Best Dog Door For A Sliding Screen Door


There’s a particular type of pet door you have to look for when looking for the best dog door for a sliding screen door.

These pet doors have to be able to directly mount into either the screen mesh, or onto a screen guard if your screen door has one.

This is in comparison to a regular pet door that is door or wall mounted, or even an aluminum sliding pet door that mounts into the aluminum frame.

Let’s check out the best pet door sliding screen door options!


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Best Dog Door For A Sliding Screen Door

Our top picks for the best dog door for a sliding screen door are:


Best Dog Door For A Sliding Screen Door: Reviews

Ideal Pet Doors Screen Guard Pet Door


A pet door that mounts to a screen guard (you have to have an existing screen guard – the pet door doesn’t come with one)

The good news is it won’t ruin your screen door mesh if you don’t like the pet door

Comes in 2 sizes – medium and extra large

Extra large has a flap opening size of 10-1/2″ x 15″

The flap is a flexible vinyl flap with magnetic closure

Comes as a white color



You have to buy the screen guard separately – either from your local outdoors/hardware store, or something like the ADFORS Storm Grille (on Amazon)

The magnetic strip on the flap could be stronger

The screws that come with the door could be stronger

Like all screen door pet doors, the long term durability is a question mark for this pet door



Overall, in our opinion, this is the best screen door pet door option. You get the added strength from the metal screen door guard you don’t get with other screen door pet doors, and, it fits small to large pets


Ideal Pet Products Screen Fit Pet Door


Pet door that mounts directly to the screen door

Has a flap size of 8-7/8 in. wide by 10-1/2 in. tall to accommodate pets up to 20 pounds

Has dual slide locks for security

Has magnetised corners to seal the door

To install you clamp onto the screen, and cutout the inside of the frame

Outside dimensions are 10 3/4″ x 12 3/4″



Not a particularly strong pet door

Doesn’t always make a flush closure after installation

You risk ruining your screen door if the door either gets damaged or doesn’t shut properly



Pet door is OK if you install it properly and the door sits flush. Questions over it’s strength, durability and the door opening and closing flush


PetSafe Pet Screen Door


Snaps onto your existing screen mesh

Can be installed on metal or vinyl coated fiber screen doors, window screens or porch screens

Has a bronze colored, high-impact plastic frame with screen flap

Has dual, slide locks to close flap

For pets 30 lbs. or less; flap opening size is 8″ W x 9 1/4″ H

The price is very cheap



The door material isn’t the strongest door materials out there

The door’s installation method isn’t super strong – it’s supposed to snap onto the screen, but to make the installation more secure you need to further modify the door with additional support

If the door doesn’t last, you are left with a hole in your screen mesh



A cheap pet door. Door material and installation strength aren’t great – usually need to make your own modifications to beef up the door


Namsan Magnetic Pet Screen Door


Mounts directly to the screen mesh – you snap it to the mesh and you cut the mesh inside

The external frame screws together for extra strength

The inner flap has magnetic closure

The inner flap has a plunger locker for security

The flap opening size is 12 inches by 14 inches

Comes with the door, 8 screws and installation instructions



The door material is not very strong 

The door doesn’t install very securely – it feels flimsy

For small dogs only



Not a very strong pet door. There’s better options on the market


Best Dog Door For A Sliding Screen Door: Buyer’s Guide

What Do You Need To Consider With Dog Doors For Sliding Screen Doors?

The main things to consider are:

Is the pet door mounted directly onto the mesh, or do you mount it to a screen guard?

What size pets cant he flap opening accommodate?

How strong is the pet door? Do you need to modify it in anyway to make it stronger?


You might also want to check how the flap closes (that it maintains a good seal) so that outside bugs and insects can’t come in.


How To Measure Your Pet For A Sliding Screen Door Pet Door?

Look at the flap opening size, and consider the following:

What is the width of your dog’s rib cage – make sure they can get through the width of the flap opening

What is the height from floor to the top of your pet’s shoulder blades – make sure the height of the flap opening is big enough for this


How To Install A Sliding Screen Door Pet Door?

The manufacturer of the door you buy should provide you with clear instructions on how to install the door and what you need for the install.

In general, there’s usually two ways:

1. Cut the screen guard, and snap and fix the door to the screen guard

2. Cut the screen mesh directly, and snap and fix the door to the screen mesh


You want to install the pet door at a height that is catered to the height of your pet.

Common tools used are a tape measure, a hammer or mallet, a screwdriver and a cutting tool.

You may decide to install yourself, or get a professional to help you with the install.

It’s not uncommon for people to buy extra hardware like screws/bolts, brackets and glue/clamps to beef up the screen door pet door.


Other Dog Doors

You can check out the best dog doors across different dog door types in this guide.

We also include information such as how to pick the right size dog door, and how to install a dog door.



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