Best Dog Seat Covers, Protectors & Back Seat Hammocks: For Cars, SUV’s & Trucks


This is a simple and quick to read guide on the best backseat hammocks, covers and protectors for dogs in cars, SUV’s & trucks.

Hammocks, covers & protectors are good for a number of reasons, not least of which are to give your dog/s more space to lay out, but also obviously to protect your car seats and interior.

There are many benefits to using a professionally designed and made car seat cover or protector that an old towel or rug for example won’t offer – water and stain proofing, and complete hair/fur capture just to name a few!

Some hammocks and covers are better than other though, for a number of reasons such as strength, durability, safety and being water and scratch resistant.

We aim to summarise for you the best dog hammocks taking into consideration that criteria, and list them for you.

Let’s jump into it!


(NOTE: it is your responsibility to make sure you are complying with the laws and regulations for pet travel in your area, as they can change from place to place)


Top Rated Dog Seat Covers, Protectors and Back Seat Hammocks

Some of the top rated seat covers, seat protectors and back seat hammocks are:

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Covers & Protectors


Seat Hammocks


Best Backseat Hammocks, Covers & Protectors For Dogs: Reviews

Barksbar Original Pet Seat Cover

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Good Features Include:

It’s cheap and affordable

You can use it as a full hammock, or just to cover the back seats – it’s easy to convert to either

Made of a dark color to hide dirt and stains

Provides extra cover to the sides of your back seats

Made with heavy-duty waterproof polyester

Has built-in velcro openings for your seatbelts and seat anchors to prevent the seat cover from sliding around

Has storage pockets so you can store your dog’s items in them

Designed with Color-Fast material to prevent color bleeding and premium components free of AZO Dyes and heavy metals

To install – Snap the Buckle Straps Around Your Headrests and Tuck In The Seat Anchors

Machine washable

Comes in 2 sizes – Standard, and X Large:

Standard: 54″ x 58″ – designed for the backseats of standard cars, trucks, & SUVs

X Large: 60″ x 64″ – designed for the backseats of larger trucks, SUVs and cars


What Could Be Improved?

The clips could be stronger/more durable

The velcro could be stronger

Some dogs can find a way to get under this hammock

For the price, it is very good. However, don’t expect it to last as long as other more expensive hammocks




4Knines Dog Seat Cover With Hammock

Good Features Include:

A USA Based Heavy Duty Pet Seat Cover/Hammock – premium and heavy duty

Layers of this cover include a thick polyester layer with PU waterproof lining, cotton padding, colorfast poly backing and a non slip backing

Has extra thick headrest clips

Has seat anchors for extra restraint

Has side flaps for extra protection of your backseat

There’s openings in the cover for seatbelt attachments to come through

Cover is UV coated for sun and hot temperatures, has color fast materials and has heavy duty double stitching

Can wipe off and vacuum these covers, as well as machine wash them

Comes in 2 sizes – Regular, and X Large:

Regular: 54″ x 58″ – designed for the backseats of standard cars, trucks, & SUVs

X Large: 60″ x 64″ – designed for the backseats of larger trucks, SUVs and cars


What Could Be Improved?

Despite the anti slip backing, the cover can still slip around a bit




Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Pet Seat Cover

Good Features Include:

A Luxury Pet Seat Cover/Hammock

Similar quality and features to the 4Knines Cover/Hammock – you pay a bit more for each of these covers but they have high quality

Comes with two harnesses and two seat belts for your dogs

2 sizes available – Regular and Extra Large:

  • Regular is 55”x58” and is for 15-50 lb dogs
  • Extra Large 63”w X 65”L and is for 60-100 lb dogs


What Could Be Improved?

  • The straps on this cover could be constructed a little stronger – they don’t seem to keep their length fantastically
  • Not for dogs over 100 lbs



View the Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Pet Seat Cover (on Amazon)


Best Dog Seat Covers, Protectors and Hammocks: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What’s The Difference Between A Dog Hammock, and A Vehicle Pet Seat Cover/Protector?

Most products are a 2 in 1 – you can either use them to just cover/protect the back seats, or you can hang and attach them to the back of the front seat headrest to make a hammock which not only protects, but provides more space for your dogs to sprawl out


What Size Dog Hammock and Seat Cover/Protector Do I Get For My Vehicle?

To determine what size you need, look at:

The product description – what size does it say to get for your vehicle?

The dimensions of the cover/hammock – how long and wide is it? Will that length and width fit in the back of your vehicle? Measure the back of your vehicle to make sure

Also pay attention to any weight limits for the hammocks so that you don’t rip the hammock with excess weight of your dog/s.


It can also depend on if the cover or protector is for front seat, back seat or storage area. Look at the product specifications and contact the manufacturer if you are unsure of sizing, but generally:

For front bucket seats, usually the cover is a one size fits all

For back/rear seats, a regular cover is 12 x 4 x 15 inches, and an XL is 12 x 4 x 16 inches.

For storage/cargo areas (SUV’s), sizes are usually available in small, large and extra large


Do I Need Dog Seat Covers and Protectors for My Car/Truck?

Dog Car Seat Covers, Protectors and Hammocks can be used for a range of purposes with puppies, full grown adult dogs, and even older dogs. The uses and purposes can include:

Protection against bodily fluid like pee, poop and vomit (particularly helpful for puppies)

Protections against water, mud, color running and other staining/substances

Protection against scratch damage from paw nails and chewing

Protection against dropping of dog hair/shedding (saves regular vacuuming!)

Provide a more comfortable car ride for your GSD (particularly for longer drives)

With non-slip protectors, there is additional grip for your dog to stop sliding and jerking caused by stopping, starting and turning in your car


Dog seat covers can be used for front and back seats, and the SUV/truck storage area.

Some dog owners to use dog crates for storage areas. Read more about the Best Crate for German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies 


Depending on where you would like your GSD to ride, your options are:


Front Seat

Car Seat Protector, and Dog Car Harness/Dog Seat Belt for restraint. 


Back/Rear Seat

Car Seat Protector, and Dog Car Harness/Dog Seat Belt for restraint. 


SUV/Storage/Cargo Area

Storage Area protector, and dog barrier between back seat, OR place your GSD in a dog crate for restraint.


Do Dogs Like Doggy Seat Covers/Protectors/Hammocks?

Yes, they do.

They usually like the padded car seat protectors which provide high levels of comfort for your GSD to sit or sleep on during car rides.

Dog Seat Covers and Protectors are referred to as hammocks because the good covers do take a ‘hammock’ type shape to make the ride more comfortable for your GSD.


Purpose of Doggy Seat Covers/Protector 

The purpose of a car or truck seat protector/cover is to primarily protect your front bucket seat, back seat and storage area from damage or mess caused by your GSD.

A good seat protector will also make your GSD’s vehicle ride more comfortable and provide some grip to prevent your GSD sliding and slipping around.


What To Look For When Reviewing a Car/Truck Protector, Cover or Hammock

The Best German Shepherd Dog Seat Covers, Protectors Hammock for dogs:

Come in a range of sizes to suit your front, back seat or storage area – with adjustable straps and sizing

Has a lengthy warranty to protect you purchase

Is non-slip with plenty of points (clips, velcro, loops, headrest straps etc.) to secure the cover to your car

Easy to put in and take out your car

Catches hair and fur effectively 

Easy to clean for fur and stains (washable)

Waterproof from water, mud and other liquids

Protects your seat from scratching and chewing

Protects seats from peeing, pooping and vomit

Made from materials that do not color run/color bleed, and are free from toxins or allergens

Strong stitching for durability

Padding for extra comfort

Flexible design with option for hammock style back seat configuration

Is child seat friendly


Components/Parts of Dog Seat Covers

The Best Dog Car Seat Protectors and Covers have 3 main parts to them:

The Protector/Cover

Usually made of a padded waterproof, slip-proof and anti-run type coloring. Extremely heavy duty and easy to clean.


The Anchors/Straps/Fasteners

To tie down the cover. Headrest straps, nylon loops and velcro fasteners to completely secure and fasten your cover to the seats or cargo area.



Cutouts for seat belts and child seats if necessary.


Materials and Types of Dog Seat Covers and Protectors for Cars and Trucks

The Best types of dog seat covers come in a range of size selections and have different types of designs for front bucket seats, back/rear seats and storage/cargo areas.

They can be adapted to cars and trucks. 

The Best Dog Seat Covers and Liners are made from heavy duty waterproof material is free of harmful materials and allergens. 

The materials are non-slip with anti bleeding coloring (so when it gets wet it doesn’t run onto your seat).

The types of car seat protectors and covers are:

1. Back/Rear Car Seat Protector and Cover 

2. Front Car Seat Protector and Cover

3. Cargo Area Protector and Cover 


Dog Seat Covers/Protectors Accessories to Consider: Dog Seat Belt/Harness, Dog Crate and Dog Barrier

We mentioned above that, depending on your preference, you may want to consider Dog Crate or Dog Car Harness – for which you can find the associated articles linked.

A car harness and dog seat belt are referred to as the same thing.

But, another relevant accessory you may want to purchase with your dog seat covers/protectors/hammocks/liners is a car dog barrier.

We could not find any barrier products we would feel comfortable recommending to you at this stage – but will update this section once one becomes available.


What About Protectors & Covers For Inside The House – For Couches, Sofas & Furniture?

Read more in this guide about some of the best covers and protectors for dogs for inside the house.



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