Best Metal Wire Dog Crates


Metal wire dog crates are the most popular dog crates on the market – due in part to their strength for their low price.

The best metal wire dog crates will come in a range of sizes for different sized dogs, will be reasonably strong and can fold up and down to be stored away or transported to another location.

In this guide we have linked you to reviews of the most popular and best metal wire dog crates, as well as considered which crate might be best for you and your dog.

Let’s jump straight into it!


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Best Metal Wire Dog Crates

Our top picks for the best metal wire dog crates are the:

Best Value Regular Size Metal Wire Dog Crates


Best Value Extra Large/Giant 54 Inch Metal Wire Dog Crate 


Other metal wire crate options include:


*Dog crate bed is sold separately – you might look at the MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs (on Amazon)


Best Metal Wire Dog Crates: Reviews

Frisco Fold & Carry Wire Dog Crate

A regular wire crate

Comes in several sizes from 22 inches up to 48 inches – for small through to large sized breeds (for dogs up to roughly 28.5 inches in height)

Has both a single and a double door model available

Doors come with latch locks

Comes with a plastic pan for the crate base – is removable and can be cleaned

Comes with a divider panel for when you have a puppy – you can remove it as your dog grows

Has a good sizing chart in the product description – very helpful for picking a crate size

Requires no tools for assembly

Folds up and has handles to carry


Frisco Heavy Duty Fold & Carry Dog Crate

All the same features as the regular crate, except it has thicker and heavier wiring


MidWest iCrate Single Door and Double Door Metal Wire Dog Crate

View On Amazon

You can read the MidWest iCrate dog crate review here. But, we’ve also included a summary here:

Dog Crate Features

Great value for money

Comes in 9 sizes from 18 inch up to 48 inches – for small to large dogs

48 inch model measures 48L x 30W x 33H inches

Comes in single door and double door options

Comes in cool blue and pink options too – both with single doors

Comes with free divider panel, leak-proof plastic pan, a strong carrying handle, rubber “roller” feet

Locking is two heavy duty slide-bolt latches (per door)

Crate folds down and up without tools – great crate to store away or travel with

Comes with rounded corners


What’s Not So Good About It?

Slighter weaker metal than the Life Stages crate


Midwest Solution Series “Ginormus” Double Door Dog Crate

You can read the MidWest Solution Series “Ginormus” dog crate review here. But, we’ve also included a summary here:

Dog Crate Features

Overall, a good crate for extra large dogs like Great Danes, Mastiffs and St Bernards for example

A 2 door metal wire crate that measures 54L x 37W x 45H Inches

Designed for extra large dog breeds weighing over 90 lbs

Both doors feature 3 of their own slide bolts for locking and crate security

Has a four drop pin construction going through the corners of the crate for extra strength and durability

Has L-Hook sides to keep them from bowing

Comes with a leakproof ABS plastic pan that is removable and easy to clean

Metal has an e-coat finish so it doesn’t rust



The crate is one of the heavier crates on the market at around 80 lbs

Because the crate is so large, the wire is a little weaker than you like ideally. You may need to reinforce the crate with zip ties for a bit of extra strength

Requires two people to assemble the crate – some people take a while and have a little difficulty putting ti together

Crate, because of it’s weight, is not very portable


AmazonBasics Single Door and Double Door Metal Wire Dog Crate

You can view the AmazonBasics Single & Double Door Metal Wire Dog Crate (on Amazon)


MidWest Life Stages Single Door and Double Door Metal Wire Dog Crate

You can read the MidWest Life Stages dog crate review here.


Carlson Pet Products Compact Single Door Metal Dog Crate

View On Amazon

Crate Features

A metal wire dog crate for dogs up to 120 lbs

Comes in 5 sizes up to the X Large size for 120lbs dogs

This model has a single door, but as mentioned above, there is a double door option too

Comes with a removable and washable plastic black crate base pan

You can fold the crate up and down easily – makes it good to take this crate travelling or to fold down and store away

Has two slide bolt locks on the door

The X Large crate measures 48-inches long by 30-inches wide by 33-inches tall.


What Could Be Improved About This Crate?

Not for escape artist dogs that can slide latches/bolts or try to squeeze through the bars

Not for destructive dogs or dogs that chew heavily




Should You Get A Carlson Dog Crate?

In terms of a regular metal wire dog crate, the Carlson double door or single door crate is a good option.

It’s affordable, and relatively good construction and design for the price.

If you have an escape artist or destructive dog though, you may want to look to the heavy duty dog crates.


New World Folding Metal Dog Crate


Affordable metal wire crate

Comes in 5 sizes from 24 inches to 48 inches

Comes in both single door and double door options

The 48 inch model measures 48L x 30W x 33H externally

The 48 inch model is for dogs up to 110 pounds

This crate folds up and folds out – makes it easy to store or travel with in the car

Has a removable plastic pan that is washable and easy to clean

Has slide bolt latches for locking

Has rounded corners on the crate for safety


What Could Be Improved?

Honestly, overall, this is a great regular metal wire crate for the price

It’s not the strongest crate on the market, but that’s to be expected for the price




Should I Get A New World Metal Dog Crate?

If you are just looking for a regular metal wire crate, the New World is a great option.

Make sure your dog will fit within the 48 inch model, and is no bigger than 110lbs.

If you have a heavy chewing dog or a destructive dog, you might get a heavy duty crate.


Best Metal Wire Dog Crates: Buyer’s Guide

Why Do We Rate The MidWest iCrate The Best Metal Wire Dog Crate?

We considered the prices of all the crates, and weighed the prices up against:

The range of sizes the crates came in

How many features they had

How strong and sturdy the crate are

How good the design of the crate is and how easy it is to use in a range of scenarios

How popular the crate is overall

Overall user satisfaction


When we considered all those factors, the MidWest iCrate came out on top.


What About The Midwest Solution Series “Ginormus” Double Door Dog Crate?

For Giant dogs, there aren’t as many crate options.

The MidWest “Ginormus” crate though did have the best mix of factors considering the price.

Read more about extra large dog crates for Giant dogs here.

For a Giant dog, if you don’t like this crate, you may look at the heavy duty steel crate as well.

You can check out a review here:


What Is A Metal Wire Dog Crate?

A metal wire crate is the most popular dog crate made of simple metal wire and usually has a plastic removable crate pan.


Are Metal Wire Dog Crates Foldable, Collapsible and Portable?

Yes, most of the crates listed above fold up and down without any tools.

This means you can store them away or transport them in your car for example.


Metal Wire Dog Crates For Cars

The above metal wire dog crates could definitely be folded up and transported in your car.

Check your local laws and regulations for safe pet travel and whether crates are allowed fully assembled.


Metal Wire Dog Crates For Airplanes and Airline Travel

The dog crates above are not approved for airline travel.

Check with your airline provider the approved dog crates for airplane travel.


What Can A Metal Wire Dog Crate Be Used For?

Metal wire dog crates can be used at home indoors and outdoors for both puppies and adult dogs.


Who Would Get A Metal Wire Dog Crate?

People looking for an affordable dog crate that is great for home use, and can be folded down or assembled quite quickly.


Who Wouldn’t Get A Metal Wire Dog Crate?

People with dogs that chew, scratch, are escape artists or destructive dogs.

For those dogs, check out the heavy duty steel dog crates:


What Size Metal Wire Dog Crate Do I Get, And How To Measure For It?

You can do two things to figure out what size dog crate to get:

Measure your dog from their paws to the top of their head, and from the tip of their nose to the bas of their tail – make sure your dog has 2-3 extra inches ontop of those measurements in the interior dimensions of the crate 

Look at the weight capacity of the crate and make sure your dog fits with that weight limit


MidWest iCrate vs Life Stages Dog Crates – Which Is Better?

We put together a comparison outlining the similarities and differences of these popular MidWest metal dog crates, plus consider which is better:

MidWest iCrate vs Life Stages Dog Crate Comparison


Other Dog Crate Types

This guide outlines some of the best dog crates across different crate categories.



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