German Shepherd Car Travel: Safety Tips, & Keeping The Car Clean


A German Shepherd can travel by many forms of transport including boats, trains, planes, trucks and or course cars.

When travelling by car, you want to make sure your GSD is safe, and that you also keep the car clean.

In this guide, we list common safety and cleanliness issues and tips.

Let’s take a look! 


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German Shepherd Car Travel: Safety Tips, & Keeping The Car Clean


Common Problems With German Shepherd Travelling In The Car

Some common problems faces might include:

– Lots of hair dropped, and subsequent vacuuming

– Your seats get dirty, stained and damaged with mud, nail scratches, urine, vomit or something else

– Motion sickness, and anxiety for your dog. Car sickness is common in puppies and dogs with anxiety.

– Your dog can jump on or walk across you if not trained or safely restrained, which can lead to accidents

– Leaving a dog in a dangerously hot vehicle in hot weather

– Dogs not having access to water on long distance vehicle travel


Tips For German Shepherd Car Travel – Cleanliness, & Safety


1. Consider a blanket, or seat protector to protect your seats from scratching, mud, pee and poop, vomit (especially if a puppy or adult dog gets car sickness), hair and general staining and odor

Read more in this guide – Car Seat Covers, Protectors & Hammocks For Dogs

2. Consider a vacuum for cleaning up dog hair

You might consider a handheld vacuum for picking up pet hair

Other options include lint rollers, and other pet hair picking up devices and products

3. If your dog pees or messes the car seats, make sure you know how to clean it up properly



1. Get your GSD comfortable in the car.

Put your GSD’s favorite toy, favorite blanket or rug, a treat, or yourself in the car with the door open and encourage them to join you.

Introduce your GSD to the car and vehicle travel young, as a puppy.

2. Travel with your GSD in the back seat if possible, or wherever they will be safest in the car

3. Make sure your dog is properly restrained – with a harness, a tether or seatbelt, crate or another device or product.

Make sure your dog can’t move around the vehicle or stick their head out of the car in a dangerous manner

4. On longer trips, make sure your dog is able to have potty breaks, and gets access to water and food.

Make sure they can lay down comfortably, and they aren’t too hot or too cold

5. If you have to stop somewhere, make sure your dog isn’t left in a dangerously hot car, especially in hot weather


Products For Dog Car Travel

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Dog Crates For Car Travel

Dog Barriers For Vehicles

Dog Seat Extenders For Vehicles


Training A German Shepherd For In Car Travel

The tips found in this guide may help for training a GSD to travel in the car – how to train a German Shepherd, including top tips, and advice from a professional dog trainer.



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