Best Dog Door For A Garage Wall


The best dog door for a garage wall will depend on a couple of factors.

For example, are you wanting to install on a thin interior wall, or a thicker exterior wall? Does the garage join onto the main house, or is it free standing?

What we have done to make things easy for you, is pick out the best pet door for wall mounting/installation, and provided you with a quick review of that pet door.

We’ve also linked you to a guide where you can find more pet doors that can be wall mounted in case this one is not quite what you’re looking for.

Let’s jump into it!


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Best Dog Door For A Garage Wall

Our top pick for the best dog door for a garage wall is the:


We’ve also written a guide on the list of all possible other wall mounted dog doors, and it includes reviews and a buyer’s guide for them. 

You may like to check it out if the wall you want to install on is less than 4.75 inches thick for example.


Best Dog Door For A Garage Wall: Review

PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminium Pet Door

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A wall mounted pet door made of dual/double flaps, a tunnel and an aluminium frame

Fits walls with a 4.75 in. – 7.25 in. thickness

Fits into various wall types such as siding, stucco and brick

Has a closing security panel you can put on the back of the pet door to close off the hole

Comes in small through to large sizes for pets up to 100lbs

Large size has a 10 x 15 inch flap opening

There are wall extenders for walls bigger than 7.25 inches thick



The flaps are plastic and not vinyl

The tunnel is a bit thin – it could be a bit thicker for when bigger pets step on it. You may find it better to put some support like 2 x 4’s under the pet door tunnel for some reinforcement

The magnetic strip on the flap could be stronger to last longer and completely seal every time a pet passes through



Overall, if you want a wall mounted pet door, this model does everything you would want it to.

It’s good value for money without being a standout in any one area. If you want an insulated dog door though, you may look at the Ruff Weather, All Weather or Extreme Weather doors


Best Dog Door For A Garage Wall: Buyer’s Guide

Picking A Dog Door For A Garage Wall

You may consider the following:

– that the manufacturer lists the walls as being a suitable mounting spot for the pet door

– what types of walls the manufacturer lists as being suitable for the door installation

– what thickness of wall the door can be mounted onto


Installing A Dog Door On A Garage Wall

The dog door should come with measuring and installation instructions – read these carefully as there is no substitute for this advice from the manufacturer.

Generally, for most Pet Doors you need to cut out a section of the wall, insert and fix a frame or tunnel extender into the wall or door, and then fix the door onto the frame (and seal and weatherproof it).

This may involve using cutting tool, a drill, a screwdriver (can be phillips head or sometimes a non standard screw is included in the kit so check this), and the hardware included in the pet door kit.

Some people choose to install themselves, whilst some people choose to get a professional handyperson to do it for them.

For the wall frame/tunnel, the standard pet door wall extender tunnels can be flimsy and not hold their shape. Some people choose to make their own tunnel or frame in the wall for more strength and security, or reinforce the tunnel/frame with packing such as timber.


Other Dog Doors

You can check out the best dog doors across different dog door types in this guide.

We also include information such as how to pick the right size dog door, and how to install a dog door.



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