Perfect Pet The All Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door Review


You’ll find this Perfect Pet The All Weather Dog Door Review useful if you’re looking at an energy efficient type pet door.

These pet doors fit most standard exterior household doors and also walls if you get a wall tunnel kit.

They comes in a range of sizes for small through to larger dogs up to around 120lbs.

In this review we go over the main features, pros, cons and who the doors may and may not be for.

Let’s check them out in greater detail!


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Perfect Pet The All Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door Review

If you prefer, you can go straight to viewing the Perfect Pet The All Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door here:

* For wall installations, you can get the Wall Kit (on Amazon)

* For extra weather protection, you can get the Weather Proofing Kit (on Amazon)


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Perfect Pet The All Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door: Review

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An all weather type dog door made of energy efficient structural foam molded plastic

Comes in 4 sizes from small through to super large

Super Large comes with a 15 inch x 23.5 inch flap size opening, and is for dogs up to around 120lbs

It has a double vinyl flap design that creates an energy efficient air pocket in the middle of the door

As standard it can be installed into most exterior household doors with the ¾-inch to 1 ¾-inch thickness frame that comes with the dog door

Door installed pet doors have an air pocket of up to 3 inches

The pet door can be wall installed with a separately bought wall kit

The air pocket between the pet door flaps on wall installed pet doors is up to 9 inches

Has brush seals on the side interior of the frame for further insulation

Has magnetic seals on the bottom of the flaps to catch and seal the flaps

Has a security panel you insert on the inside of the door to completely close/lock off the door from outside animals and people

Quite easy to install



Sometimes the flaps get caught on the internal brush seals, and let outside cold or hot air in

Sometimes the magnetic strips don’t fully stick and it leaves one flap slightly unsealed

Not a really cheap pet door



Overall, as an all weather energy efficient dog door, it works quite well and generally is worth the money for pets right up to the 110-120lbs range. There’s no perfect pet door on the market, but this one is pretty good.


Perfect Pet The All Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door: Buyer’s Guide

What Is The Perfect Pet The All Weather Dog Door Designed For?

It’s designed as an insulated energy efficient dog door for cold weather or hot weather, and can fit pets up to 120lbs through the Super Large size opening flap.

It’s designed for door installation, or wall installation with an additional wall kit.


Who Might The Perfect Pet All Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door Be For?

People who want a weatherproof energy efficient dog door

People who want a cold and hot weather dog door

People who want a dog door for small through to large pets

People who want to install in a door or wall

People who want an easy to install door


Who Might The Perfect Pet All Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door NOT Be For?

People with extra large and Giant pets over 120lbs

People who want a cheap dog door


How Do You Install The Perfect Pet All Weather Dog Door?

There’s no substitute for following the manufacturer’s instructions for installing their Pet Door product which should come with the door, or should be found on their website. They may also have YouTube videos to help you.

Generally, for most Pet Doors you need to cut out a section of the door or wall, insert and fix a frame or tunnel extender into the wall or door, and then fix the door onto the frame.

This may involve using a jigsaw or cutting tool, a drill, a screwdriver (can be phillips head or sometimes a non standard screw is included in the kit so check this), and the hardware included in the pet door kit.

Sliding doors and aluminium frame installs are generally easier as there’s usually no cutting, but just rather inserting and sometimes fixing involved.

Some people choose to install themselves, whilst some people choose to get a professional handyperson to do it for them.


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