Best Dog Leashes For 2 Or Multiple Dogs


When it comes to having multiple dogs on a leash, there’s a few options:

– Use multiple leashes, with one dog on each leash

– Use one dual leash with 2 dogs on one leash

– Use a coupler or 2 way splitters – which allows 2 dogs on one leash

– Use a 3 way splitter, which allows 3 dogs on one leash

If all that sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry!

We explain each one below, and also list some dual leashes, and splitters/couplers.

Let’s check them out!


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Best Dog Leashes For 2 Or Multiple Dogs

Our top picks for the best dog leashes for multiple dogs are:


You can also read about some of the other dog leash options on the market in this guide.


Leash Couplers and Splitters


*If you want to walk two dogs, buy a dual leash, or a single leash and a 2 way splitter.

If you want to walk three dogs, buy a leash and a 3 way splitter.

You could also just buy separate leashes for each dog without the splitters – it’s easier to undo tangles with separate leashes if your dogs like to wander all over the place when they walk.


Best Dog Leashes For 2 Or Multiple Dogs: Reviews

Caldwell’s Pet Supply 2 Way Leash Splitter

View On Amazon

Made of reinforced nylon webbing which is really strong – similar to what is used for seatbelts

Has adjustable straps – is 24 inches long when fully extended, or 16 inches long at it’s shortest length

Has strong alloy clips to attach to collars/harnesses

Has a strong alloy O ring to attach to a dog leash

Designed for minimum tangle

Designed not to stretch, break and to be waterproof

Comes in 2 sizes – small and large

Comes in 1 color – black

Full satisfaction guarantee

View Caldwell’s Pet Supply 2 Way Leash Splitter on Amazon


Zack and Zoey 3 Way Leash Splitter

Made of tough nylon with nickel plated clips

Comes in 3 lengths – 4, 12 and 24 inches

Comes in 2 way or 3 way splitter options

The straps aren’t adjustable in length

Not as much of a tangle free design as the Caldwell 2 way splitter

View Zack and Zoey 3 Way Leash Splitter on Amazon


Pet Lovers Heavy Duty Dog Leash

A double layer heavy duty dog leash which makes this leash 2 x stronger than regular nylon leashes.

Despite the strength of this leash, it is still very lightweight. It’s also waterproof and equally good in warm or cold weather.

One of the great things is this leash has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The bright blue and red leashes stand out, and the leash also includes reflective stitching to better pick up the light.

Really soft padding in the handle makes it soft to grip onto while walking or training.

Suitable for small, medium and small dogs.

Comes in 5 colors and types in total – black, blue, red, reflective red, and reflective black.

View Pet Lovers Heavy Duty Dog Leash on Amazon


Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash

The most popular hands free dog leash on the market. It’s features include:

Can be used for walks, hikes, runs or training – a very flexible dog leash

Good for adventurers, walkers, runners, and moms and dads

Designed for 30-100lbs dogs

Has a massive 48 inch long leash

You can detach the belt and use this as a normal leash too

Has two handles on the leash to allow you to control your dog from either your hips or closer to their collar/harness for greater control

Has a shock absorbing bungee section between the two handles on the leash – allows the leash to extend up to 60 inches with some pulling from your dog

The stitching is 3 seamed reinforced stitching that is quite strong. The stitching is also reflective stitching for extra visibility at night

Buckles are made of strong reinforced plastic

The leash connector that connects to your waist band moves along the band quite easy – allows your dog to more easily move side to side

Leash has a lifetime guarantee

Available in 5 bright and fun colors – red, orange, blue, green and turquoise.

The waist belt is 48″ in length – measure your waist before buying 

View Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash For Running, Walking, Hiking and Training on Amazon


Best Dog Leashes For 2 Or Multiple Dogs: Buyer’s Guide

What Is A Double, Triple or Multiple Dog Leash?

A multiple dog leash is a dog leash that allows you to walk usually 2 (double dog leash) or 3 dogs (triple dog leash) at a time on the one leash.


How Do I Buy or Make A Double or Triple Dog Leash?

The most common way to buy or make a double or triple dog leash is to first buy a leash.

You then do the following:


For double dog leashes

You buy a 2 way coupler or splitter (they are both the same thing).

This coupler/splitter has a d ring on one end that attaches to your leash clip.

On the other end it has 2 leash extenders/straps that clip to each of your dogs’ collars or harnesses.


For triple dog leashes

You buy a 3 way splitter.

This 3 way splitter has a D ring on one end that attaches to your leash clip.

On the other end it has 3 extenders/straps that clips to each of your dogs’ collars or harnesses.


Best Dog Leash For 2 Dogs – Two Way Leash Splitters, Leash Couplers, Dual/Double Dog Leashes

For two dogs, you can either buy two separate leashes, or buy one leash and a coupler/2 way splitter.

The advantages to buying two separate leashes is that they don’t tangle as easily and you then have two separate leashes for training each dog, but your dogs have more room to wander off in different directions.

The advantage to buying one leash with a coupler is that is very slightly cheaper and you have better control over both dogs by keeping them closer together.

The disadvantage is that couplers and splitters can get tangled when your dogs cross over each other.


Best Dog Leash For 3 Dogs – Three Way Leash Splitters, Triple Dog Leashes 

The same advantages and disadvantages applies for 3 dogs as for 2 dogs.

Except, you’re buying a 3 way splitter instead of a 2 way splitter.


Best Dog Leash For Multiple Dogs – More Than 3 Dogs

If you’re walking more than 3 dogs at a time, like for example 6 dogs, you could try:

2 leashes, each with a 3 way splitter

Or, 3 leashes, each with a 2 way splitter


You could also try multiple leashes without couplers or splitters.


What’s The Best Tangle Free Multiple Dog Leash?

When talking about tangle free multiple dog leashes, we are really talking about 2 situations:


Using a 2 way splitter, or a 2 way splitter

When using splitters, if your dogs cross over or under each other, the splitter is going to start to tangle.

The splitters with the adjustable straps are best because you can shorten them to making crossing over or under more difficult.


Using multiple leashes

The benefit to using multiple leashes, one for each dog, is that when your dog’s cross over or under each other, you can simply untangle the leashes from your hands, instead of having to go to the splitter and untangle it there.

For most people though, as long as your dogs aren’t crazy walkers or runners on the leash, tangling should be kept to a minimum.


What’s The Best Hands Free Multiple Dog Leash?

If you want to go hands free, you can combine a hands free dog leash with a 2 way or 3 way splitter.

The best hands free dog leash in our opinion is the Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash For Running, Walking, Hiking and Training (on Amazon).

You can read more about the best hands free dog leashes in this guide.


What’s The Best Retractable Multiple Dog Leash?

We are not big fans of using retractable leashes with 2 way and 3 way splitters.

Retractable dog leashes just aren’t as strong as thick nylon or hands free leashes.

The retractable wheel unit has the tendency to break and fail, and the nylon leash cord is always very thin.

If you have your heart set on using a retractable dog leash, you can check out the best heavy duty retractable dog leashes in this guide.

You can use them with a 2 way or 3 way splitter.


Anything Else To Be Aware Of With Double and Triple Dog Leashes?

Make sure you always check the recommended dog weights each leash or splitter is tested, and consider that with your dogs.

Also, specifically with the hands free dog leashes, make sure you measure your waist and look at the size of the waist band that comes with the leash.



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