Best Dog Bed For Two Dogs or Multiple Dogs


Being an owner of two or more dogs means you have a decision to make …

Get a one dog bed for two (or more) dogs, or get separate dog beds for each dog?

Getting one dog bed means you can save money as long as your dogs don’t mind cuddling up or being on the same bed.

But, what are the options when it comes to dog beds for multiple dogs and what do you need to know?

Well, let’s check those things out!


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Best Dog Bed For Two Dogs Or Multiple Dogs

Our top picks for the best two dog beds and multiple dog beds are:

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[*Note – what you can do is buy the largest sizes of these beds and allow two beds to sleep on the one bed]


If you want more dog bed options, check out this guide which lists the best dog beds on the market right now.


Best Dog Bed For Two Dogs Or Multiple Dogs: Reviews

Giant Size Big Barker Orthopedic 7 Inch Thick Dog Bed

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What’s Good About It?

An orthopedic foam dog bed

The Giant size can hold 300+ pounds over one or multiple dogs

The foam is a 3 layer foam system – a 2″ layer of H10 Comfort Foam, a 3″ middle layer of H45 Support Foam & another 2″ layer of H10 Comfort Foam – the same foam used in expensive furniture

Comes in 4 different colors to match different interior decors

Has a very soft microfibre cover that is removable and washable

Comes with a 10 year warranty that the foam will retain 90% of original shape & loft for 10 years or your money back.

Has a comfortable head rest

Made in the USA

View the Giant Size Big Barker Orthopedic 7 Inch Thick Dog Bed on Amazon


Jumbo Size Dogbed4less Orthopedic 4 Inch Thick Dog Bed

What’s Good About It?

A 4 inch orthopedic foam bed that can hold multiple dogs

The foam is 3.2 lbs high density foam that is 5 times denser than normal foams

Comes with two removable and washable outer covers

Also comes with an internal water resistant liner

Has an anti slip bottom

Very affordable for what you get

The foam shouldn’t sag or flatten even with multiple dogs on it

View the Jumbo Size Dogbed4less Orthopedic 4 Inch Thick Dog Bed on Amazon 


Extra Large Pet Fusion Orthopedic 4 Inch Dog Bed

What’s Good About It?

A 4 inch foam dog bed with polfyfill bolster for your dogs to rest their heads on

Made of polyester (65%) & cotton (35%) twill

External cover is removable and washable

Can hold two dogs up to 75 lbs each

Non  slip bottom 

Area inside bolsters is 36 x 26″

View the Extra Large Pet Fusion Orthopedic 4 Inch Dog Bed on Amazon


Best Dog Bed For Two Dogs Or Multiple Dogs: Buyer’s Guide

What To Look For In Dog Beds For Two Dogs And Multiple Dogs

There’s probably two major things you want to look out for:

The surface area of the bed – the length and width – is physically big enough to fit your two dogs the way they sleep next to each other?

The weight capacity/weight limit of the dog bed – for example, the Giant Big Barker orthopedic foam dog bed can hold 300 lbs +


A manufacturer should give you clear direction on the sizing and weight limits of a dog bed in the product description.


Should Two Dogs Sleep Together In The Same Bed?

If you want a professional opinion on this, ask your vet.

But, in general, it might depend on the dogs themselves.

Some dogs are going to be fine as they might feel more comfortable and secure around each other.

Some might need their own personal space when it comes to beds,and the same applies to toys, food bowls and water bowls.

As a responsible owner, you just need to make sure you watch out for any negative behavioral issues between your dogs if they start sharing the same space.


Some issues you might want to be aware of if your dogs spend a lot of time together are:

Separation Anxiety

If your dogs spend all day playing together in the yard while you are at work, and they go to sleep in the same bed – that’s close to 24 hours a day that they spend in each others’ direct company.

Spending such a long time together can sometimes cause issues with over dependence of one dog on the other, or with both dogs.

If the dogs are apart when a dependency has been built, or one of them passes away, this can cause separation anxiety issues.


Stress and General Anxiety

Even dogs need to feel safe, protected and like they have a retreat or personal space they can call their own.

If you notice one of your dogs tends to want to be more alone than your other dog, there is potential that a two dog bed could cause them stress and they will want to find their own bedding or space to sleep.


Behavioural Problems (Over Dominance, and Territory Protection)

One of your dogs might have a higher dominance drive, whilst one of your dogs might be more passive.

Look out for signs of aggression (snarling, snapping, tensing muscles and showing teeth, attacking, consistent jumping and chasing), and signs of being overly protective of territory.

A dead giveaway would be if your dogs become territorial over the same bed and fight, in which case its time to get separate beds.



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