Best Eco Friendly, Sustainable & Organic Dog Toys


Regular dog toys are usually made out of materials like plastic, nylon and rubber, and can have a high waste rate.

Not only does this mean that more toys are produced, bought and sent to landfill, but synthetic materials and chemicals/additives can be a hazard to the dogs playing with the toys.

In this guide, we look at some of the more eco friendly, sustainable and/or organic dog toy options – made from more sustainable or natural materials

[note – the toys listed below are eco friendly in different ways – so check them individually yourself to find one that meets your preferences and criteria for eco friendliness and sustainability]

Let’s check them out!


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Best Eco Friendly, Sustainable & Organic Dog Toys

Some of the top eco friendly, sustainable and/or organic dog toy choices might be:

Natural Toys

  • A wooden stick/branch might be the most sustainable dog toy there is. It comes naturally from trees/plants without manufacturing, and it will biodegrade afterwards when it is thrown away


Secondhand Dog Toys

  • Secondhand from other dog owners, garage sales, thrift/charity stores, or made DIY/homemade from materials and objects at home


New Toys


*Natural toys are probably the most sustainable, followed by secondhand or homemade toys, followed by new toys.


Best Eco Friendly, Sustainable & Organic Dog Toys: Reviews

– Natural Toys

A wood stick/small tree branch might be the most sustainable dog toy there is

You can round off any sharp edges, and throw the stick for your dog to fetch. They can also chew on it

There is no manufacturing involved, and wood naturally biodegrades without having to process waste via landfill etc.


– Secondhand Dog Toys

You can get second hand dog toys from other dog owners, garage sales, and thrift/charity stores

You can also make DIY/homemade dog toys at home from soda bottles, old shoes, old shirts and towels, and so on


– New Toys

West Paw Design Jive Zogoflex Durable Ball Dog Toy

A ball dog toy made to be durable

Several different sizes and colors available

Fits into a standard ball thrower/launcher

Floats, bounces, is dishwasher safe, and is recyclable (All Zogoflex dog toys are available for recycling through the manufacturer’s closed-loop recycling program, Join the Loop. West Paw Design recycles all Zogoflex.)

Is from West Paw’s ‘Chew’ range, as opposed to the play and puzzle ranges

Is FDA compliant

Made in the USA (West Paw Design is a small manufacturer of products made in Bozeman, Montana)

West Paw is a certified B Corporation


Eco Friendly Interactive Seek A Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

View On Amazon

Made of an eco friendly wood with no synthetic colors or materials.

The wood is pressed wood – so if you have a heavy chewing dog, you are better off looking at some heavier duty BPA free rubber or plastic toys.

It is intended as a training toy, and is made to increase mental stimulation.

You place treats under the sliding pieces and your dog has to think about what they are doing to slide the pieces to get the treats.

Can be good for alone time, and to decrease boredom and negative behavior.

The toy measures 12 x 8.1 x 1.1 inches

View Eco Friendly Interactive Seek A Treat Puzzle Dog Toy on Amazon


Eco Friendly Natural Hemp Squeaky Crocodile Dog Toy

This dog toy is mainly natural hemp with some plush. The olive green and neutral colors blend in well if you want more inconspicuous toys around your house compared to the bright ones.

It’s a medium sized toy at about 11 inches in length. This is a toy for lighter chewers, and is a squeaky toy.

You can also get squirrel and pheasant dog toys from the same seller.

View Eco Friendly Natural Hemp Crocodile Dog Toy on Amazon


Eco Friendly Handmade 100% Wool Natural Dye Octopus Dog Toy

This jolly little friendly looking multi colored octopus certainly looks fantastic.

What makes it eco friendly? It’s handmade from one piece of felted wool, and contains only natural dyes.

It contains no seams, no stitching and no stuffing.

They are also made in a fair trade facility – by purchasing these toys, you are helping Nepali women who make these toys provide for their families.

More for lighter chewers than powerful chewers (the wool can be torn up by aggressive chewers).

View Eco Friendly Handmade 100% Wool Natural Dye Octopus Dog Toy on Amazon


Natural Rubber Fish Dog Toy

Really cool little yellow and green fish dog toy.

What makes this dog toy unique is that it’s made of 100% natural latex rubber (latex) from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis.

There are no harmful chemicals like BPA, lead, or phthalates. It also complies with the exact same safety standard as children’s toys: European Safety Standard EN 71.

It’s handmade and hand-painted in Morocco by Lanco, a family-owned business.

It’s 4” tall, and 6″ long.

View Natural Rubber Fish Dog Toy on Amazon


Millie The Cow Squeaker Organic Dog Toy

Cute little brown, white and pink cow toy.

It gets it’s organic label by being made of organic cotton on the outside, and having recycled polypropylene on the inside.

The PP has been collected, sorted, cleaned, reprocessed and used in new products.

It comes with a squeaker, and is 4 inches in size.

For small dogs and teacup sized dogs – very small.

View Millie The Cow Squeaker Organic Dog Toy on Amazon


Leo The Lion Squeaker Organic Dog Toy

Adorable little brown lion with a blonde mane.

Same as Millie, Leo is made of organic cotton and recycled pp stuffing.

Leo is 10 inches in size, and intended for small to medium dogs.

View Leo The Lion Squeaker Organic Dog Toy on Amazon


Wally the Blue Bear Squeaker Organic Dog Toy

Part of the stuffless range from Simply Fido dog pet brand.

This handsome blue bear is made of Organic cotton and has crinkle paper instead of stuffing.

It is 5 inches in size, so it’s more for light chewers and small dogs.

View Wally The Blue Bear Organic Dog Toy on Amazon


Organic Rope Dog Toys

This rope pack includes 4 rope toys that will provide you and your dog with a range of playing and tugging or chewing activities.

The ropes are made of 100% natural jute cotton fiber, and are dye free. This means no synthetic colors, or toxic chemicals.

Intended for chewing, tugging and playing for light chewers and not aggressive chewers.

View Organic Rope Dog Toys on Amazon


Best Eco Friendly, Sustainable & Organic Dog Toys: Buyer’s Guide

Examples Of Eco Friendly Materials For Dog Toys

Naturally occurring materials such as:



natural rubber from trees,

or organic cotton or wool


They might also exclude synthetic or hazardous additives and glues.

This is in comparison to regular dog toys which can be made of plastics (that may or may not contain BPA and phthalate), synthetic rubber, nylon, fire retardants, heavy metals, and toxic glues.


Other Notes About Eco Friendly & Sustainable Dog Toys

Other indicators of a dog toy being more eco friendly than others can include:

Being made from upcycled or recycled materials

Being recyclable once disposed in a closed loop recycling process

Contains natural dyes, additives and glues, instead of hazardous or synthetic additives and chemicals

Has some type of animal friendly certification

Made in fair trade facility, or has some other type of social certification


General Buyer’s Guide & FAQ On Dog Toys

We put together this buyer’s and FAQ guide for dog toys where we outline information on:

The substitution of interaction, attention and exercise for dog toys

Different types and styles of dog toys

Different materials commonly used in dog toys

New, secondhand, homemade and DIY, and sustainable/eco friendly and natural dog toys

What size dog toy to get

How you might maintain your dog’s interest in it’s toys

Safety considerations for dog toys

How you might find safe dog toys (and some further information on dog toy safety)

Other potential problems with some dog toys

Dog toys specifically for puppies

What to do with used dog toys

How to wash/clean dog toys safely




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