Best Dog Beds For Cars, SUVs & Trucks


When it comes to picking the best dog bed for a car, SUV or truck, there’s a few options you can go with.

You’ll need to decide if you want it for the back seat (or front seat), car console or the boot.

What you choose will depend on what fits your dog and your vehicle the best.

Whatever option you go with, make sure you comply with the laws and regulations regarding pet vehicle travel in your area.

Let’s check out the options!


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Best Dog Beds For Cars, SUVs & Trucks: For Front/Back Seats, Car Consoles, & Boots

1. Dog Beds For Back Seat Or Front Seat Of A Car, SUV Or Truck

Our top picks for the best dog bed for the backseat of a car, SUV or truck are:


Dog Bed For Back Seat


Other car backseat and front seat options include:

Dog Car Booster Seats

Read more about pet car booster seats in this guide.


Dog Car Hammock Seat Cover

Read more about dog car hammocks in this guide.


Portable Dog Mats


2. Dog Beds For Back Of SUV Or Car Boot

Our top picks for the best dog beds for the back of a SUV or Car Boot are:


3. Dog Beds For Car Console

Our top picks for the best dog beds for car consoles are:


Best Dog Bed For Front & Backseat Of Car, SUV or Truck: Reviews

Petsafe Solvit Car Cuddler

View On Amazon

What’s Good With This Pet Car Bed?

Made of a nice looking micro suede and faux sheep skin which looks good in your car

Stuffing in the bed is an over-sized polyester fill – good cushioning that is comfortable for your dog laying on it

Micro suede and faux sheep skin fabric helps protect your car, truck or SUV’s interior from pet hair, dirt and messes

You can unzip the faux sheep skin fabric for easy cleaning of the bed

Includes adjustable strapsa Stay-Put tube device that fits between the seat back and seat bottom for securing the dog bed

Bed is machine washable is you remove the U shaped fill first – easy to clean

Comes in 2 colors – grey and brown

Comes in 2 sizes – small (will fit a single standard car back seat), and large (will cover the whole back seats of a standard car):

– Small: Dimensions are 40 in. L (bottom seat cushion portion is 19 in.) x 23 in. W x 5 in. H > for dogs up to 30lbs

– Large: Dimensions are 40 in. L (bottom seat cushion portion is 19 in.) x 55 in. W x 5 in. H > for most dog sizes


What Could Be Improved With This Pet Car Bed?

You might want another layer to catch hair and liquid – put a towel under it or a car seat cover/hammock

The bed can slip around a bit because it currently doesn’t have an anti slip bottom – you can secure it with a retrofitted strap or a ratchet so it doesn’t slip around




Best Dog Bed For Front & Backseat Of Car, SUV or Truck: Buyer’s Guide

Options For Back Seat Of Vehicle

Understand that options that will provide padding or comfort inside the backseat of a vehicle might include:

– A pet bed that attaches to one or all of your car back seats

A pet booster seat

A dog hammock seat cover

You can even put a portable dog bed under a hammock seat cover so you both protect the inside of your vehicle and your dog has some soft cushioning to lie on.


What Size Pet Bed Do I Get For My Car?

The small is for dogs up to 30lbs.

The large is for most dog sizes, but it might not be big enough for extra large and Giant dogs – you might have to get a car backseat extender. Some of the more popular extenders are:

Orvis Solid Foam Microfiber Backseat Extender (on Amazon)

Bushwhacker® – Paws n Claws Backseat Pet Bridge (on Amazon)

Of course with any pet bed or extender, make sure you also look at the dimensions of the product and measure your car interior to make sure it will fit.


What About Dog Booster Seats, Hammock Seat Covers and Portable Dog Mats?

Booster Seats

Really only for dogs up to 45lbs, but are a good option for medium and small sized dogs


Hammock Seat Covers

Great for protecting your seat covers. Don’t have the cushioning a dog bed has


Portable Dog Mats

Could be placed under a Hammock Seat Cover, but obviously they are a loose bed i.e. they aren’t made to be secured in a car like a car pet bed is


Best Dog Bed For Back Of SUV or Car Boot: Reviews

Big Barker Backseat Barker Orthopedic Shock Absorbing Dog Bed For Back Of SUV’s

What’s Good About It?

This bed is a shock absorbing dog bed made with 2-Stage American Made foam construction. The top layer is therapeutic comfort foam, and the bottom layer is shock-absorbing foam. Protects joints and bones but is also comfortable

Great for dogs of most sizes

It has flexible sizing with ‘pillow wings’ that adapt to the width of your SUV

Easy to clean – machine washable

Has hidden zippers to discourage chewers from finding them and trying to chew on the zippers

Very easy to install and remove from your car

You can use this as a travel bed or an extra bed at home

Comes with a “extra-grip” non-slip insert!

Made in the USA

Comes in 2 different colors for different car interiors – khaki, and charcoal grey

Comes in three different sizes:

– Medium – 55 x 25 x 3 inches

– Large – 58 x 35 x 3 inches

– Extra Large – 61 x 45 x 3 inches


What Could Be Improved?

For the price, it would be nice if the main base was a little thicker, but it still provides good support and comfort




Best Dog Bed For Back Of SUV or Car Boot: Buyer’s Guide

If you’re travelling with your dog in a SUV or a car with an open space at the back, you’ll want to make sure you have the best dog bed for the back of a SUV or car boot.

Luckily there’s option which provide comfort, support, shock absorption, various sizes and that are easy to clean which is important for hairs, dirt and other mess!


How To Pick A Dog Bed Size For The Back Of You SUV?

The dimensions listed above for the Big Barker bed are for total width of the bed, including pillow wings.

The bed should be wider than the SUV so the pillows lean against side walls for extra protection.

It’s important to compare the length, width and depth of the bed to available length, width and depth in your SUV. Physically measure the space in the back of your SUV to check how much space the bed will take up.

Examples of car models that the bed might fit are:

Medium: Ford Escape, Chevy Equinox, Jeep Latitude

Large: Ford Edge, Honda CRV, Jeep Grand Cherokee

Extra Large: Ford Explorer, Chevy Suburban, Dodge Grand Caravan


Can The Bed Be Removed And Used As A Normal Bed At Home?

Yes, it can. It’s easy to put in the car, and also to take out.

For the price you are paying, you are basically get a two in one dog bed, so it makes it better value for money than other dog beds.


Best Dog Bed For Car Console: Reviews

Snoozer Console Pet Car Seat 

What’s Good About This Console Dog Bed?

Has an all important security strap for securing your dog

Has a removable washable/dryable cover

Has a soft Sherpa lining for warmth in winter and cool in summer

Has a quilted nylon cover that repels hair and is easy to vacuum

Several different colors available including black, pink, grey, cream and more

Comes in two sizes – small, and large. The interior dimensions for those sizes are:

– Small – 14″ L x 6″ W x 4″ H

– Large – 16″ L x 9″ W x 4″ H


What Could Be Improved About This Car Console Dog Bed?

The security straps are kind of hard to use how they are. You’ll have to modify and tie them yourself

The bed/basket is low profile – if it was higher it would allow dogs to rest their head on the outside of it to look out the window




Snoozer Luxury Console Pet Car Seat

What’s Good About This Console Dog Bed?

Comes with a luxury removable microsuede cover with accent cording

Has a non-skid bottom to stop slipping around

Has a high back for extra support and protection

Has a removable pad insert

A security strap is included

Comes in 3 colors – pink, black and java

Comes in two sizes – large, and X large. The exterior dimensions for those sizes are:

– Large – 20″L X 12″W X 7″ H (12 inches at the back)

– X Large – 18 x 16 x 12 inches


What Could Be Improved About This Car Console Dog Bed?

Some people find it hard to fit this bed in their cars – make sure you look at the exterior dimensions of this bed and measure the console area in your car before you buy 



You can also buy an additional Car Safety Teather (on Amazon) for this dog bed


Best Dog Bed For Car Console: Buyer’s Guide

How Do You Measure Your Dog and Car For A Console Dog Bed?

Take two measurements:

Compare the dimensions of your car’s console to the exterior dimensions of the console dog bed

Measure your dog and compare its dimensions to the interior dimensions of the console dog bed


Will These Beds/Seats Fit My Dog?

You should be able to tell that by measuring your dog and looking at the internal dimensions of the dog bed.



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