Oster Cryogen-X Detachable Dog Grooming Clipper Blades: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Oster is one of the main and popular brands when it comes to pet clippers, so it only makes sense to look at the blades they provide for their clippers.

At present, their newest blades are the Cryogen-X blades, and we’ve put together an Oster Cryogen-X Blades Review Guide.

You can quickly find out here what the Cryogen-X blades are that are available, what they do, and how they might be used.

Let’s check them out!


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Oster Cryogen-X Detachable Dog Grooming Clipper Blades: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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What Are The Oster Cryogen-X Dog Clipper Blades?

The Cryogen-X blades are detachable high carbon steel clipper blades that fit on most of Oster’s popular pet grooming clippers.


How Are The Oster Cryogen-X Dog Clipper Blades Different To Other Oster Blades?

They are designed to run cooler than Oster’s other blades, require less sharpening, and have an extended blade life.

The blades are manufactured with a 12 step process that involves them being frozen to 300ºF below zero which hardens the fine-grain carbon steel in the blade to a Rockwell hardness rating of 62+.


What Oster Cryogen-X Dog Clipper Blades Are Available?

Size 50 – leaves the hair 1/125″ in length

Size 40 – leaves the hair 1/100″ in length

Size 30 – leaves the hair 1/50″ in length

Size 15 – leaves the hair 3/64″ in length

Size 10 – leaves the hair 1/16″ in length

Size 10 Wide – leaves the hair 1/16″ in length

Size 9 – leaves the hair 5/64″ in length

Size 8-1/2 – leaves the hair 7/64″ in length

Size 7 – leaves the hair 1/8″ in length

Size 5 – leaves the hair 1/4″ in length

Size 4 – leaves the hair 3/8″ in length

Size 3 – leaves the hair 1/2″ in length

Size 7F – leaves the hair 1/8″ in length

Size 5F – leaves the hair 1/4″ in length

Size 4F – leaves the hair 3/8″ in length

Size 3F – leaves the hair 1/2″ in length

Size 5/8 – leaves the hair 1/32″ in length

Size 7/8 – leaves the hair 1/32″ in length


How Do You Use The Oster Cryogen-X Dog Clipper Blades?

You can Google ‘Oster canine blade chart’ and there should be a couple of PDF charts that come up that tell you which sized blades to use on different dog breeds and their different body parts.

There’s guidance for Poodles, Terriers, Spaniels and so on.

The size 10 and 7F blades are pretty useful as starter blades for both longer coats and finer hair grooming though if you were to start with just a few blades.


Which Clippers Are The Oster Cryogen-X Dog Clipper Blades Compatible With?

Most of Oster’s detachable blade clipper models.

To make sure, read the clipper product description. They should tell you the type of blades they are compatible with.


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