Andis Pulse ZR vs Supra ZR Cordless Clipper: Comparison


Andis has a few different cordless clippers to choose from in their different ranges.

Two of those clippers are the Pulse ZR and the Supra ZR (there’s also the ZR II out now too).

We thought it would be useful to do a Andis Pulse ZR vs Supra ZR Cordless Clipper Comparison Guide where you can see the main differences between these clippers.

We’ve also listed the main features of each in case you want a quick summary of what they offer.

Let’s check them out!


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Andis Pulse ZR vs Supra ZR Cordless Clipper Comparison Guide

If you prefer, you can go straight to viewing the Andis clippers here:


NOTE: the Supra ZR II (on Amazon) is now out and available as well.

Some major upgrades are a removable battery (instead of a built in battery) and a 2.5 hour battery run time


Andis Pulse ZR vs Supra ZR: Summary, & Which To Get

It’s very simple:

– The Pulse ZR is a pet hair clipper designed for pet hair and fur

– The Supra ZR is a human hair clipper designed for human hair


Pet hair and fur clippers usually have motors and blades (usually wider with differently spaced teeth) designed for thicker and coarser animal hair, and even double coats.

Some people manage to use a pet hair clipper on human hair on the lower speeds effectively, but that is not what they are designed for.

Human hair clippers are designed for softer and finer human hair, and certainly aren’t meant for pet hair.


Andis Pulse ZR vs Supra ZR: Main Features To Consider, & Summary

Pulse ZR

– Features

A cordless clipper for pet grooming

Designed for heavy duty pet clipping, but in reality it’s better for light to medium thickness coats

Used by either amateurs or professional groomers.

Has a detachable blade

Has 5 speeds – and you can adjust the speed between 2500 to 4500 strokes per minute

Motor is a 100-240V motor, and is 50-60Hz

Comes with a rechargeable non-removable battery

The battery is a lithium ion battery, which lasts 2 hours per charge. You can get multiple cuts on multiple pets out of the battery before it dies usually

This clipper works with UltraEdge® CeramicEdge® and Show Edge™ blades

The clipper weighs 1.10 lbs, so is lightweight

The length of the clipper is 8.13 inches

In the kit you get the clipper, charger stand, Tube of Blade Oil and Cord Pack Adapter

On Amazon, you also get a Ceramic edge size 10 blade (but check this at the time of purchase as inclusions can change)


– Potential Drawbacks

The battery is built into the clipper and is not removable. You can’t have a backup charged battery ready to put into the clipper unless you buy a second clipper

With some models, the charger can be inconsistent in recognising or charging the clipper

With some models, the motor or battery can become inconsistent after a few months or a year and cut in and out

You have to buy extra clipper blades separately – at present you only get a 10 blade with it


– Who Might The Clipper Be For?

Those looking for a 5 speed clipper

Those looking for a cordless clipper

Those looking for a rechargeable clipper

Those looking for a pet, or human clipper

Those looking for a clipper with detachable blades

Those looking for a clipper for light to medium thickness coats


– Who Might This Clipper NOT Be For?

Those looking for a corded clipper

Those looking for a cheap clipper

Those looking for a cordless clipper with a removable battery


– Summary

The clipper is good when it works. It appears there may be some issues with the charger, motor and battery on some models – which is not what you would expect for the price. It’s probably better to look elsewhere for the time being until whatever is causing these issues for some users to be resolved. The warranty is a limited 1 year warranty at the moment, and you would probably expect it to be a bit longer than that for the price.


– View Clipper

View the Andis Pulse ZR Cordless Clipper on Amazon


– Blades

You can buy additional Andis CeramicEdge Blades (on Amazon) for the Pulse ZR. At the moment, it only comes with a 10 blade when you buy on Amazon. Check the inclusions at your time of purchase.

Usually most people start with a 10 blade and a 7 FC blade and go from there. You might also buy a cheap detachable clipper comb set instead of the blades

You can read more about Andis clipper blades in these guides:

Andis CeramicEdge Blades Guide

Andis UltraEdge Blades Guide


To find out more information about animal clipper blades, do an online search for ‘Andis Grooming Chart’, Andis has a PDF you can check out that suggests the different blades to use for each breed, or dogs in general.

For specific breeds, you might groom in a specific style.

Google ‘Andis Poodle Grooming Guide’ for a poodle grooming guide and you can find blade selection tips for different styles like Sporting, Puppy, Miami, Bichon etc.

Do the same thing and replace ‘poodle’ with the name of the breed you want to groom to find their relevant guides.


Supra ZR

– Features

A cordless human hair clipper that can cut wet or dry hair

It’s designed for Heavy duty for high-volume haircutting

Has a rotary motor and a lithium ion battery

Has 5 speeds to select from and is adjustable from 1,800 to 3,800 strokes per minute

Has a 2-hour run time on a 2-hour charge

Works with all UltraEdge® and CeramicEdge® blades

Weighs 1.10 lbs.

Is 8.13 inches in length

The charger stand is dual voltage at 100-240 V. The frequency of the charger stand is 50-60 Hz


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