Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Review


When it comes to the top orthopedic memory foam dog beds on the market right now, the Big Barker 7 Inch Dog Bed would be at the top or right near it.

In this Big Barker Dog Bed Review, we discuss:

– the best features of the bed

– what might be able to be improved

– and, whether there are any other similar orthopedic memory foam dog bed alternatives to it

… Let’s take a look!


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Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Review

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What Is The Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed? 

Very simply it is a dog bed with a 7 inch base of orthopedic memory foam.

The memory foam is solid foam, made in the USA (not overseas – read more about American made and sourced dog beds in this guide), and consists of both comfort foam, and support foam.


Big Barker Sleek vs Headrest Edition – What’s The Difference?

Very simple -the sleek model is flat, whereas the headrest edition has an extra 4 inch contoured foam headrest for dogs to lay their body or head on.


Is The Big Barker Bed Worth It? – Who Is The Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed For?

The Big Barker 7 Inch Dog Bed is for any dog, but specifically for:

Owners that have foam and dog bed quality as the first priority

Dogs that need the most comfort and support a dog bed can provide

Large, Extra Large and Giant sizes dogs

Older Dogs

Dogs with joint problems or conditions like arthritis

Inside use (not really an outside bed)

When used with the internal waterproof liner, it can be a good inside dog bed for dogs that don’t have full control over their bodily function


Who Is The Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Not For?

The Big Barker might not be as suitable for

Smaller dogs that can use a 4 inch orthopedic foam dog bed

Outside use

Owners looking for a budget type bed, where quality isn’t the first priority


What Are The Best Features Of The Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed?


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This is a dog bed specifically designed for big, extra large and Giant dogs.

It has more support and comfort than any polyfill or 4 inch memory foam bed.

The foam is American made orthopedic foam of the highest quality that is handmade in the USA by craftsmen with over 30 years experience.

It has a 10 year guarantee on the foam, meaning the foam will retain 90% of original shape & loft for 10 years or your money back.

The foam itself is a 3 stage foam – consisting of 2 inches of H10 Comfort Foam on the bottom, 3 inches of H45 Support Foam in the middle, and another 2 inches of H10 Comfort Foam on the top. The headrest version also has another 4 inches of contoured foam as the headrest.

It’s easy to clean, and the cover is machine washable. The external cover is 100% Microfiber cover.

There are also replacement external covers available, and internal waterproof liners.

Comes in three sizes:

– Large – 48 inches long x 30 inches wide

– Extra Large – 52 inches long x 36 inches wide

– Giant – 60 inches long x 48 inches wide

Three colors available – Chocolate, Burgundy and Khaki.




What Could Be Improved On The Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed?

To be honest, this bed is as good as it gets – there’s not much you could improve apart from the price – but then you would have to decrease the quality.

Some very minor improvements might be:

Add one more bed edition – a bed with raised sides/a bolster type bed for nesters

The cover on some beds stays slightly wrinkly – slightly better sizing of the cover so that when the foam expands (you will have to wait for 24-48 hours for the foam to expand completely when you first set up the bed), the cover stretches with it fully


Are There Any Other Alternatives To The Big Barker 7 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed?

Yes, there are.

Read this guide listing the top rated dog beds on the market.


Big Barker Comparison Guides

Big Barker vs KOPECKS vs Orvis vs Bully Dog Beds: Comparison

Buddyrest vs Big Barker Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed: Comparison

PetFusion vs Big Barker vs Friends Forever vs PupLounge™ Dog Beds: Comparison


Big Barkers Dog Bed Covers and Liners

Big Barker Covers

The Big Barker covers go on the outside of the bed, and fasten with a zip.

They are soft and comfortable, and are machine washable so you can keep them clean.

They come in different colors to match different interior decors in your home. You can also get a dark chocolate cover if you want to hide dirt, hairs and small stains more.


Big Barker Liners

The Big Barker waterproof liners go over the foam mattress, but are under the external cover.

To be honest, they are one of the best quality dog bed waterproof liners on the market – performing really well against messes and liquids.

Because they are soft, they don’t make noise when your dog moves on them, and are easily washable too


Where Do You Get The Best Price On The Big Barker Dog Bed? – Coupons, Discounts, Sales, Payment Plans, Clearances etc.

Best Price

Generally, you’ll get the best price and customer service either through Big Barker directly or through Amazon.


Coupons, Discounts, Sales

Big Barker may sometimes do sales themselves.

Amazon may also do sales and discounts on the beds, particularly at different time of the year like around Black Friday or Xmas.

Coupons you may get at different times of the year, but check with Big Barker before signing up or using them to check they are official and accepted, and that you aren’t giving your details or information away for nothing, or you aren’t getting something which isn’t valid.


Payment Plans

Big Barker will sometimes offer payment plans directly through their site.

The conditions and terms of the payment plan may change at their discretion so it’s best to check the payment plan offer and conditions at the time you buy if you choose to go down this path.



At the end of each month Big Barker sometimes do a clearance where you can get a discount on beds that have been returned to them from customers.

These beds are almost as new.

This clearance is subject entirely to Big Barker though – so check with them for conditions and details.


Can I Get The Big Barker Dog Bed If I Live In The UK or Australia?

Yes, you can. 

Amazon and Big Barker ships to both the UK and Australia.



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