Bed Dog Couch Covers & Protectors (To Keep Sofa & Chair Furniture Clean & Protected)



Some people like to allow their pets to lay or sleep on their couches and chairs.

To continue to allow that but keep sofas and chairs clean (from dirt and hair) and protected from claws and damage at the same time – a cover or protecter can be useful.

In this guide, we list some of the best dog couch covers and protectors.

Let’s check them out.


Bed Dog Couch Covers & Protectors (To Keep Furniture Clean & Protected)

If you prefer, you can go straight to viewing these covers and protectors here:

Covers & Protectors For Lounges & Sofas

Covers & Protectors For Single Lounge Chairs

Waterproof Furniture Cover


Bed Dog Couch Covers & Protectors: Reviews

Surefit Covers 

  • Come in different products for both long lounges, and single lounge chairs
  • Come in different colors
  • The top is soft velvet
  • Designed to protect furniture from pet hair, stains and daily wear


Waterproof Mambe Furniture Cover for Pets and People

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What’s Good?

  • A cover to protect any furniture against spills, accidents, and normal wear and tear
  • Great for dogs that have incontinence issues or seem do get dirty a lot
  • Comes in 4 different versions and sizes – Sofa: 70″x120″, King/Queen: 90″x90″, Twin/Loveseat: 70″x90″, Recliner: 60″x60″
  • Comes in 3 different colors
  • Is quite lightweight, but stays in place on a sofa
  • Is 100% water and urine proof – has a waterproof membrane in between the microfleece
  • Is fully reversible with soft microfleece on both sides that looks good and is comfortable 
  • The materials are silent and won’t make a noise when your dog moves on it
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA
  • For dogs of all sizes

What Could Be Improved?

  • When you wash this cover – it does hold a lot of water. It will take at least a day to dry out in most weather conditions

View the Waterproof Mambe Furniture Cover for Pets and People (on Amazon) 


Bed Dog Couch Covers & Protectors: Buyer’s Guide

Can I Just Get A Normal Dog Bed And Put It On My Couch?

You could if it fits – check the dimensions of your couch and the bed you buy to make sure they are going to fit each other.

Check out these helpful dog bed guides to choose one that suits you:


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