Best Inescapable & Escape Proof Dog Crates For Escape Artists & Dogs That Escape



Owning a houdini escape artist dog can lead to a lot of frustration, and also time and money spent on constantly replacing dog crates.

Luckily, there’s now a solution in the form of heavy duty, escape proof dog crates.

The best inescapable & escape proof dog crates for escape artists & dogs that try to escape have a few features that make them different from the standard cheap metal & plastic dog crates.

They aren’t the cheapest crates, but they work so well and will last so long that they are well worth the investment in terms of the money, time and emotional energy they can save you.

Let’s check them out!


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Best Inescapable & Escape Proof Dog Crates For Escape Artists & Dogs That Escape

Our top pick for the best inescapable dog crate is:

Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate  


Best Dog Crates That Are Escape Proof, Inescapable or Escape Resistant: Reviews

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

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What Makes This Crate So Inescapable?

  • The crate is not your standard thin chicken wire and plastic crate
  • It is made of strong reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes and 20-gauge steel
  • The crate is welded together, so there are no fixings your dog can break or pop out
  • It’s impossible for your dog to get access to the plastic floor tray – the floor of this crate is a metal grate, with the plastic tray separate underneath (it slides in and out).
  • There are strong dual latches on the door

What Other Important Features Does It Have?

  • The tray floor system is very easy and convenient to clean
  • Removable casters – You can attach casters to the bottom of the cage to allow for easily rolling the cage to other locations or leave the casters off for added stability.
  • Comes in 2 sizes – Medium and Large.
  • Medium has interior dimensions of 35.75 inches length x 23.5 inches width, with 24.5 inches of height inside the crate.
  • Large has interior dimensions of 40 3/4 inches length x 28 1/8 inches width, with 31 3/4 inches height inside the crate.

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Best Dog Crates That Are Escape Proof, Inescapable or Escape Resistant: Buyer’s Guide

How Do Dogs Escape From Dog Crates?

There’s 3 main ways dogs usually escape from dog crates:

1. Use their mouth, paws or body weight to undo fixings between the floor and walls of the crate, slide the plastic floor tray out, and get out under the crate

2. Use their mouth, paws or body weight to undo fixings on the walls of the crate, and use their head and body to force their way out the corners of the crate walls

3. Use their body weight to pop the locks on the door, or use their mouth to slide out the bolt on the door, and exit through the door


How Do You Stop Dogs From Escaping Dog Crates?

There’s 4 real options:

1. See a vet and professional dog trainer to asses, and modify the behaviour of your dog

2. Attempt to reinforce the floor and walls of the existing crate with something like zip ties

3. Attempt to reinforce the door of the crate with hardened steel padlocks

4. Buy a new escape proof crate


How Are Inescapable Dog Crates Different To Normal Dog Crates?

The biggest differences are that they:

  • Are made of all thick/heavy duty steel or metal instead of cheap wire steel and plastic
  • Have stronger fixings and joints
  • Have better locking systems


What Size Crate Should I Get For My Dog?

Look at the dimensions of the crate – in particular the interior dimensions.

Then, measure your dog when they are standing up, as well as their dimensions when they are laying down.

Make sure there is enough room for your dog to lay down without having their body pressed up against the crate.


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