Oster Volt vs Pro 3000i Cordless Animal Clipper Comparison Guide


When it comes to cordless model animal clippers, Oster offers a few premium options.

The Oster Volt and the Oster Pro 3000i are examples, with each being higher priced battery operated clippers.

What we’ve done is put together an Oster Volt vs Pro 3000i Cordless Animal Clipper Comparison Guide.

It should be useful to you as you can find the main features of each clipper, and quickly figure out which one might suit you better.

Let’s check them both out!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

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Oster Volt vs Pro 3000i Cordless Animal Clipper Comparison Guide

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Oster Volt vs Pro 3000i: Summary, & Which One To Get

You can find the similarities and differences and other main features of each cordless clipper below, which may sway your decision on which clipper to get.

However, the biggest factor that might sway your decision is that the Volt runs at a slower speed of 2400 strokes per minute compared to the 3000i’s 3000 strokes per minute.

Oster say that this slower speed is designed to keep the blades cooler when you are clipping through matted and very thick fur (where the blades can heat up if they have to work harder to get through the matting to stay at the same speed rate).

So, definitely consider blade speed and potential for blades to heat up in your decision.


Oster Volt vs Pro 3000i: Similarities

To be honest, these clippers are very similar in a lot of ways. Their main similarities include that:

They can both be used on most coat types and thicknesses

They both are one speed clippers

They both have detachable lithium ion batteries

They both last roughly 2 hours after a full charge

They both are compatible with Oster A5 detachable blades

They both come with a #10 Cryogen-X blade


Oster Volt vs Pro 3000i: Differences

Some of their main differences include:

The speed they run at – the Volt runs at 2400 SPM, and the 3000i runs at 3000SPM

The Volt measures 1.6″ H x 1.8″ W x 8.3″ L, and the 3000i measures 1.6″ H x 2.6″ W x 7.9″ L – meaning the 3000i is slightly shorter

The Volt is slightly lighter at 1lbs vs the Pro 3000i at 1.3lbs

The Volt runs at a slightly higher Wattage of 12 Watts, compared to the 3000i’s 10 watts.


Oster Volt vs Pro 3000i: Main Features

Oster Volt

A cordless clipper designed for dogs, cats, horses, and livestock

Has a permanent magnet motor

Has a single speed of 2400 strokes per minute

Has a high torque design with lower blade speeds that allows blade to stay cooler for longer

Dimensions of the clipper are 1.6″ H x 1.8″ W x 8.3″ L

Lightweight clipper at only 1lbs

Clipper has a removable rechargeable Li-Ion battery – you can swap out one battery for a charged battery

Battery can run up to 2 hours on one charge

Has a 1 hour charge time

Clipper uses all A5® Detachable Blades

Can be used by amateurs or professionals

Can be used for most coat types

Comes with a #10 CryogenX blade

Runs at 12 Watts


Oster Pro 3000i

A cordless battery operated pet clipper that is designed for use on dogs, cats, horses and livestock

Works on most coat types

The battery is removable/detachable Li-Ion battery, so you can have a backup charged battery if you need it

The battery lasts about 2 hours per charge

The clipper motor runs at one speed – 3000 strokes per minute

Clipper measures 1.6″ H x 2.6″ W x 7.9″ L, and weighs 1.3lbs

Clipper is compatible with all Oster A5 detachable blades, including wide blades.

Comes with a battery, charging stand, and Size 10 Cryogen-X blade

Runs at 10 Watts


Oster Volt vs Pro 3000i: Reviews

You can read full reviews of each of these cordless animal clippers here:

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