Oster Turbo A5 vs Golden Dog Clippers Comparison Guide


Two of the Oster A5 dog hair grooming clippers are the Turbo and the Golden models.

Because of this, we thought it would be very useful to put together an Oster Turbo A5 vs Golden Dog Clipper Comparison Guide.

You can find out the main differences, as well as the main features between each of the dog clippers in this guide. This information should be useful if you’re considering buying.

Let’s check the information out!


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Oster Turbo A5 vs Golden Dog Clippers Comparison Guide

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Oster Turbo A5 vs Golden Dog Clippers: Summary & Differences

The Turbo is designed for faster blade speeds and wider blade sweeps, along with better airflow and less noise during grooming than the Golden model.

In particular, it has two speeds of 3000 and 4000 strokes per minute compared to the 2100 and 2700 strokes pet minute speeds of the Golden.

There are also one speed models of each clipper. The Golden one speed clipper in particular is designed for heavy duty tasks and matted fur.


Oster Turbo A5 vs Golden Dog Clippers: Features, & Summary

Oster Turbo A5 2 Speed

– Features

The Oster A5 Turbo is one of the most popular animal clippers on the market

Is a corded pet clipper

Can be used on dogs, cats, horses, and livestock

Offers two speeds at both 3000 and 4000 strokes per minute.

Has a heavy-duty universal motor 

Compatible with Oster A5 detachable Cryogen-X™ blades, and Elite Cryogen-X™ and Take Down Quick Wide ™ blade series

Comes with a #10 Cryogen-X blade included, as well as blade oil, clipper grease, a cleaning brush, and replacement carbon brushes

Comes in two colors – blue and black

Has a 1 year warranty

Made in the USA of foreign and domestic parts

Has a 12 foot power cord

The clipper weighs 1.7lbs

The clipper dimensions are 1.9″ H x 2.1″ W x 8.2″ L

Runs at 45 Watts

Has a universal rotary motor


– Potential Drawbacks

Some blades run loud on this clipper

The metal blades and clipper body can heat up quickly on this clipper – perhaps it is a motor defect on some models

The clipper is slightly bulky for detail type work

You have to buy blades and combs separately

Clipper is not compatible outside the US


– Who Might This Clipper Be For?

Those wanting an electric pet clipper

Those wanting a 2 speed pet clipper

Those wanting a pet clipper for amateurs and professionals

Those wanting a pet clipper for a range of coat types

Those who prefer Oster over other brands like Andis


– Who Might This Clipper NOT Be For?

Those wanting a cordless pet clipper

Those wanting a variable speed pet clipper with more than 2 speeds

Those wanting a cheap pet clipper


– Summary

The A5 is a good clipper, but it seems like at the moment in 2018 it is facing some issues. There might be some defective models being sent out with overheating being a common issue in the unit.

The blades also seem to lift while cutting on some models.

Maybe there has been some slight re-designs by Oster we are not aware of that are impacting this.

Either way, a better clipper as an alternative to check out for now (until Oster rectifies these issues) might be the Andis AGC2 Detachable Blade Pet Clipper


– View Clipper

View the Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper on Amazon


Oster Golden A5 Speed

– Features

A corded clipper

For general purpose grooming

Has a Two Speed motor – Hi – 2,700 SPM, and Lo – 2,100 SPM speed settings

Clipper dimensions are 1.9″ H x 2.1″ W x 8.2″ L, and it weighs 1.7lbs

Compatible with the A5® Cryogen-X™ blades, Elite Cryogen-X™ blades and the wider Take-Down-Quick™ wide blade series

Comes with a #10 Cryogen-X detachable blade

Has a 1 year warranty

Runs at 45 Watts

Cord length is 12 feet

Has a Universal Rotary Motor


– Potential Drawbacks

Have to buy extra blades and combs separately

The unit feels a bit chunky and heavier than other clippers

The unit and metal on this clipper can get hot when used for extended periods

The top end speed on this clipper isn’t as fast as others around the same price


– Who Might This Clipper Be For?

Those looking for a 2 speed clipper

Those looking for a corded clipper

Those looking for a general purpose clipper


– Who Might This Clipper NOT Be For?

Those looking for a cordless clipper

Those looking for a 3 or more speed clipper

Those looking for a high speed or high power clipper


– Summary

The clipper is good without being great. It works OK, but the max speed and power could be greater, and some models have issues with staying cool. The clipper unit could also be more ergonomic and streamline to hold. The Andis AGC2 corded clipper is a pretty good value for money versatile pet clipper worth a look at as an alternative to this Oster.


– View Clipper

View the Oster Golden A5 2-Speed Animal Clippers on Amazon


Oster Turbo A5 vs Golden Clippers: Blades

Both these clippers are compatible with the Oster Cryogen-X blades. You can read more about them here:

Oster Cryogen-X Clipper Blades Review 


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