Best Heavy Duty Dog Bed That Can’t Be Destroyed Or Chewed Through



A heavy duty dog bed that can’t be destroyed or chewed through is extremely important if you own a dog that’s a chewer or likes to tear things apart.

We’ve heard horror stories of people buying orthopedic dog beds costing hundreds of dollars that have been torn up by chewers within a matter of hours or days.

While no pet product is completely chew proof, we think we’ve found the best heavy duty dog beds that are as resistant to chewing or damage as dog beds come.

They certainly rate the best in terms of dog beds that can’t be destroyed or chewed through.

Let’s take a look at both a cheaper and a more expensive option.


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Best Heavy Duty Dog Bed That Can’t Be Destroyed Or Chewed Through

Our top picks for the best heavy duty dog beds include:

Elevated Beds


Best Heavy Duty Dog Bed: Reviews

K9 Ballistics Chew Resistant Dog Bed – The Cujo Cot

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    An indoor and outdoor bed 

  • As of November 2017, the bed comes with a 120 day chewproof guarantee
  • Made of an aluminium frame with rip stop ballistic fibers.
  • Dogs obviously either don’t chew on metal, or find out pretty quick that it is hard and can’t be chewed through
  • The rip stop fibers are designed so that they recess into the bed frame – so it’s almost impossible for your dog to get in and chew on them
  • Rip stop fibers means that if the fabric tears or rips in one spot – it gets isolated to that spot and doesn’t spread
  • Has metal frame connectors – better against chewing than plastic corners and connectors
  • Extremely easy to put together by screwing the legs together
  • Raised bed that is 6 inches off the ground – gives it good ventilation in summer and hotter more humid weather. 
  • The fabric breathes really well – great for doggy smells on dog beds, and for hot weather
  • Easy to clean – hose it down outside, or simply wipe it with a damp cloth
  • Fits in a standard sized dog crate
  • 7 different colors available
  • 5 sizes also available – the largest size is Extra Extra Large at 35 inches wide x 50 inches long

View K9 Ballistics Chew Resistant Dog Bed (on Amazon) 


Best Heavy Duty Dog Bed: Buyer’s Guide

What is a heavy duty dog bed?

Any dog bed that is fantastic at standing up to the behavior of heavy chewers or dogs who engage in destructive behavior


What makes a heavy duty dog bed resistant to being destroyed or chewed through?

  • Some type of guarantee against chewing or destructive behavior
  • A smart design – the soft fabric part of the bed can’t be vulnerable to chewers
  • Tough but soft fabric that stands up to damage, but is also comfortable for your dog to sleep on
  • A strong frame made of metal
  • Metal frame connectors that aren’t plastic


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