The Best Rated Dog Crates of 2022/2023


In this guide, we list some of the best rated dog crates across the different dog crate types.

Additionally, if you follow the dog crate resources provided for the different dog breeds within this guide, you can also get an idea of crate sizing considerations

Let’s get to it!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

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The Best Rated Dog Crates: Top Rated List

Our top picks for the best dog crates across the different crate types are:

Best Value Metal Wire Dog Crate

* Metal wire crates fit most tiny to large sizes dogs – refer to the sizing charts available from manufacturers.


Other affordable metal wire crate options include:


Best Soft Dog Crate 

Soft dog crates mostly use some fabric and mesh in their construction – so keep this in mind for durability concerns, and more heavy duty applications


Best Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate

Read more about the best heavy duty dog crates in this guide.


Best Plastic Dog Crate


Best Wooden Dog Crate 

Read the full guide on the best wooden dog crates here.


Best Extra Large/Giant 54 Inch Metal Wire Dog Crate 

Read more about Giant dog crates, and other enclosure options for very large dogs here.


Best Heavy Duty Plastic Dog Crate


Best Aluminum Dog Crate


Foldable Metal Exercise Pen

Some people may prefer an exercise pen with an open top instead of a completely enclosed dog crate with a door. Exercise pens can provide more square area inside the enclosure panels too. Some of exercise pen options include:

Read more about some of the best dog exercise pens here.


*Note – a dog crate should be able to safely and comfortably fit your dog when it is standing, sitting and laying down.

Make sure you measure your dog, and read the product sizing details, and product description prior to purchasing to make sure a dog crate is suitable for your dog. 


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What Size Dog Crate Should I Get?

Manufacturers usually provide pretty good sizing instructions in terms of the dimensions of the different crate sizes, and how to measure your dog for a crate.

Make sure to follow any manufacturer instructions on sizing your dog for a crate.


Additionally, you may want to check these two things and measure your dog for:

– The weight capacity for the crate 

– The height, length and width of the crate should be a few inches taller and longer than your pet so there’s ample space to fully stand up, easily turn around and comfortably lie all the way down


What Are Some Criteria You Might Consider When Choosing A Quality Dog Crate?

Some criteria might be:

How good the crate is at doing what is is supposed to do

Price of the crate

Range of crate sizes available

Quality of the material used

Quality of the design

Durability of the crate

Whether it is portable

How easy it is to clean

Overall customer satisfaction with the crate

Reputation or reliability of the crate manufacturer

How popular the crate is amongst other customers, and how favorable the real reviews left by customers are

Large enough in size (dimensions and measurements) to safely and comfortably fit your dog when it is sitting, standing and laying down.

Adjustable in size with a divider panel to cater for puppy and older dog sizes so you don’t have to buy a new crate as your GSD grows and matures in size

Either single, double or triple door – depending on your requirements, and a security latch

Easy to clean and removable plastic base/pan

Transportable and flexible in use – foldable, with handles

Fits your dog’s bed or mattress inside

Suitable for travel of any kind (cars, planes, etc)


What Crate To Get For A Puppy?

Assuming your puppy is approved to use a crate by the vet, standard crates usually do well.

You can even get a crate with a divider panel that essentially splits the crate size in half – and you can remove it as your puppy grows.

A metal wire crate may come with a divider panel.

Check out some dog crates that grow with your puppy in this guide.


Best Dog Crate For A Small Dog

Most metal wire, soft sided, plastic and wooden crates have sizes for small dogs.

Refer to the manufacturer sizing chart for confirmation of what size to pick.


Best Dog Crate For A Large Dog

It depends how big your dog is.

Most crates have large and extra large sizes for large breeds.

Some extra large and Giant breeds though may need a Giant or XXL sized crate, or may even need a larger area that a dog playpen provides.


What Are The Best Indoor Crates?

Wooden crates, metal wire and soft sided crates might make good indoor crates.

It depends what you need it for.

Wooden crates may look nice within the home for example and compliment home decor.

But, you need to weigh up home needs with say for example a need for a heavy duty crate for example that may not look as nice but serves another purpose.


What Are The Best Portable Dog Crates?

The best portable dog crates have a few features that make them good portable type dog crates.

A few of these key features include being relatively lightweight, or, having the ability to fold up and and down with minimal assembly required.

Having decent strength also helps if you want a crate that is going to have some durability when being carried or transported around.

They should be approved for airplane travel if you are using them for that.

Three types of crates that fit this criteria are the metal wire, soft sided, and plastic dog crates.


Metal Wire Dog Crates

Made of a thin metal wire. Fold down and can be assembled easily. Are relatively lightweight. Can be stored away when folded down, or transported in a car for example.


Soft Dog Crates

Made of a soft nylon fabric. Fold down easily with a metal frame, and assemble easily. Can be stored away, or transported easily. Are much lighter than metal wire crates.


Plastic Dog Crates

Don’t fold down and aren’t collapsible. Usually involved two hardened plastic half shells that you snap together and sometimes screw or bolt together. People can use them for airline travel if they are USDA and/or IATA approved.


Who Might Get A Portable Crate?

– People who want a dog crate that can be used at home, and want to be able to easily store it away, or take it to the vet or camping for example.

– Transporting dogs on planes is done with airline approved plastic crates or aluminium crates usually.


Who Are Portable Crates NOT For?

– People who want heavier duty steel crates (that have poor portability) for dogs that chew, scratch, are destructive or are escape artists.

If you are happy to use the crate in one spot or location at home for example, you may not need a portable dog crate.


Best Collapsible & Foldable Dog Crates

The best collapsible and foldable dog crates are usually:

– The metal wire dog crates

– The soft sided dog crates

You can usually fold them up and carry them around, and then set them down and set them up again for your dog to use.


What Is A Collapsible or Folding Dog Crate?

Usually they are the smaller more compact dog crates that assemble very quickly without tools or nuts and bolts.

If we take metal wire and soft nylon fabric crates for example, they assemble quickly, but also can be folded up just as quickly, and then carried around by their handle, or stored away.


Who Are Collapsible and Folding Dog Crates For?

These crates are good for people who want a lighter weight crate that can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are fairly versatile in terms of their usage.

For example, a soft crate is great to take to the vet or for short camping trips, or trips away from your home.


Who Are Collapsible and Folding Dog Crates NOT For?

Most crates do collapse or fold down.

But there are some heavy duty steel or aluminium crates, or hardened plastic crates for example, that don’t fold down.

These crates may require nuts, bolts and screws to go together, or may have to be clipped together. They don’t necessarily have a frame that allows these crates to be folded.

If you are travelling on an airline and you need a plastic hard enclosed crate, or you have a destructive dog that demands a heavy duty crate, you may not get a lighter more versatile folding crate.


Best Dog Crate Covers

Our top picks for the best dog crate covers are:


With crate covers, you want to check:

– What size crate they will fit over

– What type of crate they fit over

– Whether there are openings for doors and handles in the cover so the crate can work as it’s supposed to with the cover on


Best Beds, Mats and Pads For Dog Crates

Best Dog Crate Beds, Mats & Pads

Best Indestructible & Chew Proof Dog Crate Pads


Dog Crate Training Guides

Crate Training Tips For Dogs

Other Crate Training Tips For Dogs



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