K9 Ballistics Tuff Dog Crate Pad Review



In this K9 Ballistics Tuff Dog Crate Pad Review, we’ve aimed to provide you with everything you need to know about this dog crate pad/mat.

We’ve outlined the pros and cons, as well as whether there might be any similar or better dog crate pad options on the market.

Let’s take a look!


K9 Ballistics Tuff Dog Crate Pad Review

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K9 Ballistics Ruff Dog Crate Pad (on Amazon)

In our opinion, the best chew resistant dog crate pad or dog crate bed for dogs that chew is the K9 Ballistics Heavy Duty Cujo Cot (on Amazon).


What Is The K9 Ballistics Tuff Dog Crate Pad?

K9 Ballistics market this crate pad as being ‘designed specifically for light to moderate chewers’.

So it is a chew resistant dog crate pad.


Who Is The K9 Ballistics Tuff Dog Crate Pad For?

The crate pad is for people looking for a pad for their dog crate.

It is not for people who have dogs that chew a lot, or are heavy chewers.


What Are The Best Features Of The K9 Ballistics Tuff Dog Crate Pad?

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    The crate pad has no zippers or velcro openings that chewing dogs can get their mouth on

  • The pad is 1.5 inches thick, so it provides some level of cushioning
  • The crate pad material is thermal material to provide some insulation from the cold
  • It will fit in most dog crate
  • It comes in 6 sizes, from the smallest Toy size at 23 L x 17 W inches, to the biggest X Large size at 51 L x 36 W inches – so it can accommodate toy to large sized dogs 
  • There’s 6 different colors available
  • It’s made with rip stop fibers which are designed to prevent tears in the crate pad from spreading from the initial tear spot
  • All seams are double stitched for extra strength in the crate pad
  • The entire crate pad can be put in the washing machine for easy cleaning
  • There’s a 90 day chew guarantee on the product – but check this at the time you buy to make sure of the conditions and exact offer


What Could Be Improved With The K9 Ballistics Tuff Dog Crate Pad?

Overall, this is a popular dog crate pad for a reason – it is fairly durable and just get’s the job done without being spectacular.

If you buy it for a light chewers (and not a medium to high chewers), you won’t be disappointed but you won’t be thrilled either.

Having said that, the dog crate pad is not chew proof or the most chew resistant dog pad/bed product on the market, and the price is about middle of the range.

The truth is if you are looking for a pad or bed that offers chew resistance, there are no cheap options because they need to be made with strong materials.

We believe there are better options that offer you more value if chew resistance is your main priority.


Are There Any Better Options Out There For Chew Resistance When It Comes To Dog Crate Pads Or Beds?

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The Best Chew Resistant Dog Crate Pad
The best chew resistant dog crate pad in our opinion is the Big Barker Heavy Duty Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad (on Amazon).

The material is is made of is as strong as it gets for a dog crate pad. It is designed to protect against most chewers, as well as accidents, nesting, and digging.

Because it’s an orthopedic dog bed, it has 4 inches of orthopedic foam to protect your dog’s joints.

The price reflects that this is the best chew resistant dog crate pad on the market.

Big Barker offers a chew guarantee on the pad which you should check before you buy.


The Best Chew Resistant Dog Bed

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Whether you are talking about dog crate pads, or dog beds that can fit in crate pads, the best chew resistant product hands down with no arguments is the K9 Ballistics Heavy Duty Cujo Cot (on Amazon).

It’s virtually indestructible with a completely aluminium frame and frame connectors (the frame connectors are not plastic).

The fabric your dog lays on is soft and comfortable and very durable. It recesses into the frame so there is no where your dog can get into it to chew it.

You can use this dog bed inside or outisde, and it’s very easy to wipe or wash down with a hose (it also dries fast and won’t smell).


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