Best Waterproof Dog Bed Liners & Covers


We’ve already written about both washable dog beds, and waterproof dog beds, but what about the best standalone waterproof dog bed liners and covers (that can be purchased individually) to protect against mess and accidents?

Senior dogs mays struggle with incontinence issues, or puppies may not have been toilet trained yet – and urine spills on a dog bed can be an issue in this instance.

Regardless, dog bed covers and internal liners can help with these issues.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the covers and liners!


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Best Waterproof Dog Bed Liners & Covers

Our top picks for the best waterproof dog bed liners & covers are:


Best Waterproof Dog Bed Liners & Covers: Reviews

Big Barker Waterproof Liner

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In our opinion, the best dog bed liners on the market.

They are 100% waterproof, and will not let any light or heavy mess or liquid through.

Comes in different sizes for the different sized Big Barker beds.

This liner goes under the external cover of the bed, and can easily be zipped on and off to wash.

Soft quiet fabric that won’t make noise when your dog moves around.

View the Big Barker Waterproof Liner – Flat (on Amazon) 


DogBed4less Replacement External and Internal Covers

An external/internal cover combo.

The external cover is micro suede and is intended to pick up dirt and hairs. It can be zipped off and on and washed.

The internal cover is waterproof material on the outside and soft breathable material on the inside to allow the bed mattress ventilation from any liquids that get through.

Only the external cover is machine washable.

View the DogBed4less Replacement External and Internal Covers (on Amazon)


Milliard Velour Zippered Replacement Bed Cover

This cover is made of soft polyester on the outside, and TPU coating (plastic and silicone) on the underside.

The cover will absorb liquids, but the TPU stops liquids from staining or penetrating the cover and foam. That also means the liquid won’t run off the bed onto your floor.

The cover is zippered and machine washable which we like.

View the Milliard Velour Zippered Replacement Bed Cover (on Amazon)


Waterproof Mambe Pet Cover

The nicest looking waterproof pet cover on the market.

It comes in two colors which will go really well with your home decor – chocolate, and a buff/camel color. Also comes in 4 different sizes and shapes.

It’s made of microfleece on both sides with waterproof membrane in between to stop liquid penetrating the cover.

It doesn’t make a crinkly noise – it’s very quiet, and it can protect a dog bed or other items like furniture and even your bed.

It’s completely machine washable.

View the 100% Waterproof Mambe Pet Cover (on Amazon)


Best Waterproof Dog Bed Liners & Covers: Buyer’s Guide

Dog Bed Covers vs Liners

Both covers and liners are designed to protect the dog bed from mess, stains, smell and general dirtiness.

Some differences include:



Dog bed covers are external covers that may or may not be waterproof or absorbent.

A good dog bed cover should be removable and washable.

Some dog beds come with an outer and an inner cover.



Dog bed liners are usually internal and run underneath the cover/s.

They are usually non absorbent liners that waterproof the inside core of the bed.


Types Of Dog Bed Liners 

There’s two main types of liners:

The waterproof liners and covers that are a tarpaulin type material which liquid runs straight off of

The two sided waterproof liners that have usually a rubber or plastic backing underneath for waterproofing, and a soft material over the top for comfort and absorption


Why Don’t You List Any Tarpaulin Type Bed Covers and Liners?

For two reasons:

1. These covers are very noisy when your dog moves around on them

2. Urine and other liquids can run straight off these covers and onto the floor, or they pool on the bed and get into your dog’s fur

Another reason is that the dog bed covers and liners above come with matching beds.

It’s worth buying a bed and liner/cover combo because if you buy a random bed without a replacement cover or liner, you may have compatibility issues.


Why Do All The Liners/Covers Mentioned Above Absorb Mess?

Covers and liners that absorb liquids but don’t let them through are the best.

The urine or other undesirable liquid has somewhere to go, which isn’t your pet’s fur or the floor, but the liquid can’t get through and stain the mattress core or make it smell.

These liners and covers are very easy to throw in the wash once a week to leave them looking and smelling clean.


Dog Beds With Washable Covers, Or Internal Waterproof Liners

In this guide, we outline dog beds that can be washed or cleaned easily, and some of those dog beds include dog beds with outer covers, and internal liners.


Other Dog Bed Options

This guide outlines other types of dog bed types on the market right now.


How To Wash & Clean Dog Beds

We’ve put together a main guide on how to clean and wash a dog bed



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