Best Dog Beds For Boxer Dogs & Puppies


The best dog bed for Boxers should be something that presents good value for money, but also has features such as good support for your dog’s body.

Boxers are a large size breed, so be sure to take this into consideration in picking a bed size.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the best rated dog beds, including different types of beds that come in different sizes.

Let’s check them out!


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Best Dog Bed For Boxer Dogs & Puppies

Some of the top overall dog beds for Boxers are the:


Other dog bed options might include (categorized by bed type):

Affordable & Cheaper Dog Beds


Foam Dog Beds (Regular Foam, Memory Foam, & Orthopedic Foam)


Outdoor & Raised/Elevated Dog Beds


Other Dog Bed Types & Options

This guide lists many other of the market’s best dog beds right now by type, such as donut dog beds, waterproof and washable dog beds, dog beds for chewers, dog beds that match home decor, and more. If the dog beds above don’t match what you’re looking for, you may like to give it a read.


*Note – make sure you measure your dog both from their behind to the tip of their nose, and from their paws to the top of their shoulders and also head, and pick a dog bed that will comfortably and safely fit their body length and width ways.

Pick a size of bed that comfortably gives them a few extra inches in each direction.

Also, make sure you get a dog bed with adequate support for your dog’s body (solid certified orthopedic and memory foams can be more desirable than a regular slab foam, or a crated out foam).

Some people also like a specific feature, such as a waterproof liner included, or will look to order one separately (can especially help to protect an investment in a foam bed).

Read the dog bed product description, features, inclusions, and check details and sizing dimensions before ordering.


Dog Bed Reviews

Follow through to this guide to see a list of features and and review guides for the top rated dog beds listed above.


Dog Bed Buyer’s Guide

Firstly, How Big Are Boxers? – Weight & Height Dimensions

Boxers can range in size, particularly if your dog is a mix or cross breed, but they are generally a medium to large breed, and an average weight and height for a Boxer dog might be:

Weight – 55 to 71 lbs

Height – 21 to 25 inches


It’s best to measure your own Boxer and get their weight, height and length.

Also, take note of what position they lay in most commonly when they are laying down and sleeping e.g. do they lay out straight, do they spread their legs out, do they curl up?

You might like to also like to measure your Boxer while they are in their sleeping position.


What Size Dog Bed Should I Get For My Boxer?

Now you have dimensions and the weight of your Boxer.

So, it’s time to consider what size of bed to get.

For any dog bed you are considering, make sure you look at two things when it comes to size:

The length and width of the bed

Your dog in their sleeping position should be able to fit in the sleeping area of the bed.

Make sure you subtract any bolsters or frames from the length and width of the bed – look for the actual sleeping area of the bed, and not the exterior length and width dimensions which may include bolsters and frames


What weight of dog the bed is made for

Does the dog bed have a weight limit? If so, make sure your dog fits under the weight limit


If we take two beds for example and look at how we check the size:

Dogbed4less Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Extra Large bed which is 40 x 35 inches is probably going to be plenty long and wide enough for a Boxer


K & H Pet Cot

All cots have a weight limit of up to 150lbs, which is going to be a high enough weight limit for a Boxer – just make sure you get the fabric area big enough for the length and width of your dog


Best Dog Bed For Boxer Puppy

Most owners will either:

Buy a dog bed they think their puppy won’t outgrow by the time they are an adult dog. You can make a pretty good guess on the final size by looking at breed average size info, and speaking to your vet

Buy a cheaper dog bed for the first 6 months to a year, and replace it with a bigger bed once they get a better idea of how big their dog will be


The first option is probably better though because it will cost you less and create less waste

For a Boxer puppy – you might plan on them at their biggest as an adult reaching 25 inches tall and 71 lbs – so you could buy a bed with say 10-20% bigger weight and length/width capacity than that


How To Choose A Dog Bed For Your Boxer – Type, Price & Your Own Preferences

It depends on the needs of the dog, and the preferences of the owner.

For example:

Some people may just want a cheap/affordable bed

Some might look for good support in the form of a foam bed – especially memory foam or solid orthopedic foam

Some might want a specific style of bed, such as a donut shaped bed

Some might want an outdoor or raised bed made of durable fabric and a bed frame


Other owners might go for specific features like removable and washable covers, inner waterproof liners, a dog bed color that matches their home decor, and so on.

We’ve also put together a guide that describes in a little more depth the different types of dog beds and their features.

Which Dog Bed Should I Buy? A Buyer’s Checklist + Type, Size, Features, & Price Considerations


Dog Beds For Boxers If I Live In The UK, Canada, Australia, Europe or India

Amazon currently ship to most of these locations.

When you visit Amazon, and view the dog bed, it should say whether it ships to your country and what the shipping cost is (if any).

If you go directly through the manufacturer site, they usually tell you when landing on the site or going to the checkout whether they can ship to your country.



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