Big Barker vs KOPECKS vs Orvis vs Bully Dog Beds: Comparison


When looking at the top orthopedic memory foam dog beds, especially beds for extra large dogs, it can be hard to figure out which one should buy.

That’s why we put together this comparison guide of the Big Barker vs KOPECKS vs Orvis vs Bully Beds Dog beds.

We review each bed, outline the similarities and differences, and suggest which might be best for you.

Let’s take a look!


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Big Barker vs KOPECKS vs Orvis vs Bully Dog Beds: Comparison, Differences, Reviews & Which Is Best

If you want to go straight to each dog bed, you can view them here:

Big Barker






Bully Bed


Big Barker vs KOPECKS vs Orvis vs Bully Dog Beds: Comparison, Similarities and Differences

Overall, the Big Barker and Bully Beds dog beds are most similar.

Both are very high quality, are designed specifically for big dogs, and have lots of positive feedback and both offer the 10 year guarantee against the foam sinking or flattening. 

The KOPECKS is similar to these beds in many ways, except, as of December 2017, it comes without the guarantee on the foam sinking (although there doesn’t seem to be any issues with that from the people that have bought it).

The KOPECKS comes in at a low price point, presumably because of either the lack of a guarantee, or because the foam is not sourced in the USA (we can’t confirm where the foam comes from – it could be the USA or overseas – KOPECKS’s website doesn’t say).

All three of these beds come with the headrest on the bed, with the Big Barker also including a non headrest bed edition.

The Orvis dog bed is not like these three beds. It is only 4 inches thick, compared to the 3 beds mentioned above which are all 7 inches.

It’s worth noting Orvis does have other bolster memory foam beds available, and polyfill beds, but none are comparable to the Big Barker, Bully Beds or the KOPECKS bed.


Big Barker vs KOPECKS vs Orvis vs Bully Dog Beds: Summary, & Which Is The Best?

If we were to rank the beds in terms of overall value considering the quality and price, we would rank them in this order:

Big Barker

Bully Beds




If quality and a guarantee is more your thing, go for the Big Barker or Bully Beds beds which both come with a guarantee against the foam sinking.

These beds are probably also best for extra large and giant dogs as they are specifically designed for them, with the only Giant 60 x 48 inch long beds available.

One of the advantages of the Big Barker dog bed is that it has the option to buy with extremely high quality internal waterproof liners (we looked at all the waterproof liners, and their in our opinion was the best) in case you have a senior dog, a puppy, or a dog that can’t control their bodily functions for whatever reason.

If you’re on a budget but you still want good quality for dogs of most sizes, go for the KOPECKS for the low price.

Considering that the Orvis only offers 4 inches of foam, we wouldn’t select this bed at this point in time considering the price.


Big Barker vs KOPECKS vs Orvis vs Bully Dog Beds: Reviews, & Features

Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Foam Dog Bed Sleek Edition

View On Amazon

We did a separate Big Barker Dog Bed Review Guide. But, as a summary:

A 7 inch Orthopedic solid foam bed made especially for large and giant dogs.

There’s 2 inches of comfort foam, 3 inches of support foam and another 2 more inches of comfort foam. The foam is H10 Comfort Foam and H45 Support Foam.

It is made of high quality American foam and carries a 10 year guarantee. The foam will retain 90% of original shape & loft for 10 years or your money back.

There’s an external microfiber cover that is washable, and internal waterproof covers are available.

Great for dogs’ joints and bones health.

Both a sleek/flat and headrest version of the bed available.

Comes in three sizes:

Large – 48 inches long x 30 inches wide

Extra Large – 52 inches long x 36 inches wide

Giant – 60 inches long x 48 inches wide

View the Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Foam Dog Bed Sleek Edition


KOPEKS 7 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

A cheap 7 inch orthopedic dog bed option, and the XXL size comes with a 3 inch headrest.

According to KOPEKS’s website, the foam is solid foam, and the extra large bed is made of 4 inches of H50 Support Foam at the bottom, and 1.5 inches of H10 Comfort Foam at the top of the mattress. 

However, this only adds up to 5.5 inches. The bed in real life is 7 inches for the mattress, so maybe they meant 3 inches of comfort foam and the website has the thicknesses and allocations of each type of foam incorrect.

There is 3 inches of H10 Contoured Foam as the headrest/pillow.

It’s not clear where the foam was made or sourced from.

There’s also a non slip backing on the bottom of the bed, and there’s two covers – an out washable cover, and an inner waterproof cover.

Comes in both a brown and a light blue color.

Comes in three sizes:

Small – 25 inches long x 20 inches wide

Large – 35 inches long x 28 inches wide

Extra Extra Large – 50 inches long x 34 inches wide

View the KOPEKS 7 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed on Amazon


Orvis Memory Foam Platform Large Dog Bed

The Platform Orvis memory foam bed is the one most comparable to the other dog beds on this list. It’s features include:

Made with 4 inches of solid memory foam

A waterproof inner cover, and a microfiber out cover you can wash – has a zipper – beware for chewer dogs

4 Sizes Available – Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. XL is for dogs up to 90-120 lbs and measures 53″ x 35″ 

Bed can be personalised with a name

View Orvis Memory Foam Platform Large Dog Bed on Amazon


Bully Bed 7 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed


A 4.5 lb medical-grade orthopedic memory foam bed created specifically for the largest of dogs.

Can support up to 300lbs weight

It comes with a 10 Year No Flat guarantee – meaning that if the foam sinks or flattens past a certain number of inches, you get the bed replaced (check the conditions of the guarantee at the time you buy though)

The foam is 7 inches total thickness – There’s 2.5 inches of 4.5 lb comfort memory foam at the top and 4.5″ of 2 lb support foam at the base

Has a water proof inner cover over the foam, and a soft washable outer cover 

There’s a washable but soft and comfortable outer cover on the outside of the foam – easy to keep clean

The zip for the cover has it’s own enclosure to minimise the chances of chewers getting to the zipper

Comes with a headrest on the bed

Comes in 4 sizes – small, medium, Extra Large which is 52″ L x 34″ W x 7″ T 2.5″, and Extra Extra Large which is 60 inches long by 48 inches wide

The extra large size of this bed is 

Has a non slip base

Designed to help soothe arthritis, joints and hips


Potential Improvements

The Bully Beds dog bed and the Big Barker dog beds are some of the best quality dog beds for extra large and giant dogs on the market, but Big Barker might be more popular and the more commonly bought bed at this stage

We would like more information on the foam. Specifically if it’s made in America and the exact type of foam it is. As a comparison, Big Barker tell you their foam is made in America, and is H10 or H45 foam for example

The above things are very nit picky minor things though




Other Dog Bed Options

This guide outlines other types of dog bed types on the market right now.



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