep

For small through to large dogs

Comes in 3 different colors



A good bed, but slightly expensive for what it is. Having said that, damage resistant dog beds are always going to be more expensive



View the K9 Ballistics Deep Den Dog Bed on Amazon


K9 Ballistics Cujo Cot Dog Bed

Check out a review of the K9 Ballistics Cujo Cot in this guide.

View the K9 Ballistics Cujo Cot Dog Bed on Amazon


Kuranda Aluminium Dog Bed

Check out a review of the Kuranda Aluminum Dog Bed in this guide.

View the Kuranda Aluminium Dog Bed on Amazon


Big Barker 4 Inch Orthopedic Foam Dog Crate Pad


The cover is as dig proof as you will get without being dig proof – It’s made with chewing, nesting, digging and scratching in mind.

Big Barker are usually a great company to deal with from a customer service perspective – something else you don’t get with a lot of other companies.

The cover is also 100% waterproof and protects against accidents. It’s easy to clean, or you can unzip it and throw it in the wash. It is machine washable.

Not only is it designed to be resistant to damage, but it is comfortable and provides support

It’s designed to assist dogs with joint pain, hip & elbow dysplasia & arthritis, and prevents your dog from suffering physical stress that hard surfaces and cheaper thinner dog crate pads might bring about.

The foam in this bed is high density foam that is American made. This means it won’t flatten over time, it won’t sag, it will hold it’s shape, and it provides the best support and comfort possible.

The foam is 4 inches thick – with 2 inches of H24 Support Foam underneath, and 2 inches of H10 Comfort Foam on top.



Not a cheap dog crate pad



View the Big Barker 4 Inch Orthopedic Foam Dog Crate Pad on Amazon


Best Dog Bed For Diggers: Buyer’s Guide

Dogs That Digs At Their Bed

Dogs that dig at their bed usually like to either:

– Dig a hole in the sleeping surface with their nails – completely opening up the bed and tearing/ripping it. This usually results in them pulling the stuffing or foam out of the bed

– Create a lower spot in the middle of the bed that they feel safe and comfortable in without actually tearing the bed open


This behavior might be burrowing type behavior where the dog is trying to create a spot for themself in the bed, but, it might also be some form of generally destructive behavior.


How Do You Deal With A Digging Dog When It Comes To Dog Beds?

You probably have three options:

– If your dog doesn’t tear apart their bed, but simply wants a bed that they can sink into, you could simply get a deep dog bed that your dog feels like there is a hole in such a sunken or bagel type dog bed with bolsters, or that sinks in the middle.

– If your dog does scratch at the surface of the dog bed, you should probably get a heavy duty dog bed that isn’t as easy to destroy

Take your dog to a good professional dog trainer who can help you assess the behavior, and perhaps give you training tips to help stop the behavior

In some cases, you may need to see a vet or animal behavioral expert if the behavior is compulsive, consistent and destructive enough.



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