Best Heavy Duty & Strong Dog Crates


When you are looking for heavy duty dog crates, you want to make sure they are both strong and secure.

The best heavy duty dog crates that we could find came in two types – heavy duty steel, and heavy duty plastic.

We outline what these crates are, their pros and cons, and most importantly whether a heavy duty dog crate is for you.

These crates may also classify as indestructible and chew resistant – we say chew resistant because no crate on the market may be completely chew proof.

Let’s check them out!


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Best Heavy Duty & Strong Dog Crates 

Our top picks for the best heavy duty dog crates are:

Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate



Other Steel Heavy Duty Dog Crates


Heavy Duty Plastic Dog Crate

Rough Tough Single and Double Door Heavy Duty Plastic and Composite Dog Crates


Best Heavy Duty & Strong Dog Crates: Reviews

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage


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Basically the toughest and strongest dog crate on the market with reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes, and 20-gauge steel.

In terms of security and locking, the dog crate has two sliding steel bolts that are very strong.

Something in particular that we love is that the floor system is two tiered – there’s the steel grate floor of the crate, and underneath that there is a removable tray. So, it’s super easy to clean!

Removable casters – You can attach casters to the bottom of the cage to allow for easily rolling the cage to other locations or leave the casters off for added stability.

Comes in 2 sizes – Medium and Large.

Medium has interior dimensions of 35.75 inches length x 23.5 inches width, with 24.5 inches of height inside the crate.

Large has interior dimensions of 40 3/4 inches length x 28 1/8 inches width, with 31 3/4 inches height inside the crate.


Potential Drawbacks

We can only see three real drawbacks with this crate:

1. The crate is quite heavy – but, it’s quite easy to move it when you have the casters/wheels attached

2. There’s a very very small chance you might get a crate that has one or two weak welds. If these welds are weak at the latch or on the casters, you can only re-attach them by getting them re-welded. But, this is a minor concern

3. Some dogs may not be able to fit in the largest size crate


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You can check out a ProSelect Heavy Duty Steel Dog Crate Review here.


Rough Tough Heavy Duty Plastic Kennels With Composite Doors

Crate Features

Heavy duty plastic crate designed particularly for travel, transport, boarding, but also for home

Extremely strong construction – all in one strong plastic crate with composite metal crate door

Crates have been dropped from 12 feet onto concrete and grass and have no noticeable damage.

Comes in a range of sizes – small, medium, intermediate and large

Comes in single door and double door options

The Large single door crate has interior dimensions of 34in L x 21.5in W x 25in H

Lightweight – the large kennels only weigh around 30lbs

Easy to clean

Has good ventilation with holes in the side of the crate

Made in the USA

Has metal inserts on the crate so you can stack or couple crates together, and also use them for tie downs



Not the cheapest crate to purchase, but for the quality, it’s worth it


Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Crate

A heavy duty crate designed as an upgrade in terms of strength of material compared to regular metal wire crates

Has 22-gauge steel with 1/2-inch diameter steel tubing material, and has welding at all stress points

Comes in both a medium and large size

Large Dimensions are 42 x 30.7 x 40.9 inches, and Weight is 102.63 pounds

Good for dogs up to a large size, but not Giant dogs

Has a grated floor, and slide-out metal tray for easy cleanup

Has wheels to move crate around, and has a locking brake

Has a single door

Has dual slide locks to prevent escape artist dogs

Needs two people to carry and assemble

The Ultimate Heavy Duty Crate is similar to another heavy duty dog crate on the market – the Proselect Empire Heavy Duty Dog Crate 


Best Heavy Duty & Strong Dog Crates: Buyer’s Guide

What Is A Heavy Duty Dog Crate?

A heavy duty dog crate is usually a steel or strong aluminium dog crate.

This is in comparison to the popular and most common metal wire, soft sided nylon, and hardened plastic dog crates for example.

Dogs that break dog crates tend to break the metal and plastic ones, not the metal ones


What Makes A Good Heavy Duty Dog Crate?

A few features might include:

Made of a thick gauge of steel with welded joints and not screw or weak plastic hinge joints, OR made of heavy duty aluminium with riveted concealed joints

An easy to clean floor mess system

A strong double locked latch system for the dog crate door, OR a key lock system

Casters and wheels to transport the crate around

The crate is big enough for your dog to fit in comfortably


Who Are Heavy Duty Dog Crates For?

Heavy duty dog crates are good for:

People with houdini escape artist dogs

People with dogs that chew, scratch or who are destructive

Those with dogs that will fit in a crate up to 40 3/4 inches length x 28 1/8 inches width x 31 3/4 height


Who Are Heavy Duty Dog Crates NOT For?

People on a budget for a dog crate

People with dogs that are too big for a 40 inch crate

People who have dogs suitable for metal wire, plastic and soft dog crates


Should I Get A Steel or Aluminium Dog Crate?

It depends on what you need from the crate, as the crates are designed differently and have different features and prices.

Read the ProSelect dog crate review and see if it suits your needs.


What Size Heavy Duty Dog Crate To Get, And How To Measure

Check these two things and measure your dog for:

The weight capacity for the crate or kennel

The height, length and width of the kennel should be 3-4 inches taller and longer than your pet so there’s ample space to fully stand up, easily turn around and comfortably lie all the way down


Other Dog Crate Options 

Other relevant guides for people looking for heavy duty dog crates might be:

Best Overall Dog Crates On The Market

Best Extra Large Dog Crates For Giant Dogs

Best Dog Crates For Escape Artists



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