Best Dog Door For Large Dogs: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


The best dog door for large dogs (and extra large) will need to have a few features to be suitable for larger canines.

Two of these important features include a large hole opening size, and a very strong frame to take any potential contact from their larger body size.

There is not a long list of large dog doors on the market, so we found found a good option for you.

This door by Plexidor, also has great security and is a good option for heavy chewers because of how strong it is.

Let’s have a look at it…


List Of Top Rated Dog Doors For Large Dogs

Best Dog Door For Large DogsPlexiDor Performance Pet Doors Large White Door Mount (on Amazon) 


Best Dog Door For Large Dogs: Reviews

PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors Large White Door Mount

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The Plexidor Performance Large Door Mounted Pet Door comes with a hardened aluminium frame and strong plexi glass panels which can be locked and unlocked.

The large model is especially designed for dogs up to 100 pounds, but there is an Extra Large version for dogs up to 220 pounds.

Who Is This Dog Door For?

  • People who want a high quality pet door for large and extra large dogs, heavy chewers, and want extra security in a dog door
  • People who want a tough dog door with a big warranty
  • People who are OK paying more for a high quality pet door

Who Is This Dog Door Not For?

  • People who want a standard or cheap dog door
  • People who want a dog door for medium and small dogs

What’s Good About It?

  • Strong frame – hardened aluminium
  • Comes in three colors – silver, white or bronze
  • Plexiglass panels are strong and you won’t need to replace a flap like you would on a standard dog door
  • Comes with cylinder lock and key for panels
  • Comes with an additional steel security plate which can be placed on the inside of the dog door for extra security (like when you go away on holidays or for an extended period)
  • The door as a whole seems to seal really well giving you great weatherproofing. The panels seal off better than a regular flap with magnetic strip
  • Manufactured in the USA

What’s Not So Great?

  • You pay a premium for this pet door because of it’s high quality materials and construction

What Else Do You Need To Use This Dog Door?

  • Cutting tool, drill and screwdriver to install the door
  • If you don’t have a completely flush/flat door, you will need to caulk any gap

Where Can I Check Out This Dog Door?

View the PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors Large White Door Mount (on Amazon)

Is There An Extra Large version of this dog door for the biggest dogs?

Yes. Plexidor have an Extra Large Dog Door for dogs up to 220 pounds:

Are there Large and Extra Large Wall Mounted Plexidor dog doors?

Yes. They also have a wall mounted dog door for large and extra large dogs:


Best Dog Door For Large Dogs: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

Large Dog Doors vs. Regular Dog Doors – How To Know If I Need A Large Dog Door?

The things that set apart a large dog door from a regular dog door are mainly:

  • The size of the opening of the door
  • The strength of the materials and construction of the door

If you have a dog between 90-120 pounds and larger, you’ll probably be wise to look at large and extra large dog doors.


Features To Look For, And Considerations To Make For Dog Doors For Large Dogs

  • What material are the frame, and door panels made of? Are they strong?
  • Can the panels or door be locked? How does the locking mechanism work?
  • What size dog is the door designed for?
  • Are there different sizes of the dog door available for dogs of different weights?
  • Are there different models of the door available for door AND wall mounting?
  • Does the door come in different colors?
  • Are there any additional security features like security plates available for the door?
  • Does the door have any weatherproofing features like seals or a magnetic strip?


Dog Door For Large Dogs – Accessories & Extras

  • Door extender or tunnel
  • Cutting tools to cut the door hole
  • Caulking gun


Best Dog Door ForLarge Dogs: Resources



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