Best Dog Door For Window Sash: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide



If you have aluminium window sashes and you have one or several pets, it might be worth looking at buying a dog or pet door to insert into your window sashes.

The best dog door for window sash layouts is usually aluminium frame, adjustable to the width of the window opening, and is available in different sizes for different pets of different heights, widths and weights.

We’ve listed below what we think is a good pet door window option – offering flexibility, ease of installation, high quality materials and security.

Let’s look at the pet door from Ideal Pet now…


Top Rated Dog Door For Window Sash

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door (On Amazon) – Best Dog Door For Window Sash


Best Dog Door For Window Sash: Reviews

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door

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If you don’t want to or can’t install a pet door into a door or window in your house, this pet door allows you to install one into your window sash.


Who Is This Dog Door For?

  • Those wanting to install a pet door into their window sash

Who Is This Dog Door Not For?

  • Those wanting to install a pet door into their door or wall
  • Those with a dog bigger than 90lbs, or a pet smaller than 36lbs

What’s Good About It?

  • Comes with a white aluminium frame
  • No holes to cut – it installs into a sliding sash window track
  • Comes in different sizes – the Extra Large model fits 33″ to 38″ Wide windows
  • 5/8″ thick on all sides
  • Comes with a spring loaded locking slide
  • Lexan clear vinyl flap with magnetic strip for closure – flap size is 10-1/2″x15″
  • Extra Large is designed for pets from 36 lbs to 90 pounds
  • There are other model of this pet door for cats and smaller pets

What’s Not So Great?

  • The only real problem with this window is that it would be good if it came with a sliding security screen as the security on the pet door isn’t great. However, there are some extra security bits you can buy relatively cheaply to make up for this

What Else Do You Need To Use This Dog Door?

  • Drill and screwdriver to install
  • Extra security measures –

– 4 Pcs Sliding Window Lock (On Amazon)

Prime-Line Products U 9809 Sliding Window Lock, 1/2 in., Diecast Construction (On Amazon)

Where Can I Check Out This Dog Door?

Click here to view the Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door on Amazon


Best Dog Door For Window Sash: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

What Are Dog Doors For Windows & Window Sashes?

A dog door that allows your pets to both enter and exit your house from a window sash based pet door.


What Types Of Dog Doors Are There For Windows & Window Sashes?

Most of the dog doors for windows are aluminium frames dog doors to fit in with existing aluminium framed windows.

They can be categorised by their flap or opening size – for different sized (height, width and weight) dogs.


How To Choose A Dog Door For Windows & Window Sashes?

You might pay attention to these specific factors:

  • Consider if you want an aluminium framed pet door for windows, and what colour you want the frame
  • Consider the opening size (width and height) to make sure it fits your dog’s dimensions
  • Make sure the door you want to purchase will fit in your existing window sash


Dog Door For Windows & Window Sashes – Accessories

  • Installation tools
  • Window Locks and security accessories
  • Window wedge


Best Dog Door For Window Sash: Resources



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