How To Wash/Clean A Dog Bed Without A Removable Cover


The guide below compliments our main guide on how to clean and wash a dog

Even though that are a lot of dog beds that come with a removable external cover, there are also popular ones that don’t.

If you get one of these dog beds, you’ll want to know How To Wash/Clean A Dog Bed Without A Removable Cover.

Luckily, it’s not that hard. We walk you through a few things you might want to consider in this guide.

Let’s check them out!


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How To Wash/Clean A Dog Bed Without A Removable Cover


1. Washing and Cleaning Fully Machine Washable Dog Beds

One of the most commonly bought beds that comes without a removable cover and can be thrown directly in the wash is the:


Make sure you follow the washing instructions given to you by the manufacturer – including how long, what temperature and what cycle to put the bed on.

Some people who have dogs with sensitive skin or allergies sometimes choose to use a natural laundry detergent like the following to minimise the risk of irritants:


2. Washing and Cleaning Elevated and Raised Dog Beds

These dog beds are very simple to wash and clean because the fabric is so thin and light that it doesn’t collect smell and mess like a mattress or polyfill dog bed might.

Follow the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer, but usually you can either:

Hose the dog bed down with your garden hose and let the bed dry out – which it does quite quickly

Or, wipe the dog bed down with some warm water and a natural dish soap like Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap (on Amazon) which mixes easily with warm water.


Just be careful if you use soap or other additives, and the bed has a metal frame, that you don’t corrode it. You may choose just to spot clean the fabric.


3. Consider a waterproof cover or liner

To minimise cleaning, some people choose to cover their bed with a waterproof liner or cover.

You can get a waterproof cover for any dog bed like the 100% Waterproof Mambe Pet Cover (on Amazon), which can also be placed over furniture or your own bed while your dog is on it to protect against accidents and mess. 

This cover is soft and washable, but it’s quite large.

Another option is to get a waterproof internal liner for your dog’s bed like the

… sold as a liner for the:


The liner goes just under the external cover, won’t make noise when your dog moves on it, and is extremely good at catching and completely resisting urine and other liquids.

You can put the internal liner in the wash with the external cover at the same time.


Best Washable Dog Beds

You can read this guide where we list the best washable dog beds on the market right now.


Best Dog Beds On The Market Right Now

If you want more washable dog bed options, to view dog beds with removable and washable covers, or even elevated dog beds that can be hosed down – check out this guide.



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