Coolaroo vs Kuranda vs K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Beds: Comparison


We’ve previously listed some of the best overall dog beds on the market right now.

But, if you’re looking specifically for outside type elevated dog beds, you’ll want to take a quick look at this guide.

We’ve put together a Coolaroo vs Kuranda vs K9 Ballistics dog bed comparison, so that it’s much easier for you to pick which raised dog bed is best for you.

We also list the features and other information about these dog beds.

Let’s take a look!


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Coolaroo vs Kuranda vs K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Beds

You can check out the dog beds here:



K9 Ballistics




As a summary – the Coolaroo is the affordable less heavy duty model of the three brands.

The Kuranda PVC is the mid tier option, but is in the chew resistant/heavy duty elevated dog bed range.

The Kuranda Aluminum and K9 Ballistics Aluminum are the most chew resistant, heavy duty elevated beds of the models.

The Kuranda Aluminum might be the best rated of the two Aluminum beds at this point in time, but the PVC model is also popular.


Coolaroo vs Kuranda vs K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Beds: Comparison

The main similarities between the beds are…

They are all inside and outside dog beds

They are all elevated/raised dog beds

They are all dog beds with a frame and permeable fabric

They are all quite easy to clean and don’t trap odors as much as mattress dog beds


The main differences between the beds are…

The price points

Coolaroo offers a powder coated steel frame

Kuranda offers both a PVC frame, and an aluminium frame option

K9 Ballistics Cujo Cot has an aluminium frame and aluminium connections

Coolaroo offers a knitted fabric cloth

Kuranda PVC frame bed offers a Cordura fabric, similar to canvas

Kuranda Aluminium frame bed offers a 40oz solid vinyl fabric

The K9 Ballistics and Aluminium Frame Kuranda bed are the most heavy duty, chew resistant and resistant to destructive dogs – they are also for the biggest dogs in terms of weight capacity

The actual sizes of each bed are slightly different 


Coolaroo vs Kuranda vs K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Beds: Which Bed Is Best, and Which Should You Get?

Cheap Option

If the lowest price is your main priority, the Coolaroo bed is best for you.


Mid Price Option

If you want a dog bed with a thicker frame that is a bit more sturdy and durable than the Coolaroo, the Kuranda PVC frame bed is a better option.


Most Durable, Heavy Duty, Chew Resistant Option 

The K9 Ballistics Cujo Cot or the Kuranda Aluminium framed bed are best for or if you have the:

Biggest and heaviest dogs

Dogs that chew

Destructive dogs

If you want the most durable and heavy duty dog beds on this list with the strongest frames and strongest bed fabric


Coolaroo vs Kuranda vs K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Beds: Reviews, Features, & Other Information

Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed Review

View On Amazon


Very cheap and affordable

An elevated dog bed with plenty of ventilation to the fabric

Lightweight fabric doesn’t really trap odors and is very easy to clean by wiping down or hosing down

An indoor and outdoor dog bed

Fabric is UV treated and resistant to a lot of outside elements

Very portable and easy to move around

Replacement covers available

Several different cover colors available for different looks and decors


Potential Drawbacks

Not the most heavy duty elevated dog bed on the market – fabric can sometimes fail around the frame for bigger dogs

Not the best dog bed to stand up against chewing and destructive behavior

Doesn’t offer support to larger dogs and dogs with joint pain like an orthopedic dog bed might




What Is The Coolaroo Dog Bed?

An elevated dog bed that is raised off the ground, and can be used inside and outside the house.

It is made of a steel frame with a knitted/permeable piece of fabric that goes across the frame that your dog sleeps and lies on.


Who Might The Coolaroo Dog Bed Be For?

People who want a cheap indoor/outdoor dog bed that is easy to keep clean and gets plenty of ventilation.


Who Might The Coolaroo Dog Bed Not Be For?

– People with heavy chewing and destructive dogs. In this case, you’ll need a heavy duty elevated dog bed

Either the K9 Ballistics Cujo Cot Dog Bed (on Amazon) or theKuranda Aluminium Dog Bed (on Amazon) is a better option. 


– People who want a dog bed that offers the best support for a dog’s joints. In this case, you’ll need an orthopedic dog bed

Check out the best orthopedic memory foam dog beds in this guide

This guide also contains some orthopedic dog bed options, and options for the best dog beds on the market right now


Coolaroo Dog Bed Sizes

The Coolaroo currently comes in 4 sizes:

Small – 35 x 22 x 8

Medium – 42 x 25 x 8

Large – 51 x 31.5 x 8

Extra Large – 59 x 37 x 8


What Size Coolaroo Bed Should I Get For My Dog? – Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large

Measure your dog’s sleeping dimensions (when they lay down next), and make sure they fit into the dimensions provided by Coolaroo for their sizes.

Secondly, weigh your dog.

The sizes and weight limits are as follows (according to the Coolaroo website as of 2017):

Small – Dogs up to 50 lbs

Medium – Dogs up to 75 lbs

Large – Dogs up to 100 lbs

Extra Large – Dogs over 100 lbs


Coolaroo Dog Bed Replacement Covers

Coolaroo offers a range of replacement covers for their bed in different colors such as:

Just make sure to check the size of the cover before you buy and make sure it fits the size of bed you have


Kuranda PVC Dog Bed Review 

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The cheap option for those on a budget when compared to the aluminium framed bed.

The Kuranda PVC dog bed is made of a PVC frame that is designed to hold dogs up to around 100 – 125lbs.

The frame fasteners are stainless steel.

The fabric that your dog lays on is Cordura, which is abrasion resistant, and is as durable as canvas. It recesses into the frame so your dog can’t get a hold of it or chew it.

The bed is good for large dogs that are light to moderate chewers, and is not for heavy chewers, or dogs bigger than around 125lbs.

The bed is raised off the ground – so it allows good ventilation. The Cordura fabric is also easy to clean and dries quite quickly.

It comes in 5 sizes, from small which is 30 L x 20 W, to XXL which is 50 L x 36 W.

There’s also 4 colors available.

Note that the Walnut color bed is not recommended for outdoor use. If you want an outdoor bed, the Almond color is best, or try the Aluminum framed Kuranda bed.

Some people may find that this bed can be hard to line up and put together – it can be slightly frustrating, but you’ll get it done. It can also be a little tricky to take apart for cleaning.

To make the bed more comfortable, some people like to get a fleece cushion with the bed.

View Kuranda PVC Dog Bed on Amazon


Kuranda Aluminium Dog Bed

A beefed up stronger version of the PVC framed Kuranda bed.

If you have bigger or more destructive dogs, this one is better suited for you than the PVC framed bed.

Also an elevated dog bed that is made of a patented, chew resistant, high strength, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frame that supports dogs up to 250lbs.

So, it has the capability to support Giant breeds or even multiple large breeds.

The fabric is made of 40oz solid vinyl which is quite durable and tough, and is recessed into the frame to prevent chewing.

An easy to clean and ventilated dog bed.

It comes in 5 sizes all the way up to a 35 W x 50 L inch XXL size.  If you measure beforehand, you can get the right size to fit it in a dog crate if you want.

There’s 7 different neutral or vibrant colors for any indoor or outdoor setting.

Made in the USA.

The one thing about this bed that might annoy some people is that although you can put it together and it is strong when you do, the joints can be a little off and it can be slightly tricky to get them to line up when putting the bed together.

View Kuranda Aluminium Dog Bed on Amazon


Which Bed Models K9 Ballistics Has

K9 Ballistics have made their reputation and name in the dog bed niche with chew resistant and durable type dog beds and pet products.

Three of their main bed models are the:

– K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed

– K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated

– K9 Ballistics TUFF Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed


K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Dog Bed

View On Amazon

What Are The Good Things About The Bed?

This is one of K9 Ballistics’ most popular chew resistant dog beds.

It is a bed designed for light to moderate chewing dogs, because it is made of rip stop fibres that are highly durable and intended to isolate rips to one part of the bed instead of letting them spread.

It is also resistant to scratching, water, hair, dirt, and odors, and can be easily wiped down or machine-washed for easy cleaning.

It is covered by a 90 day guarantee as of December 2017 where K9 Ballistics will send you one cover free of charge if your dog chews through it.

Make sure you read the guarantee and conditions when you purchase to see what the specific offer is when you buy. Conditions may change.

The bed can be used indoors or outdoors.

They are made of a 5 inch thick poly fiber fill for comfort and cushioning. There’s also in built mesh and channels inside the bed to increase ventilation and stop clumping of the fiber fill.

Comes in 4 sizes from Small which is 14 W x 24 L inches, up to XX Large which is 40 W x 68 L inches.

Comes in 9 different colors to match a wide range of inside decors and interior settings. 


What Could Be Improved?

The bed is not cheap – for the price, we would expect the bed to stand up to more than light to moderate chewers.

As of December 2017, there is a guarantee on the outside cover of the dog bed only. A full bed guarantee would be better.

The bed cover is easy to clean. But, if for example your dog pees on the bed, it can be harder to clean the inside of the bed.




K9 Ballistics Cujo Cot Dog Bed (Now Chew Proof Elevated Model)

What Are The Good Things About The Bed?

In our opinion, this is the best chew resistant dog bed on the market.

As of December 2017, it is covered by a chew guarantee – but check the offer and conditions on that guarantee yourself before you buy.

It’s an elevated bed made of an aluminium frame, with aluminium frame connections (not plastic), and the rip stop fibre fabric (durable and designed to prevent tears from spreading) in the middle that is soft for your dog to lay on.

It;s basically close to impossible for your dog to find any way to chew it.

It is also Water, Hair, Dirt, Tear and Odor Resistant, and is easy to wipe down or hose down – making it easy to keep clean.

The fabric and raised bed design make it good for ventilation.

It comes in 5 sizes all the way up to a 35 W x 50 L inch XXL size. The bed itself is 6 inches off the ground.

If you measure beforehand, you can get the right size to fit it in a dog crate if you want.

There’s 7 different neutral or vibrant colors for any indoor or outdoor setting.

This bed can be used indoors or outdoors.

The customer service is fantastic with this bed.


What Could Be Improved?

There’s honestly nothing major we would change with this bed

Some people will not like the higher price of this bed – but the price is a reflection of the quality and materials used 




K9 Ballistics TUFF Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed 

What Are The Good Things About The Bed?

Another bed meant to be chew resistant for light to moderate chewers, except this one has memory/orthopedic foam for support and comfort.

The foam is in 2 layers of solid foam, with a comfort and also a support layer. Comfort so your dog can get proper sleep, and support to take pressure off their bones and joints.

There’s a guarantee against flattening of the foam for 10 years – although check this at the time you buy for full conditions.

There’s also a guarantee against chewing for the bed cover.

There’s also an inner waterproof liner to protect against mess and liquids, and the outer rip stop ballistic material to protect against chewing, scratching and digging.

Comes in 5 sizes – from Small at 18 W x 24 L, to XX Large at 40 W x 68 L inches.

10 different colors available – both neutral and bright.


What Could Be Improved?

Although this bed is a good orthopedic and chew resistant hybrid, for what you pay for it, it’s not as durable as some people will like against chewing. But, it’s still stronger than most other orthopedic dog beds on the market

A better option might be the Big Barker Orthopedic Chew Resistant Dog Crate Pad (on Amazon), or the Cujo Cot above

It is unclear exactly where the foam is made and the quality of the foam – although at least it is solid/dense foam which is good




K9 Ballistics TUFF Dog Crate Pad

Although it’s not a dog bed, K9 Ballistics also do a dog crate pad.

You can read a full review of the K9 Ballistics TUFF Dog Crate Pad here.


Kuranda Dog Beds & American Manufacturing 

Kuranda Dog Beds are manufactured in the USA and Kuranda is based in Glen Burnie, Maryland.


K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Bed vs Kuranda PVC & Aluminum Dog Beds Comparison

Cujo Cot vs Kuranda Comparison: Which Dog Bed Is Better?

Both are elevated raised beds that can be used indoors and most of them can be used outdoors.

They are all built with durability and a resistance to big dogs and chewing dogs in mind.

The Kuranda PVC frame dog bed obviously has a different frame to the other two.

The drawbacks are that the bed doesn’t support the biggest dogs, it’s generally not for the strongest chewing dogs compared to the aluminium frame beds, and might be a little difficult to put together for some people.

If you want the strongest and most durable option, there’s currently not a significant difference between the K9 Elevated Dog Bed and the Kuranda Aluminium dog bed

The Kuranda Aluminum might be the best rated aluminum frame bed overall at this point in time




Other Dog Bed Options

This guide outlines other types of dog bed types on the market right now.



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