How To Wash/Clean A Dog Bed Without A Washing Machine


The guide below compliments our main guide on how to clean and wash a dog

In the guide below, we discuss How To Wash A Dog Bed Without A Washing Machine …

So, what options are available to you in this instance?

Well, obviously the best place to start is to follow the washing and cleaning instructions provided to you by the dog bed product manufacturer.

But, there are other general cleaning strategies you might consider, especially if you don’t have a washing machine available in your house.

Let’s take a look at them…


*Note – read the cleaning instructions for the bed you purchase. They will be able to tell you acceptable cleaning practices, and what is likely to result in damaging the bed.

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How To Clean/Wash A Dog Bed Without A Washing Machine


1. Vacuum The Dog Bed

The first thing you do is give the bed a quick vacuum over.

This should get rid of anything on the surface of the bed fabric like hair and dirt.


2. Soak The Bed With Warm Water, Or Spot Clean It

The second step involves getting some water on the bed to dissolve any liquids that have seeped into the bed.

If the bed is fully washable, you can run the bed under your shower, put it in your bath tub, or give it a hose down with your garden hose.

One example of a dog bed that is fully washable is the:


It’s important if you have a memory or orthopedic foam dog bed, or you have a metal frame dog bed, you might choose to spot clean just the dirty parts of the dog bed instead (as long as the manufacturer permits that).

Alternatively, some beds come with removable covers you can remove and soak instead of wetting the core or foam of the bed (which could ruin it).


3. Consider A Natural Hand Soap For Odors and Sterilisation

You can combine a natural hand soap with some warm water and apply it to your dog bed – either all over, or during spot cleaning.

The good things about natural hand soap is that it’s usually free of harmful additives and irritants.

A natural dish soap like Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap (on Amazon) mixes easily with warm water.


4. Consider A Natural Stain Remover

If you have stains you want to get rid of, you might use a natural stain remover.

Some people choose to use a natural pet stain remover like

A natural pet stain remover can used to remove dirt, blood and other stains on the appearance of the bed.


5. Soak Or Spot Clean The Bed Again With Fresh Cold Water

You can then wash back over the bed (with the shower or hose), or spot clean (with a fresh cloth) the area of the bed you applied cleaning solution to with fresh cold water to wash out any stain remover or soap. 


6. Leave The Bed To Dry Out In A Ventilated Area

The last step would be to let the bed dry out, preferably outside under cover in a ventilated area.


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