Best Homemade & DIY Dog Toy Ideas



In this guide we list some of the top ideas for homemade and DIY type dog toys.

One of the benefits of homemade dog toys is that you are often making them from already used materials – so, they can be more sustainable.

Another benefit is that they can be much cheaper than buying new toys all the time.

So, they are at least worth consideration.

We’ve also included a link to a general buyer’s guide and answers to some FAQs about dog toys at the bottom of this guide.

Let’s get into it and take a look!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)


List Of Top Ideas For Homemade & DIY Dog Toys

  • Used Plastic Soda Bottles

Some dogs like to play with and chew on plastic soda bottles when you are finished drinking from them. 

Another option is to put some food inside the bottle that won’t come out of the top (such as pasta – as long as your dog isn’t allergic or intollerant), and watch your dog spend time trying to get the food out of the bottle. If you make it hard enough to get the food out, your dog can be there for hours playing with the bottle.

A bonus is that they are cheap and recyclable in most places.

Be warned though – soda bottles can be noisy when your dog is playing with them.


  • Plastic Bottle Spinning Game (With Treats/Food Inside Them) On A Wood Frame

Google ‘soda bottle dog toy game’ to see images and videos of what this toy is, and how to make it.

It’s essentially a game you can make for your dog, where they learn to spin plastic soda bottles that sit on a wooden support, and treats of food you place inside the bottles intermittently fall out of the bottles. It can entertain dogs for hours.

A description …

Put together a basic wood frame yourself with a plank base, and two upright pieces of wood. Drill a hole in each upright, and make sure you can thread a wooden or metal pole or bar through each end, and get the bar/pole to sit tightly whilst running the length of plank to each upright. Next, get three plastic bottles and cut holes just slightly bigger than the diameter of the bar/pole in each of them so they are able to spin freely on the pole/bar whilst suspended above the ground. Thread the bar/pole through one upright, and then put the bottles on the bar/pole, and then thread the bar/pole through the second upright. Put a few treats in each bottle. What then happens is that your dog can spin the bottles with their paw or nose to try get the treats out of the bottles. 


  • Used Tennis Balls

Some dogs like playing with tennis balls and chewing on them as they are.

But, another option is make a small cut in them with a knife or sharp object, and place some treats or other food inside the inner rubber of the ball and watch your dog try to get it out.


  • Old Shoes

Some dogs love chewing on used shoes – especially the laces.


  • A Used Basketball, Soccer Ball Or Football

Some dogs love playing with bigger balls like sports balls, as opposed to small tennis balls and dog fetch balls.

They can be inflated, or semi deflated. Roll it towards your dog and see if they take to it.

It can be a good second hand use after your kids are done with an old sports ball.


  • Creating Tug Toys & Ropes From Used Fabric Or Material

You can create ropes and threaded tug toys from old fabric – from t shirts, denim jackets and jeans, towels, rags and so on.

You can cut them up, braid/weave them, knot them at each end, and use them like a homemade rope/tug toy.


  • Tough Natural Rope From A Hardware Store

Another option for a tug toy is to buy a tougher natural rope from a hardware store instead of buying as standard dog toy rope (which can be flimsy and break off easily). But, make sure the rope material is safe, and make sure it isn’t so hard that it will damage your dog’s teeth when it chews on it.


Homemade & DIY Dog Toys: Info Guide

Safety & DIY Dog Toys

The obvious disclaimer with making DIY dog toys is to make sure you pay attention to safety, and don’t give any toys to your dog that could injure or harm them.

Make sure the materials are safe for contact with your dog, and make sure they won’t break down and be a choking hazard for your dog.


General Buyer’s Guide & FAQ Guide For Dog Toys

We’ve put together this buyer’s and FAQ guide for dog toys where we outline information on:

  • The substitution of interaction, attention and exercise for dog toys
  • Different types and styles of dog toys
  • Different materials commonly used in dog toys
  • New, secondhand, homemade and DIY, and sustainable/eco friendly and natural dog toys
  • What size dog toy to get
  • How you might maintain your dog’s interest in it’s toys
  • Safety considerations for dog toys
  • How you might find safe dog toys (and some further information on dog toy safety)
  • Other potential problems with some dog toys
  • Dog toys specifically for puppies
  • What to do with used dog toys
  • How to wash/clean dog toys safely


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