Owens Dog Box Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


In these Owens Dog Box Reviews, we take a closer look at these heavy duty aluminium dog boxes.

Owens do dog boxes for truck beds and transport, and also hunting.

We take a look at some of the available Owens Dog Boxes, and outline who they might be for and might not be for.

Let’s check them out!


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Owens Dog Box Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Some of the available Owens single and double dog boxes are:

Single Dog Boxes


Double Dog Boxes

*NOTE: you can find the other Owens dog boxes once you are on Amazon, but these are some of the most popular at the moment.


Owens Dog Box Reviews

Owens Striker Series™ Dox Box


These boxes are double compartment boxes

Comes in 2 sizes – a 48″W x 45″D x 26″H box, and a 38″W x 40″D x 24″H box

Has standard box vents – 7″ x 10″ maximum flow side air vents

Box is made of a strong diamond plate aluminum construction

Inside the box is plastic corrugate lined dog compartments

Has a Lockable T-Handle on the doors

Has screw on storm covers

Has galvanised carrying handles

Has a full length top storage compartment


Owens Pro Hunter Series Dog Box

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Double compartment dog boxes

Designed to be hunting dog boxes

Comes with bottom drawer storage

Good for taller trucks and easy access to your gear

Come with either the large All-Seasons vents or the full-size version can be purchased with the round “strike” holes used by bear and cat hunters

There’s 3 Pro Hunter boxes available – the 38″W x 40″D x 26″H box with bottom storage and all seasons vents, the 46 x 45 box with bottom drawer standard box, and the 46 x 45 box with bottom drawer TALL box

These boxes are made of diamond tread aluminium construction

They are dual lined (top and bottom) on the interior

They have lockable slam latch doors with storm covers

They have extra large all seasons side and rear air vents with storm covers 


Owens Hunter Series


Comes in single, double and triple compartment box options

Available with, or without top storage 

Designed mainly for hunting

Made with diamond plate aluminium construction

Has internally lined compartments

Has lockable slam latch doors with safety latches

Boxes are slotted for you to install crate cooling fans if required

Comes with standard 7×10 inches maximum flow side air vents

Can also get these boxes with All Seasons oversized vents


Owens K9 Transport Series


As of January 2018, one size box is listed on the Owens site – a single compartment 23″W x 45″D x 26″H box

It has a lined dog compartment inside

Oversized bar style front door

An adjustable rear air vent

A lockable aluminum T-Handle

An aluminium storm door cover 


Owens K9 Tactical Series Dog Box


As of January 2018, this series is listed on the Owens site, but no products are listed under the series


Owens Dog Box Buyer’s Guide

What Dog Boxes Do Owens Offer?

They offer the following range as of 2018:

Striker Series™

K9 Tactical Series

Pro Hunter Series

Hunter Series

K9 Transport Series

DIY Kits


Who Are Owens Dog Boxes For?

People who want heavy duty aluminium dog boxes

People who want dog boxes to go in a truck bed

People who hunt or do outdoor truck activities where they need to have a box for their dog

People who have a high budget for dog boxes

People who are interested in single and double dog compartment dog boxes

People who want dog boxes that have storage compartments, internal lining, strong doors, strong locking and other features common to Owens dog boxes


Who Are Owens Dog Boxes Not For?

People who want a soft dog canopy or a plastic crate for the back of their truck

People who have a low budget to spend of a dog box


Which Size Dog Box To Get?

Make sure you find out the internal compartment dimensions of the dog box you want to buy.

Measure your dog from paws to the top of their head, and from the base of their tail to the tip of their nose.

Make sure your dog’s measurements are about 2-4 inches shorter than the compartment so they have enough room to stand, turn around and lay down comfortably.

If you are unsure, ask Owens for their recommendation.


What’s The Main Difference Between The Hunter and Pro Hunter Series?

The main difference is that the Pro Hunter series has bottom drawer storage.

The Hunter series has with top storage, or no storage.

The Hunter series also comes in single, double and triple compartment options, and has a much wider range of boxes available.


Other Hunting Dog Crates & Boxes

You can view some of the best hunting dog crates and boxes here.



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