Best Dog Crate For A Pickup Truck & Truck Beds


When looking for the best dog crate for pickup trucks and truck beds, it’s imperative you put your dog’s safety first.

You absolutely want to know the laws and regulations for safe pet travel in vehicles in your area, and comply with them.

If you can ride with your secured dog inside the vehicle, that’s always a preference, but some people may not have that option.

In this informational guide, we look at the best dog crate and tether options for dogs riding in the back of a pickup truck or a truck bed.

Let’s jump into it!


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Best Dog Crate For Pickup Truck & Truck Beds

Our top picks for the best dog crates for pickup trucks and truck beds are:

Plastic Or Molded Dog Crates

– Rough Tough Crates/Kennels


You can check out other plastic dog crates in this guide.


– Gunner G1 Dog Kennel


Aluminium Dog Crates and Kennels

– Owens Dog Boxes

Single Dog Boxes


Double Dog Boxes


– Impact Case Dog Crates

Stationary Dog Crate Series


Collapsible Dog Crate Series


Soft Dog Crates


*NOTE: you can check out this guide for the best dog tethers for truck beds.


Best Dog Crate For Pickup Truck & Truck Beds: Reviews

Rough Tough Heavy Duty Plastic Kennels With Composite Doors

Read the Rough Tough Heavy Duty Plastic Kennel/Crate review here.


Gunner G1 Kennels

Read more about the molded Gunner G1 Kennels in this guide.


Owens Dog Boxes

Owens create speciality dog boxes for trucks, that they make in the USA. 

Their main dog boxes are the Striker Series, K9 Tactical Series, Pro Hunter Series and Hunter Series boxes.

They make both single dog boxes, and double dog boxes for two dogs in the one box, but characteristics that are common to their Striker Series boxes for example are:

They are made of a diamond plate aluminium construction

They come with vents in the box for ventilation

They have plastic corrugate lined dog compartments, some are single lined or some are double lined

They have Lockable T-Handles on the doors, with screw on storm covers

They have galvanised carry handles

They have storage compartments for tools, equipment and pet supplies


The best way to describe these boxes is extremely heavy duty, and designed especially for truck beds, hunting and outdoor activities that involve vehicles.

Because of their high quality, these boxes aren’t cheap.


Impact Case Aluminium Dog Crates

Read the Impact Case Dog Crate reviews here.


Bushwhacker® – Paws n Claws K9 Canopy w/ Pad and Tether for Truck Beds

View On Amazon


A soft canopy designed for the back of trucks and truck beds

It is made of polyester and a tear resistant mesh

The canopy is designed to reflect light

The half inch pad bed you get with the canopy is designed to be wiped down easily

You get an adjustable dog tether with the canopy that attaches to the truck’s tie-down brackets. It’s 4 straps with gutter hooks

Good to use for camping, backyards, garages, and any other time your dog requires shade and a comfortable bed in a truck bed

The dimensions are 48″ Length x 32″ Width x 30″ Height.



Not for heavy chewers

If it does not have the weight of your dog of it, and you leave it on your truck, it can sometimes come off or partially detach in heavy wind and rain




Best Dog Crate For Pickup Truck & Truck Beds: Buyer’s Guide

Should I Get A Plastic, Aluminium or Soft Dog Crate For My Truck?

It really depends on the laws in your area, and what your requirements of the crate are.

The soft dog canopy is not an enclosed crate, but rather a canopy/shade.

Both the plastic and aluminium crates are very heavy duty, and as long as you can find a way to legally secure them, they should both be very safe.


What Is The Safest Way For A Dog To Travel In A Vehicle?

The safest way is the the way that complies with the laws and regulations for pet vehicle travel in your area.

This is usually being secured within the cabin part of the vehicle, either with a dog harness or a dog crate.

But, sometimes people choose to ride with their dog in the truck bed if it is safe and complying.

You still want to secure your dog in the truck bed in a sturdy dog crate.


How Do I Safely Secure The Dog Crate To The Truck Bed?

People usually do one of two things:

Get a tether with the crate and tether the crate to the truck hook in points

If the crate doesn’t come with tethers, people may get ratchet straps and attach or run them through the crate, and back to the truck tie in points


It’s very important to make sure that the crate can be secured through either tie down points, tether points or through another part of the crate.

For example, something we like about the Gunner G1 Kennel is that they have dedicated tie down pins. 

Your truck should also have hook in points for securing to.

Make sure your securing method is safe and meets law requirements.


Dog Tethers For Truck Beds

Check out this guide for the best dog tethers for truck beds.


Best Dog Crates On The Market

Although many of these dog crates are designed for regular use only, you may want to look at some of the best dog crates on the market right now across various categories.



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