Best Waterproof Dog Beds For Puppies, Older & Incontinent Dogs


The best waterproof dog beds for incontinent dogs and puppies will protect the inside of the bed from mess and accidents.

This means it’s so much easier to get rid of any pee or doggy smells that might get stuck on other dog beds, and the dog bed won’t get ruined or stained in the process.

We’ve put together a list of the best waterproof dog beds with waterproof covers and liners in this guide that would suit an older incontinent dog or a puppy well.

Let’s check them out!


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Best Waterproof Dog Beds For Puppies, Older & Incontinent Dogs

Our choice for the best waterproof dog beds for older dogs, incontinent dogs and puppies are:


Dog Beds With Waterproof Liners


Elevated Dog Beds That Can Be Hosed Down


Waterproof Dog Bed Liners, & Dog Bed Covers

The Big Barker liners are internal liners that have to go on the inside of the external cover on a Big Barker Dog Bed – they are the best performing and best quality of any of the liners and covers we looked at.

You could use the Milliard or the Mambe covers for any dog bed – just make sure with the Milliard cover that it will fit the dimensions of the dog bed you want to cover.

We could not find any tarpaulin type dog bed covers that were reliable and didn’t make lots of noise when your dog moves around on them. 


Best Waterproof Dog Beds For Puppies & Incontinent Dogs: Reviews

Milliard 4 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Waterproof Cover

View On Amazon

So, this dog bed has an external cover which is waterproof, and machine washable.

The cover is made of soft polyester on the outside, and TPU coating (plastic and silicone) on the underside.

The cover will absorb liquids, but the TPU stops liquids from staining or penetrating the cover and foam. That also means the liquid won’t run off the bed onto your floor.

The bed is very easily washed by throwing the cover in the washing machine.

This bed does have the option to buy another bed cover a few months down the road if the current one stains or stinks – Milliard Velour Zippered Replacement Bed Cover (on Amazon).

More for small to medium sized dogs with less body weight.

View the Milliard 4 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Waterproof Cover (on Amazon)


DogBed4less 4 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Waterproof Cover

Comes with three covers – one internal waterproof cover, one external denim washable cover, and one external microsuede cover for when you’re washing the denim cover.

The external covers will absorb liquids, but the internal cover protects the memory foam from any mess.

The external covers are extremely easy to put in the wash and rid of stains, or urine/vomit smells.

Dogbeds4less also sell internal and external covers separately if you want to replace them.

For dogs of all sizes, but the Big Barker is best for large and Giant sized dogs in our opinion.

View the DogBed4less 4 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Waterproof Cover (on Amazon)


Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Foam Dog Bed

A waterproof dog bed made especially for the biggest of dogs.

You must get the Big Barker Waterproof Liner (on Amazon) separately with this bed, and you place it under the external cover.

The waterproof liner is in our opinion the best liner there is on the market – it carries a 100% waterproof rating.

The out cover is a 100% microfiber cover that is very easy to remove and wash.

View the Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Foam Dog Bed on Amazon

– There’s also a Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Foam Dog Bed – Headrest Addition (on Amazon). The Headrest Addition bed has it’s own liner (on Amazon) also sold separately 


Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed With Knitted Fabric

An outside or inside elevated dog bed.

It’s an off the ground dog bed that allows air flow, and any liquid like urine will simply drain through the fabric in the bed.

It’s super easy to clean – you can either wipe it down with a damp cloth, or simply hose it down with your hose.

It’s also flea, mite, mold and mildew resistant.

You don’t have to worry about dog bed covers with this one.

View Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed With Knitted Fabric (on Amazon)


Best Waterproof Dog Beds For Puppies & Incontinent Dogs: Buyer’s Guide

What Does Waterproof Mean When It Comes To Dog Beds?

This is what most people don’t quite understand when it comes to waterproof beds.

If a company says it’s bed is waterproof, they usually mean that there is a waterproof cover with one soft side and the other side, usually the underside, is some type of impenetrable plastic.

The soft top side will absorb urine and other liquids or solids, but it won’t let the mess go through the cover and stain the bed mattress.

Why is this?

Well, for two reasons. If you had a dog bed that didn’t absorb mess, the following would happen:

1. The liquid is going to run off onto the floor or pool on the bed and soak your dog – making your dog smell!

2. A waterproof tarpaulin type bed cover makes a TONNE of noise when your dog moves around on it – have you heard one of those covers when they are being moved?

So, now it hopefully makes sense why these beds and covers are designed the way they are.

They are super easy to throw in the wash this way every week or so.


What Do The Best Waterproof Dog Beds Have In Common?

The best waterproof dog beds usually have an external cover that can be washed, and an internal cover that further protects the bed foam from any liquids or smells that get through.

For the outside elevated fabric knitted beds, they are simply light fabric that quids will fall straight through, and they can be very easily washed off or hosed down.

When buying a dog bed, it’s SO much easier to get one from an established dog bed company that also offers replacement dog bed covers and liners.

There’s nothing worse than buying a dog bed and not having a replacement waterproof cover for your dog bed if the one you have starts to smell or stains.


What Are Some Good Waterproof Liners and Covers For Dog Beds?

The good dog beds have replacement bed cover/liners you can buy:

You could also get something like the 100% Waterproof Mambe Pet Cover (on Amazon) that fits in well with decor and goes over the top of any dog mattress or bed as a cover (you can wrap it around the bed).


How To Wash & Clean Dog Beds

We’ve put together a main guide on how to clean and wash a dog bed


Resources On Washable, & Waterproofed Dog Beds

Some good resources might include:

Dog Beds That Are Easy To Clean Or Wash

Best Washable Dog Beds

Best Waterproofing Liners, & Covers For Dog Beds


Other Dog Bed Options

This guide outlines other types of dog bed types on the market right now.



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