Best Dog Beds That Are Proofed Or Resistant Against Pee/Urine, Poop, Vomit & Doggy Odors


Maybe you’ve got a dog who can’t control their bodily functions, or maybe you just don’t want a dog bed that is going to trap smells and stink up the house.

Regardless, you’re probably looking for one or a combination of the following types of dog beds:

– Pee/Urine Proof Dog Beds

– Poop Proof Dog Beds

– Vomit Proof Dog Beds

– Doggy Odor Proof Dog Beds

The good news is that there are dog beds that are designed to deal with one or all of these things.

No pet product is 100% mess or odor proof, but these beds come as close as possible to resisting them.

Let’s take a look at them!


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Best Dog Beds That Are Proofed Or Resistant Against Pee/Urine, Poop, Vomit & Doggy Odors

Our top pick for the best dog beds that are proofed or resistant against pee/urine, poop, vomit and doggy odors:

Elevated Dog Beds

Read more about elevated dog beds here.


Dog Bed With Internal Waterproof Liner


Dog Bed Waterproof Cover For Most Beds


1) Elevated Outside Dog Bed

Elevated beds are good for messy liquids, solids and smelly odors for 5 reasons:

1. They are usually inside and outside dog beds – so you can put them outside and air them out, or just have them outside where it won’t matter if they stain or smell

2. They are usually made of permeable fabric that doesn’t hold any liquid, dirt or mess. Liquid will usually even seep through the fabric onto the ground. There’s no mattress or foam for the liquid, mess or odor to get trapped in

3. To wash most elevated dog beds, you can wipe them down with a damp cloth, or hose them down with the garden hose and wipe it with a dry towel in seconds. They are very easy to clean and keep clean.

4. Because they are raised with fabric and a metal frame, air can get underneath the fabric and ventilate it naturally

5. You can even get black fabric elevated dog beds that won’t show stains and messes as much as a neutral color mattress dog bed


The Coolaroo elevated dog bed above is one of the most popular raised beds.

Get a bed like the Cujo Cot or Kuranda heavy duty aluminium frame and durable fabric dog bed if you have a more destructive or heavy chewing bed.


2) Dog Bed With Bed Cover

Your second option is to get any dog bed and put a waterproof cover over it like the 100% Waterproof Mambe Pet Cover (on Amazon).

It’s made of microfleece on both sides with waterproof membrane in between to stop liquid penetrating the cover.

You can simply throw it in the washing machine when you need to wash it.

The cover is quite large though, so keep that in mind if you have a small bed or area, but you could always tuck it or fold it under the bed.

It doesn’t make a crinkly noise like a tarpaulin cover will – it’s very quiet, and it can protect a dog bed or other items like furniture and even your bed.


3) Dog Bed With Dog Bed Liner

The last option is to get a bed like the Big Barker and put a waterproof liner under the external cover to protect against liquids.

The outer cover of this bed can be washed for poop stains, urine stains, vomit stains and to rid odors and dog hairs.

The good thing about the Big Barker bed liner is that it’s extremely high quality and performs well.


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