Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Fine, Thin Or Short Hair


The dog clippers you need for fine, thin or short hair are usually going to be different to the ones you might need for coarse, thick, long or matted fur.

You won’t need as much torque and power through the clipper motor and drive shaft.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide on the Best Dog Clippers For Fine, Thin Or Short Hair.

We’ve included one more versatile option that has heavier duty capabilities, as well as a cheap option.

Let’s take a look!


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(Additional Note: before buying a corded or cordless clipper, please consider the skill, competency and knowledge required to adequately and safely groom a dog with clippers. Strongly consider employing a professional animal groomer to do it if you are uncertain or not confident with what you are doing)


Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Fine, Thin Or Short Hair

Our top picks for the best dog clippers for fine hair, and short or thin hair are:


Some other popular or commonly used clippers that might draw more mixed reviews, or varying experiences using them might include the:


If you’d like to check out other pet hair clipper options, including cordless clippers but also other corded clipper brands and models, you may like to read this guide:

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Best Dog Grooming Clipper For Fine, Thin Or Short Hair: Reviews

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Best Dog Grooming Clipper For Fine, Thin Or Short Hair: Buyer’s Guide

Which Dog Clipper Blades To Get For Fine, Thin Or Short Hair, And In General?

Different clippers are going to be compatible with different blades.

Read the product description for the types of blades that come with and work with that clipper.

On top of this, some blades are going to better for fine, thin or short fur or hair than others.

Manufacturers should have a blade grooming chart, or tell you in the blade or comb product description what type of hair it is good for and what length it cuts to.

For example, with the Andis you might use an 10 blade for fine, short or medium length hair. A 7 or 7FC might be better for matted or heavy/thick hair.

You can read more about the detachable Wahl, Oster and Andis blades and combs here:

Best Pet Clipper Blades and Combs


What Features & Things Should You Look Out For In Dog Hair Clippers?

You may like to look out for the following considerations and questions about a clipper you buy:

What thickness of fur is the clipper for? Thin, medium or thick hair?

What types of coats and dog breeds can the clipper be used on? Poodles, terriers, spaniels, all breeds?

How many speeds the clipper has (SPM/strokes per minute)

What the maximum and minimum speeds of the clipper is

How much does the clipper weigh

How long is the clipper

What shape is the clipper when you grip it – circular, or squarer?

How long is the clipper cord

How long is the warranty that comes with the clipper? What is the duration, and what are the conditions of the warranty and return policy?

What sort of motor does the clipper have – rotary, electromagnetic, brushless?

What sort of blade drive system does the clipper have?

Does the clipper have any technology that keeps the power and torque of the drive motor consistent through the cuts?

What comes in the clipper kit – does it come with a blade, blade oil, storage case etc.?

What extra blades might you need to buy with the clipper

What blades the clipper is compatible with

What guide combs the clipper is compatible with

Does the clipper come with any extra features like an ON locking switch?

Is the clipper a 2 in 1 corded and cordless clipper?


Additionally for cordless clippers, you might ask:

What type of battery does it have – rechargeable lithium ion, rechargeable NiMH, or replaceable AA?

How long does the battery last for on full charge?

How long does the battery take to charge?

Does the battery charge on a charge stand or directly through a charger cord?

Is the battery in built into the clipper, or is it removable?


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