Best Heavy Duty Dog Doors That Are Strong, Or Chew Proof


For some owners, finding the toughest dog door is their main priority.

What we’ve done is gone out and found the best heavy duty, check proof and strong dog doors on the market.

Not only are these dog doors made of stronger materials than the average dog door which makes them more heavy duty and stronger, but some of them feature for example hardened panel openings, which are more chew proof than a vinyl flap.

You can find reviews for each of these dog doors in the guide below, as well as a helpful buyer’s guide with useful information.

Let’s take a closer look at them!


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Best Heavy Duty Dog Doors

Our top picks for the best heavy duty, chew proof and strong dog doors are:

  • Door Mounted Plexidor Dog Door (on Amazon), or Wall Mounted Plexidor Dog Door (on Amazon) – strong and secure pet door, with largest size offering a flap opening of 16 inches wide by 23 3/4 inches high, for pets up to 220lbs. Have plexiglass panels instead of flaps – better for dogs that chew. Also comes with a lock, key and steel security plate
  • Security Boss MaxSeal Pet Door For Doors (on Amazon) – Insulating, Sealing and Security Pet Door. Largest size flap opening is 15 3/4 inches wide x 32 inches high, for extra large to Giant dogs. Made of a heavy duty aluminum frame, and comes with a top loading close off panel, and locking pin
  • Endura Flap Double Flap Door Mount Pet Door (on Amazon) – energy efficient dog door. Extra Large model has a 12″ w x 22″ h flap opening, for extra large to Giant dogs. Made of heavy gauge aluminum framing. Also comes with a security close off cover that is the equivalent to 1/16″ sheet of steel – clips in place with a clipping feature


*Some heavy duty dog doors have thicker or stronger panel openings, or are solid and not easy easy to chew, instead of softer chewable door flaps


Best Heavy Duty Dog Doors: Reviews

Plexidor Pet Doors – Reviews Guide

Security Boss MaxSeal Pet Door – Reviews Guide

Endura Flap Double Flap Door Mount Pet Door – Reviews Guide


Best Heavy Duty Dog Doors: Buyer’s Guide

What Makes A Dog Door Heavy Duty, Strong or Chew Proof?

Heavy duty and strong dog doors are usually made of stronger metal materials like a heavier metal frame, instead of for example a plastic or thinner frame that might come with regular pet doors.

Chew proof dog doors will come with a flap that is hard, and therefore chewers will be discouraged to try chew it.

Softer vinyl flaps might be easier for chewing dogs to get a hold of.


Other Dog Doors

You can check out the best dog doors across different dog door types in this guide.

We also outline things such as how to measure a dog for a dog door size, and how to install dog doors.



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