Best Dog Enclosure Options For Inside & Outside



In this guide, we consider the best dog enclosure options for both inside and outside the house.

The dog enclosures we take a look at are:

  • dog and puppy crates
  • puppy playpens
  • dog exercise pens
  • dog gazebos and kennel cages

They each come in different sizes with different features and benefits and drawbacks, so one of them is bound to be suitable for your preferences.

Let’s check them out in more detail!

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Best Dog Enclosure Options For Inside & Outside


Dog Crates

Everyone knows what a dog crate is.

These are usually rectangle crates used for a range of uses such as containment, a bed area, house training, travel/transport and so on.

Dog crates come in several different types such as metal, plastic, wooden, heavy duty steel, soft sided and more.

They are for inside or outside.

One of the most popular dog crates on the market is the MidWest Life Stages (on Amazon), or AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate (on Amazon)

You can check out the best dog crates in this guide – Best Dog Crates: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide.


Puppy Playpens

Puppy playpens are specifically for puppies and are designed to give a puppy a bit more space to move around in than a crate.

They are soft sided so are very lightweight and highly portable.

You can usually fit several puppies in the one playpen.

They are for inside or outside use.

One of the most popular puppy playpens is the EliteField 2 Door Soft Sided Pet Playpen (on Amazon), which is available in up to a 62 inch diameter x 36 inch height size.

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Dog Exercise Pens

Dog exercise pens are the adult grown dog version of a puppy playpen, as they are bigger, taller and provide more containment area for bigger dogs.

They most commonly come in metal or hardened plastic material.

They come standard in 4 panel or 8 panel exercise pen kits. You can expand the containment area by purchasing additional exercise pens and connecting them together with connector rods.

They can be used indoor or outdoors.

One of the more popular dog exercise pens is the:

MidWest Homes Foldable Metal Exercise Pen (on Amazon) – available in height up to 48 inches. For enclosing pets in a 16 square foot area. For up to large sized pets

You can check out the best dog exercise pens here – Best Dog Exercise Pens: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide.


Dog Gazebos & Kennel Cages

Dog Gazebos and kennel cages are large outside enclosures.

As standard, they usually come with an overhead cover to protect pets from sun and rain.

You can usually fit multiple full grown pets in one kennel cage, and some models allow you to connect multiple cages together so pets can run between them.

They are primarily for outside use because of their size and weight.

Two of the more popular dog gazebos and kennel cages are:

Advantek Pet Gazebo Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel (on Amazon) – comes in 3 sizes up to a 90 diameter high by 90 inches high

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel (on Amazon) – comes in 3 sizes up to a 6 feet high x 4 feet wide x 8 feet long size

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