Are Elevated Dog Beds Better? – Benefits & Disadvantages


We’ve previously outlined some of the best elevated/raised dog beds on the market, and what they can offer as a dog bed.

But, are elevated dog beds better than the traditional mattress type dog beds made with stuffing or foam?

To answer that question properly in a simple and quick way, we’ve put together the benefits of elevated dog beds, as well as the disadvantages.

We look to some of the popular elevated and raised dog beds on the market as examples of what you can expect from these types of dog beds, and compare them to popular polyester fill and memory foam dog beds.

Let’s take a look!


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Are Elevated Dog Beds Better? – Benefits & Disadvantages


Potential Benefits Of Elevated Dog Beds

Most elevated dog beds can be used inside and outside, compared to polyfill or foam beds which are mostly for inside only

Easier to clean – either wipe down or hose down, compared to polyfill or foam beds which need you to remove a cover or throw the whole bed in the washing machine

Better ventilation for hotter weather, compared to polyfill or foam beds which don’t have air coming from the underside of the bed

Better ventilation for odors and smells, compared to polyfill or foam beds which might trap unwanted smells in the fabric or worse – in the foam!

The chew resistant elevated dog beds are the best on the market at resisting chewing, digging, scratching and destructive behavior – compared to polyfill or foam beds which are easier to destroy – especially those with zips that can be pulled off and create a weak spot in the bed to be torn up

Made of strong materials – the best elevated dog beds are made of strong fabric and a metal frame – compared to polyfill or foam beds which are usually made of soft fibres

Can fit in a dog crate if you measure it properly


Potential Disadvantages of Elevated Dog Beds

Don’t offer the cushioning/comfort or support that a memory foam orthopedic dog will – if you have dogs with joint issues, you can’t beat an orthopedic dog bed

Some dogs refuse to sleep on an elevated dog bed

The cheaper elevated dog beds can rip or tear at the seams if they are stitched to the dog bed frame on the cheaper beds

An elevated dog bed might not look as nice inside as a quality foam dog bed does with a microfibre cover

Some elevated dog beds like the Kuranda can be a little bit tricky to put together or take apart if the bolts or legs or connections don’t line up (but this is not a major issue, it can just be slightly annoying)


Examples Of Popular Elevated & Raised Dog Beds

There’s two main types of elevated dog bed – cheap ones, and the more expensive chew resistant heavy duty ones.

If you want a cheap outdoor dog bed, the cheap options are worth a look.

If you want an outdoor dog bed that is heavy duty/durable and stands up to chewing and destructive behavior, the heavy duty options are a better fit.

Popular models of each are:

Affordable Elevated Dog Beds:


Heavy Duty Chew Resistant Dog Beds:


So, Are Elevated Dog Beds Better?

Without a doubt, elevated dog beds are better if:

You have a destructive dog or a dog that likes to chew

You want an outside dog bed

You want a dog bed that won’t smell as much and is easy to keep clean and maintain

You have a dog that can’t control their bladder or body functions

You want a dog bed with more ventilation


Elevated dog beds are not as good if you want:

A dog bed with comfort foam and support foam for the largest dogs

A dog bed with comfort foam and support foam for dogs with arthritis and joint issues

The softest dog bed like a mattress or foam type bed

A dog bed without a frame


Other Dog Bed Options

This guide outlines other types of dog bed types on the market right now.



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