Best Dog Beds That Are Resistant Or Proofed Against Digging, Nesting, Tearing, Scratching, Shredding, Ripping & Chewing



If you’re here, there’s a good chance you are looking for one or a combination of the following:

  • A dig proof dog bed
  • A tear proof dog bed
  • A scratch proof dog bed
  • A shred proof dog bed
  • A rip proof dog bed
  • A chew proof dog bed

The good news is there are dog beds on the market made exactly to protect against the above.

We’ve identified a few of those dog beds below, which are elevated dog beds with metal frames and rip resistant fabric recessed into the frames. There’s no stuffing or zippers for destructive dogs to get their teeth or nails on.

Although there are no completely 100% indestructible dog products on the market, these are the most resistant beds out there.

Let’s take a look!


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Best Dog Beds That Are Resistant Or Proofed Against Digging, Nesting, Tearing, Scratching, Shredding, Ripping & Chewing

Our top brand and dog bed picks that are dig, nest, tear, scratch, shred, rip and chew resistant are:

Soft Mattress Type Dog Beds/Pads


Heavy Duty Elevated Dog Beds With Metal Frame And Damage Resistant Fabric For Inside and Outside


Mattress Dog Bed With Polyfill or Memory Foam

The benefit of mattress type dog beds is that you are either going to get polyfill or memory foam inside these beds that are great for comfort and support.

If you want the softest dog beds that are designed to provide more maximum comfort and support, particularly for aging dogs or dogs with joint problems, this might be a good option.

The downside to these dog beds is two fold:

  • The soft material although designed to be durable to damage, is not as resistant to damage as the elevated dog bed metal and recessed fabric
  • These dog beds often have zippers for outer covers, that even if enclosed, destructive dogs might find and chew off to get to the stuffing or foam

In our opinion, Big Barker do the best damage resistant dog bed/pad.

It’s designed to protect against light chewers, as well as accidents, nesting, and digging. It also has 4 inches of orthopedic foam.

These dog beds are more for light chewers and lightly destructive dogs, and not the moderate to heavy chewers and destructive dogs.

If you want to read more about the K9 Ballistics Mattress Type Dog Beds With Rip Stop Ballistic Fibre, you can read the guide here.


Elevated Dog Beds With Metal Frames

These are the best heavy duty dog beds for moderate to heavy chewers, and moderate to heavy destructive dogs.

The reason they are so good is that they have near indestructible metal frames, metal connections and a heavy duty bed fabric that recesses into the frame so your dog can’t get to it.

The whole design and construction is made with trouble dogs in mind.

The K9 Ballistics Cujo Cot is an elevated dog bed that comes in a range of sizes up to a 35 W x 50 L inch XXL size. It has an aluminum frame and connections, and the fabric is a rip stop fabric.

The Kuranda Aluminium Frame dog bed also comes in a range of sizes up to 36 W x 5 L inches. The frame is obviously aluminium, and the fabric is a 40oz solid vinyl.

Both beds are easy to clean and maintain, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

They also usually carry a guarantee against damage – check the guarantee conditions and offer at the time you buy.

Read more about these elevated dog beds here.


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