Best Dog Harnesses In 2023/2024


In the guide below, we outline and discuss some of the best dog harnesses on the market.

We look at different types of harnesses, such as harnesses for pulling, car travel, for small and large dogs, and other types of harnesses as well.

We also consider other important dog harness information such as sizing of harnesses, and more.

Let’s take a look!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

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Best Dog Harnesses

Our top rated dog harnesses across the different harness types are:

Popular Dog Harnesses


Dog Harness For Most Outdoor Activity


Tactical Dog Harnesses


Dog Harnesses For Cars

One of the more popular dog harnesses for cars is the:

But, check the buyer’s guide towards the bottom of this guide for more information on dog harnesses for cars.


Notes About The Above Dog Harnesses

* Commonly bought harnesses – the rabbitgoo and Voyager harnesses are some of the most commonly bought harnesses

* Harnesses for small dogs – the Voyager is for small to medium dogs

* Harnesses for small to large dogs – all harnesses above apart from the Voyager have small type through to large and extra large type harness sizes available. Check the sizing charts and sizing instructions from the manufacturer for fitting a dog to a harness size

* Harnesses for walking, running and hiking – all of the harnesses above are suitable for walking (the Kurgo might be the least suitable everyday harness though). The RUFFWEAR and tactical harnesses in particular are good for outdoor activities

* No pull harnesses – the rabbitgoo, ICEFANG, Auroth, RUFFWEAR and Kurgo harnesses all have connection points to minimize on the front of the harness (the RUFFWEAR has webbing, whereas the other harnesses have a D ring). The Voyager doesn’t have a no pull attachment point on the chest/front of the harness.

* Harnesses for training – it depends on the training you are doing as to what harness you would get.

* Tactical harnesses – the Auroth and ICEFANG harnesses are tactical harnesses that have MOLLE strips sewn on them to carry gear on.

* Harness for car travel – the Kurgo harness is tested for car travel


Best Dog Harnesses: Reviews & Summaries

rabbitgoo Dog Harness (on Amazon) 

Comes in sizes small through to XL (you can measure the neck and chest girth of your dog and match to a size of harness)

Has 4 harness adjustment straps to fit the harness to your dog, and 2 fast release buckles

Has a no pull leash clip point on the front of the harness to minimize pulling

Also has a back leash clip 

Has a top handle on top of the harness

Made with padded air mesh, weather resistant material, and reflective thread


Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness (on Amazon) 

A dog harness for small through to medium dogs

Comes in XS through to large sizes

Has double D rings on the back of the harness

Made of weather mesh material, and has reflective bands

Has three types of safety features – hook and loop fastener, buckle and double D-rings


Kurgo Dog Harness (on Amazon) 

Crash tested to the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard), and crash tested to 34kg (75lbs)

Has a tether that attaches between the harness and the seatbelt

Has 5 adjustment points

Has both a front chest attachment point (for no pull), and a back attachment point for walking

Comes in XS through to XL sizes (has a neck, chest and weight sizing chart)

Has a padded chest plate

Has a lifetime warranty 


ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness (on Amazon)

A tactical dog harness

Comes in medium through to XXL sizes – sizing instructions tell you to measure 5 different parts of your dog’s body for a better fitting harness

Has 2 x metal buckles on the shoulder of the harness, and 2 x buckles on the belly of the harness

Has both a front clip point, and a back clip point for a leash

Has a handle sewn on the back of the harness

Has two strips of Molle sewn onto both sides of the harness, to allow your dog to carry gear


Auroth Tactical Dog Training Harness (on Amazon) 

A tactical dog harness for working and K9 dogs

Made with a heavy duty 900D Nylon with sturdy stitching for extra durability, suitable for all fields use

Has two strips of Molle sewn onto the harness for carrying gear, with velcro patch system. Has a Molle and Bungee system

Comes in small through to XL sizes

Has a no pull front ring on the harness

Has a handle sewn on the back of the harness to grab 

Has a plastic buckle, and a metal adjustable ring

Has fluorescent edge line on the harness for night visibility


RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness (on Amazon) 

An everyday harness designed for extended wear and all outdoor activities 

Sizes are XXS to L/XL

Has a webbing leash point on the front of the harness (to minimize pulling), and an aluminum leash point on the back of the harness

Has 4 harness adjustment points, and reflective trim

Has a padded chest plate

Has a light loop and ID pocket


Best Dog Harnesses: Buyer’s Guide

Types Of Dog Harnesses

Some of the most common types of dog harnesses might include:

Affordable/Cheap Dog Harnesses

Harnesses For Pulling

Harnesses For Car Travel

Tactical Harnesses

Harnesses For Large & Extra Large Dogs

Harnesses For Small Dogs

Harnesses For Walking, Running & Hiking

Harnesses For Dog Training


What Size Dog Harness To Get?

Harness manufacturers offer different sizes of harnesses from small through to larger sizes.

Most harness manufacturers give sizing instructions for their different harness sizes.

Usually you have to measure the:

– Neck girth of your dog

– And, chest girth of your dog

You can match those measurements to a size of dog harness


How To Fit & Use A Harness On Your Dog

Harness manufacturers usually give instructions of how to fit a harness to a dog, and use it with them.

As one example, some instruction say to fit the harness to tightness that allows two fingers to fit between the dog’s body and the harness.


What Can The Different Dog Harnesses Be Used For?

The product description usually tell you what the individual harness products can be used for.

Most harnesses can be used for everyday activity, and walking.

But, some harnesses can be specialty harness such as tactical or car tested harnesses.


No Pull Dog Harness

A no pull harness usually has a leash attachment point on the chest plate of the harness to minimize pulling.


Car Tested Dog Harnesses

Some dog harnesses are tested to a vehicle Standard within a country, and are crash tested to a certain weight.

There can be different types of dog harnesses for cars though.

Some people want a dog car harness that is crash tested and is designed specifically for car travel.

Others may want more of a dual purpose harness that is suitable for walks, and can be secured in the car too.


Some of the different dog harnesses for cars are:

The safety harnesses that have been crash test certified by Center for Pet Safety are:


The following harness conforms to and has passed all relevant requirements for the following standards: USA (FMVSS 213) Europe (ECE Regulation 16) Australia (ADR42/04):


Other dog car harnesses are:


What makes a good dog harness for cars?

You want to make sure any harness you use meets laws and regulations for pet travel in your area.

But, apart from that, you may check that the harness:

Is easy to get on and take off your dog

Has the right size for your dog

Is adjustable

Will be compatible with the seatbelt clips in your car, or can be threaded through a seatbelt in your car

Is a suitable walking harness as well

Is quality made so it doesn’t pull apart 


Some people may also like to ensure the harness is crash tested.


What is a crash tested dog harness?

A crash tested dog harness is a harness that has been tested up to a certain weight, in line with car seat or car safety standards in the country you’re in.

The harness manufacturer should give you that information if that’s the case.

There’s a difference between harnesses that have just been tested, and harnesses that have been tested, passed tests, have been certified and meet standards or benchmarks.

Check whether the harness has passed crash testing before you buy, and hasn’t merely just been crash tested without providing a result of the test.


Tethers and dog car seat belts

Check out the best dog seat belts and tethers for cars, and truck beds in this guide.


Tactical Dog Harness

Some dog harnesses come with strips of Molle sewn onto the sides of the harness to carry gear for working dogs and other dogs.


Dog Harnesses With Eco Friendly Features

Some dog harnesses with potentially eco friendly features include:

  • EcoBark Pet Supplies Dog Harness (on Amazon) – Non toxic mesh, and straps made from recycled water bottles
  • LupinePet Dog Harness (on Amazon) – made from recycled water bottle
  • [Currently unavailable] Planet Dog Hemp Adjustable Harness (on Amazon) – made from natural hemp, 100% biodegradable
  • [Currently unavailable] Coastal Pet Soy Dog Harness (on Amazon) – made from natural soy fibres which are a by product of food production


Recycled and upcycled dog harnesses

If the harnesses are made from recycled material it means obviously new materials don’t have to be manufactured, and old material doesn’t have to go to landfill.

Upcycled harnesses are even better because it means harnesses don’t have to go through the recycling process which in itself leaves some form of a carbon footprint.

Read more about the potential pros and cons of recycling here.


Eco friendliness of soy

Soy fibers are the by-product of food manufacturing, so this natural source means that less man made products are being used. Soy is also biodegradable.


Eco friendliness of hemp

Similar to soy, hemp is a natural material and fibre. It is biodegradable.

Read more about the potential sustainability of hemp here.


Best Escape Proof Dog Harness To Keep Escape Artist Dog From Escaping

Harnesses that both fit to a dog’s body well, and that have a design that prevents a dog from squeezing their legs or head out from the harness holes/openings between the straps and padding, can both make a more escape resistant harness.

Below are some dog harnesses that aim to keep escape artists dogs from escaping.

When we say escape proof, what we mean is that a harness might be as escape resistant as a harness can get. No product is 100% escape proof. 


Our top picks for the best escape proof dog harnesses are:


Ruffwear Web Master Harness

As escape resistant as harnesses come – has an extra stomach strap to prevent dogs backing out and flipping the harness over their head

Highly adjustable – 5 points of adjustment means you can adjust the harness for both comfort and to prevent escaping

Fits dogs from 13-17 inches, to 32-42 inch round chests for the smallest and largest sizes respectively

Harness is well padded which makes it very comfortable for your dog to wear

Good for dogs that pull – has 2 attachment points, one at the front for more control, and one at the back for general walking

For a range of activities – from walking, to running, to hiking and lots of working type and high adventure activities

Has a control handle on the back of the harness to help you steer and lift your dog

Has reflective trim for more visibility in the dark

Comes in 3 colors – blue, red and grey

Comes in 5 sizes from XX Small to X Large

Compatible with other Ruffwear products

View Ruffwear Web Master Harness (on Amazon)


Escape Resistant Harness Leash 2 in 1

An all in one leash and harness that pulls/tightens gently into your dog’s body as they pull or try escape, and relaxes as your dog relaxes

Material is very soft, but it can chafe some dogs, or even matte fur

Material is very strong with a tensile strength of 3,700 lbs, which is strong enough to hold a boat

Two sizes available – small/medium for dogs 14 to 40 lbs, and medium/large dogs 40 to 200 lbs

7 colors available – black, blue, lotus, peacock, orange, pink and red

Best used as a walking leash, and not really for high intensity activities like running or hiking

Not for really aggressive pulling dogs – you’re better off getting a harness and separate leash for aggressive pullers

View Escape Resistant Harness Lead (on Amazon)


How Do Dogs Usually Escape A Harness?

Most dogs that are great escape artists will lower their head, pin the front of the harness down and try to back out of the back of the harness.

Loose fitting harnesses that don’t hug your dog’s body with many points of gentle pressure are the easiest to escape from.

Some dogs may also look to simply chew their way out of a harness.


How Do Escape Proof Harnesses Stop Dogs From Escaping?

Ruffwear Harness

Has an extra back/stomach strap to prevent dogs backing out. Most harnesses only have the front chest straps and one stomach/back strap

Has 5 adjustable points on the harness to make the harness a tight fit without making it uncomfortable


Escape Resistant Harness Leash

An all in one leash/harness that tightens as your dog pulls or tries to escape

Not as versatile as the Ruffwear harness


Do These Harnesses Work For Three Legged Dogs That Are Missing A Front Leg?

There’s no reason both harnesses shouldn’t work for a dog that is missing a front leg.

But, it depends on your particular dog’s condition, so weigh that up and make a decision for yourself.




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