Best Collapsible & Folding Dog Crates: Reviews & Buyers Guide



Collapsible and folding dog crates come in a few different crate types.

The best collapsible dog crates and the best folding dog crates are usually the most popular ones – metal wire dog crates, and soft sided dog crates.

Each of these crates offer great versatility in terms of what you can use them for, and assemble quickly or fold down quickly – making them fantastic to transport to another location, or simply fold away.

Let’s check some of the better options!


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Best Collapsible & Folding Dog Crates: Reviews & Buyers Guide

Our top picks for the best folding and collapsible dog crates are:

Best Value Metal Wire Dog Crate (Up to 48 Inch Available) –  MidWest iCrate (on Amazon)

Other Metal Wire CratesMidWest Life Stages (on Amazon), or AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate (on Amazon)

Soft Sided Folding/Collapsible Dog Crate – EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate (on Amazon)

*Dog crate bed is sold separately – you might look at the MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs (on Amazon)


*Note – a dog crate should be able to safely and comfortably fit your dog when it is standing, sitting and laying down. Make sure you measure your dog, and read the product sizing details, and product description prior to purchasing to make sure a dog crate is suitable for your dog. 


Best Collapsible & Folding Dog Crate: Reviews

MidWest iCrate Dog Crate

You can read a MidWest iCrate Dog Crate review here.

We’ve also put together a MidWest iCrate vs Life Stages dog crate comparison guide.

As a summary of the crate though:

Dog Crate Features

  • Great value for money
  • Comes in 9 sizes from 18 inch up to 48 inches
  • 48 inch model measures 48L x 30W x 33H inches
  • Comes in single door and double door options
  • Comes in cool blue and pink options too – both with single doors
  • Comes with free divider panel, leak-proof plastic pan, a strong carrying handle, rubber “roller” feet
  • Locking is two heavy duty slide-bolt latches (per door)
  • Crate folds down and up without tools – great crate to store away or travel with
  • Comes with rounded corners

What’s Not So Good About It?

  • Slighter weaker metal than the Life Stages crate
  • Not the strongest crate metal on the market, but not weak either

View the MidWest iCrate Dog Crate (on Amazon)


EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

You can read an Elitefield 3 Door Folding Soft Crate review here.

As a summary of the crate though:

Good Features

  • A soft dog crate made of a steel tube frame, and high quality durable 600D fabric and hex mesh fabric
  • Extremely well priced considering what you get
  • Can be assembled, and folded back down quite quickly – no tools required
  • Has three mesh doors (on the top, front, and side)
  • An overall breathable and well ventilated crate
  • Also has two accessory pockets on the top and side of the crate;
  • Has a removable and washable cover,
  • Comes with a free fleece bed cushion and carrying bag 
  • Has a handle and hand carrying straps on the crate, and hand carrying straps and adjustable padded shoulder strap on the carrying bag
  • When folded, the crate is just 3 inches high – making it easy to store
  • An easy crate to transport
  • For small through to large dog breeds
  • Comes in 5 sizes all the way through to the largest size crate at 42″L x 28″W x 32″H
  • Comes in a massive 13 different color schemes – some are one color whilst others are two tone
  • Elitefield are a reputable company

What Could Be Improved?

  • Fabric zips and unzips – some dogs will try chew the zipper or push it with their nose
  • Not for chewer dogs or dogs that are destructive
  • Not for dogs that scratch or dig
  • Seams could be slightly stronger – although they are not poorly stitched

View the EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate (on Amazon)


Best Collapsible & Folding Dog Crate: Buyer’s Guide

What Is A Collapsible or Folding Dog Crate?

Usually they are the smaller more compact dog crates that assemble very quickly without tools or nuts and bolts.

If we take metal wire and soft nylon fabric crates for example, they assemble quickly, but also can be folded up just as quickly, and then carried around by their handle, or stored away.


Who Are Collapsible and Folding Dog Crates For?

These crates are good for people who want a lighter weight crate that can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are fairly versatile in terms of their usage.

For example, a soft crate is great to take to the vet or for short camping trips, or trips away from your home.


Who Are Collapsible and Folding Dog Crates NOT For?

Most crates do collapse or fold down.

But there are some heavy duty steel or aluminium crates, or hardened plastic crates for example, that don’t fold down.

These crates may require nuts, bolts and screws to go together, or may have to be clipped together. They don’t necessarily have a frame that allows these crates to be folded.

If you are travelling on an airline and you need a plastic hard enclosed crate, or you have a destructive dog that demands a heavy duty crate, you may not get a lighter more versatile folding crate.


What Size Collapsible/Foldable Dog Crate To Get?

Check these two things and measure your dog for:

  • The weight capacity for the crate or kennel
  • The height, length and width of the kennel should be 3-4 inches taller and longer than your pet so there’s ample space to fully stand up, easily turn around and comfortably lie all the way down


Where Can I Read More About Soft Sided and Metal Wire Dog Crates?

We have a couple of guides here:

Best Metal Wire Dog Crates

Best Soft Sided Dog Crates


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