Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Pet Clipper: Review


Andis are a quality and reputable company when it comes to dog clippers and other grooming products.

We’ve put together a review of one of their most popular and top performing dog clippers – the Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Pet Clipper.

These dog clippers have both a low and high speed, can be used by amateurs and professionals, and are made for all types of dog breeds and coat types.

They are one of the most versatile dog clippers on the market.

Below we’ve outlined it’s main features and potential drawbacks so you can quickly get a good idea of whether it’s suitable for you and your grooming needs.

Let’s take a look at it!


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Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Pet Clipper: Review & Buyer’s Guide

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Common extras/accessories you might consider with this Andis clipper unit are:


Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Pet Clipper: Review

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A corded dog clipper unit designed for both thin and thick coat dogs

Can be used on dogs such as poodles, terriers, spaniels and similar dogs

Has a Super two-speed rotary motor designed for professionals, but regular owners can use them too.

The motor is designed to stay cooler than the magnetic motor design – has a 120V | 60Hz rotary motor

One of the more heavy duty and versatile dog clippers on the market

Has one low speed and one high speed – 3400, and 4400 strokes per minute

Clipper weighs 1.10 lbs., and is 7.13 in. in length

Has a detachable blade that allows you to detach one blade and attach another

Compatible with all UltraEdge, CeramicEdge and ShowEdge blades

Also compatible with the Oster A-5 blades 

Has a locking switch to keep the clipper on

The clipper housing is designed to be shatter proof so it is more durable to knocks and bumps

The clipper housing is a round barrel so you can get a wider grip

Has a 14′ heavy-duty cord

Comes in standard packaging or frustration free packaging

Comes in different colors

Larger in size and slightly heavier compared to Andis SMC models

Comes with a 1 year warranty – but make sure to check the warranty duration and conditions at the time you buy

Comes with an UltraEdge Size 10 Blade – good for a basic cut for straight, short to medium length coats



The clipper unit is not cheap 

Doesn’t come with a storage case

There’s a small gap in the unit between the near where the head of the clippers are and the body. This gap looks intentional in the design and is probably fine, but some people choose to put a piece of tape over it to prevent hair etc. getting inside it. You may want to contact Andis beforehand though it case this gap serves some type of cooling or ventilation purpose

Because of the high speed of the Andis clippers, the blade can get hot if you use it continuously for longer periods. Some people get a second blade to allow one to cool off, or use blade oil to combat this problem. You can also use guide combs so that the blade isn’t in contact with your dog’s skin

Blades are sold separately apart from the blade that comes with the clipper unit (the 10 blade comes with this one)

For slightly matted coats, you’ll have to buy a 5 or 5FC blade separately

For very matted coats, or heavy/thick coats, you’ll have to buy 7 or 7FC blade separately (the most common extra blade bought)

If you want to specifically groom the pads, legs and feet, or get a specific length of cut, you’ll have to buy the other types of blades



Overall, this is one of the best all around and top end heavier duty clippers on the market. You get value for money when you buy them because of the performance and the quality of manufacture. They suit regular owners or professionals.

The two major things people have some issues with are the blades heating up, and the cost of extra blades (although most people usually only get an extra 7 or 7FC backup blade, and a 10 shaving blade).


Andis AGC2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Pet Clipper: Buyer’s Guide

Who Might The Andis ACG2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Pet Clipper Be For?

Amateurs and professionals

Those looking for a clipper for light and heavier thickness furs

Those looking for a corded pet clipper

Those looking for a two speed pet clipper

Those looking for a pet clipper with detachable blades


Who Might The Andis ACG2 UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Pet Clipper NOT Be For?

Those looking for a clipper with more than 2 speeds

Those looking for a cordless animal clipper

Those looking for a cheap clipper


What Dog Clipper Blades To Use With This Clipper?

In general, a 10 Blade works for most thin to medium length dogs for a basic coat cut. A 7 or a 7FC works for most very matted coats, or heavy coats.

If you Google ‘Andis Grooming Chart’, Andis has a PDF you can check out that suggests the different blades to use for each breed, or dogs in general.


What Blades To Use On A Terrier, Poodle, Spaniel Or Other Specific Dog Breeds With Clippers?

For specific breeds, you might groom in s specific style.

Google ‘Andis Poodle Grooming Guide’ for a poodle grooming guide and you can find blade selection tips for different styles like Sporting, Puppy, Miami, Bichon etc.

Do the same thing and replace ‘poodle’ with the name of the breed you want to groom to find their relevant guides.


Where To Read More About Andis UltraEdge & CeramicEdge Blades?

You can read these guides:

Andis CeramicEdge Blades Guide

Andis UltraEdge Blades Guide


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