Plexidor Electronic Dog Doors Reviews Guide


Plexidor have a reputation for having the biggest and strongest pet doors for small through to big and extra large dogs.

What some people don’t know is that Plexidor also have electronic dog doors available.

In these Plexidor Electronic Dog Door Reviews Guide, we discuss the pros, cons and main features of these electronic pet doors.

We summarise whether they might be worth your money if you want an automatic dog door.

Let’s check them out!


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Plexidor Electronic Dog Doors Reviews Guide

If you prefer, you can go straight to viewing the electronic Plexidor Dog Doors here:

You can buy additional Plexidor Collar Keys for additional pets or as replacement keys (on Amazon).


You can read more about automatic and electronic dog doors in this guide.


Plexidor Electronic Dog Doors: Reviews

Wall Mount Plexidor Electronic Dog Door

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An automatic/electronic dog door for dogs up to 125 pounds and all cats

The wall unit pet doors can be installed into stud, brick, block or cement walls up to 12 inches thick

The opening of the door is 12 3/4 inches wide by 20 inches high

The way this door works is that it uses RFID technology where the door sensor reads the pre-programmed code in the collar key to know when to open and close the door automatically for the pet wearing it and no one else. So, other animals and wildlife are kept outside

A composite panel slides up and down when your pet enters and exits (you can adjust how long the panel stays open for)

The panel is completely secure when closed

The collars require no batteries

The waterproof collar key weighs just 0.4 ounces, and snaps onto your pet’s collar

The range of the collar to the door is 12 to 15 Inches

The system usually comes with 2 collar keys (but confirm before you buy)

The door signal wont’ interfere with a dog fence system, or a home security system

The door is pet and child safe – won’t close on and crush a pet or child if they obstruct the door and sit in the opening

The door plugs into a standard household outlet or can be hardwired

Made in the USA

Has a 5 year limited residential warranty

Comes with an aluminium tunnel that connects the interior and exterior frame

Comes in bronze and white colors



Not a cheap door



Overall a great dog door for small to large pets if you want an automatic dog door 




Door Mount Plexidor Electronic Dog Door

Has all the same features as the wall mount door, except this one is designed for installation into standard exterior house doors.

This is a door mounted electronic dog door.

View the Door Mount Plexidor Electronic Dog Door (on Amazon)


Plexidor Electronic Dog Doors: Buyer’s Guide

What Are the Plexidor Electronic Dog Doors Designed For?

Wall Mount Model

Dogs up to 125 pounds and all cats

The wall unit pet doors can be installed into stud, brick, block or cement walls up to 12 inches thick


Door Mount Model

Dogs up to 125 pounds and all cats

Can be installed into standard exterior house doors


Who Are The Plexidor Electronic Dog Doors For?

Dogs or cats

Pets up to 125lbs

Pets that will fit through an opening 12 3/4 inches wide by 20 inches high

People who want an automatic/electronic pet door for a wall or an exterior standard house door


Who Are The Plexidor Electronic Dog Doors NOT For?

People who want a non electronic/automatic dog door

People who have dogs over 125lbs

People who want a dog door to install in any other place than a standard exterior door, or a stud, brick, block or cement walls up to 12 inches thick

People on a budget who want a cheap automatic dog door


How Do You Install This Pet Door?

There’s no substitute for following the manufacturer’s instructions for installing their Pet Door product which should come with the door, or should be found on their website. They may also have YouTube videos to help you.

But generally, for most Pet Doors you need to cut out a section of the door or wall, insert and fix a frame or tunnel extender into the wall or door, and then fix the door onto the frame.

This may involve using a jigsaw or cutting tool, a drill, a screwdriver (can be phillips head or sometimes a non standard screw is included in the kit so check this), and the hardware included in the pet door kit.

Sliding doors and aluminium frame installs are generally easier as there’s usually no cutting, but just rather inserting and sometimes fixing involved.

Some people choose to install themselves, whilst some people choose to get a professional handyperson to do it for them.


Other Dog Doors

You can check out the best dog doors across different dog door types in this guide.

We also include information such as how to pick the right size dog door, and how to install a dog door.



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